Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Goodspaceguy: Sometimes Government Doesn't Work Well

GoodSpaceGuy: Sometimes Government Doesn’t Work Well
2013 July 23
Dear Fellow Crew members of our Spaceship Earth,
This is message #46 from me, GoodSpaceGuy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth

Government Bridges to No-Where Projects make some people, such as me, think that we should try to make government smaller so that the workers can keep a larger percentage of what they produce instead of having it taxed away to go for “No-Where” projects.

For example, I am one of four candidates for the position of King County Executive in King County, the most populous county in the state of Washington. We are having an election in King County for various county offices and for the school board, but King County Television doesn’t seem to be interested. Why? What is happening? Perhaps the incumbents don’t see a need for an election in which too, too much is said?

In my mind an election is an important event that should be covered by county owned TV when a county has its own government TV station. Therefore, King County TV should have been promoting this election. It hasn’t.

The City of Seattle in cooperation with King County has been helpful by having the various candidates make video voter guide presentations of two minutes each, but King County Television hasn’t been running them.

According to the King County Television Schedule on the Internet, last week (Monday, July 15 through Sunday July 21, 2013) in order to promote excitement and enthusiasm for our mail-in election, King County Television showed zero of the video voter guide presentations. King County Television is doing a wonderful job of keeping this election a secret. This leads to stable government, favoring the incumbents. Some of the challengers, such as me, might make statements that some people might find upsetting.

The mail-in voting has now begun. But most voters have not seen the video voter guide presentations.

As of this morning (Tuesday, July 23, 2013) the King County Television Schedule for this week (Monday, July 22 through Sunday July 28, 2013) indicates that the candidates’ two minute presentations were shown on Monday, once each, but the schedule shows no plans to show them again during this voting week. Why confuse the voters?  Has the power structure determined that it is better for most voters to vote without having seen the candidates?

Of course, the schedule might be changed at anytime to show the candidates video presentations after more of the voters have voted, but King County television has so many different types of programs to show to educate the voter, for example, “Using Manure in the Garden.”

With so many good programs, its hard to find time for the candidates in our democratic republic.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Goodspaceguy: The Minimum Wage is A Big Cause of Unemployment

Goodspaceguy: The Minimum Wage is A Big Cause of Unemployment
Dear Fellow Crew members of our Spaceship Earth,
This is message #45 from me, Goodspaceguy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth

Message from Goodspaceguy, a jobs and prosperity candidate for the position of King County Executive, 2013 July 3.

Year after year, the voters elect and re-elect those who will continue the unemployment and the sabotage of our economy ... Stop it.

How high can we raise knowledge and the quality of life in King County? How close can we come to making King County into a leading jobs and wealth growing county? If the people who haven’t learnt economics allow us to unsabotage our competitive free market, our economy can then provide job choices for everyone who wants to work. Let’s unsabotage our economy.

Why are many people unemployed? Answer: Because people, not understanding economics, have sabotaged our economy.

The minimum wage forbids work to those people who don’t produce at the level required by the minimum wage. Supply and demand determines wages. Some of these wages are at levels below the minimum wage. By becoming illegal, these jobs disappear, and thus people become unemployed. If the ability of some people is not sufficient to earn at least the minimum wage, then the minimum wage law says that they may not work. They are allowed to give away their labor as volunteers, but everyone needs money. Some people whose jobs have been destroyed by the minimum wage law turn to crime and welfare.

Suppose you are out walking, and you notice a homeless woman living in front of the entrance to a closed business. She is partly protected by a small roof over the entrance. On the following day, as you walk by, you notice several other adults living in front of the entrance with her. At the level of work required by the minimum wage, these homeless people, although capable of doing useful work, are thought by many to be unemployable. But they need money. Since it is illegal for them to work, they might turn to crime or welfare or both.

As they turn to crime, people suffer from the harm of crime: car break-ins, home burglaries, muggings, and the taxpayers’ taxes for law enforcement go up.

As the unemployed turn to welfare, the workers should understand that they are the true providers of welfare. The workers produce the goods and services that make up the living standard. Through tricky taxation, part of what the workers would get from their employers is, instead, taken away from the workers and given to the welfare recipients. Thus the workers support themselves and the welfare recipients.

The competitive free market determines wage levels by the interaction of the supply of different types of labor with the differing demand for the various kinds of labor. Because of the high demand for highly productive labor, many people are paid more than the minimum wage, but there always are companies of low consumer demand that are losing or coming close to losing money. These companies have difficulty making enough profit to stay in business. The minimum wage pushes some of these struggling businesses out of business, and so jobs disappear and a percentage of our population becomes unemployed. The minimum wage should be called the job and business destroying minimum wage.

The higher the minimum wage, the greater the percentage of people who become unemployed. If we were to raise the minimum wage right now to $100 per hour, most businesses would become unprofitable and most people would lose their jobs. Crime and violence and litter would sky rocket. Our economy would collapse. The cities would become filthy and full of misery.

The minimum wage doesn’t increase the supply of jobs. Instead the minimum wage eliminates the jobs that can’t afford to pay the minimum wage. In the struggling companies, many of the wages as determined by supply and demand fall beneath the minimum wage and so these low paying jobs disappear and the people who would be working these jobs become unemployed.

The minimum wage is a job destroyer and a business destroyer. The minimum wage pushes down the living standard by decreasing the percentage of people working to produce the goods and services that make up the living standard.

What is one of the big things we can do so that low-income people can more easily find a choice of jobs and contribute? Answer: we can lobby to unsabotage our job market. We can lobby for the abolition of the job-destroying minimum wage law that forbids low-income people from selling their labor. Part of freedom is the right to sell one’s labor at a low market price. As more people work, the power to consume goes up. The minimum wage law actually forbids the selling of labor by many homeless people. Free people should be free to sell their labor … even at a low price.

To increase employment in the private sector, increase profits and defend wealth and stop the sabotage of our economy. Losses create layoffs, but profits create jobs.

To increase jobs, please let us build a job and wealth partnership. Let us abolish the evil, job-destroying, business-destroying minimum wage. Both wealth and profits produce private sector jobs that people want done. Let’s abolish the evil, job-destroying minimum wage so that we can get more homeless people and people-with-problems working.

The unemployment rate indicates how badly our leaders have sabotaged our job market. Let’s reduce crime and raise the living standard by unsabotaging our economy. Let us grow jobs for everyone who is willing to work. Idleness promotes crime, but work produces the goods and services and income that make-up our living standard. Let us use our unemployed people! Unemployment is a huge waste!

Our economy is like a truck. Economics tells us how to operate and unsabotage our economic truck. Elect small-spending candidates who understand economics. Vote against the big spenders. Vote against the heavy burden of carrying the big government of the big spenders.

Some centuries have greatness in them. In about the last hundred years, we developed cars, radios, airplanes, movies, television and computerization. We moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the start of the Space Age. Now a great goal for this new century is for us to help build in King County a Full Employment, Fantastic Future!

I, Goodspaceguy, have studied economics and many subjects, including how to raise the living standard and improve the quality-of-life on our Spaceship Earth. Please, think of our Earth as a fantastic spaceship traveling around our Sun, and with our Sun, traveling around our Milky Way Galaxy.

I, Goodspaceguy, was born in Minnesota and educated at universities in Germany, Sweden, and America. I minored in economics and earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree.

To learn more, please google me: Goodspaceguy, where you will find me and several talented and fascinating people who claim to be me: Goodspaceguy.

Blog: http://colonizespace.blogspot.com Email: goodspaceguy42@yahoo.com Telephone: 206-601-8172.

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