Monday, February 05, 2018

Small-Spending, Prosperous GoodSpaceGuy Defeated Electorally for the 18th Time!

Post Number 50
2018 February 5.   Updated February 6
In last year's, 2017 King County Executive Primary Election, the voters in my race decided to overwhelmingly continue on the same big spending, Big Government, Command Economy Course that is producing so many homeless people.
  What  man-made misery! So unnecessary! Let's move towards the freedom of the Market Economy.

In this 50th message, I, GoodSpaceGuy, am re-printing my suggested course of action as published in the August 1, 2017 King County Primary Voters' Pamphlet: Only about 6% of the voters in my race endorsed with their votes my program for raising the living standard, but I want to thank that 6% who understand that the free market increases employment and thereby prosperity. By getting more people working for you the consumers, we can raise the living standard. We should declare the minimum wage, which interferes with the rights of problem people to negotiate their own wages, to be  unconstitutional.!

                      Candidate for the Office of King County Executive
                              2017 Voters’  August 1 Primary Pamphlet

Education:  University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America.
            Earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees with Economic minors

Occupation:  Part owner: Boeing, Microsoft, PacCar, Disney, IRobot, Orbital, Southwest, etc.

Abolishing the minimum wage will create jobs, jobs, and more jobs and a fantastic future.
As usual, as a small spending/small tax, perennial candidate running against big spending/big tax perennial incumbents, I, GoodSpaceGuy, am advocating for a better orbital space program and a peoples’ technological living standard that soars up into the sky.
We should allow the economy to create jobs for everyone who is willing to work. We should move away from the hugely out-of-balance Command Economy and its destructive minimum wage.
We should move towards the voluntary, competitive, prosperity-producing Free Market Economy.
More jobs help produce solutions. Jobs are solutions! Stop killing jobs. Also let’s transform King County into a clean and beautiful parking paradise in which King County becomes a good home for many industries, including the space industry and the fantasy-of-film industry.
Problem people have difficulty finding, getting, and keeping jobs. The job destroying minimum wages seem to say, “Problem people, you may not work! You will earn zero dollars per hour.”
The minimum wage of the Command Economy forbids problem people working.  Bad things happen. Employers refuse to hire problem people. Homelessness, misery, begging, trash, and crime increase. The homeless get wet and cold in the trashy, winter rain.
After we abolish the minimum wage, problem people can increase their earnings. Work produces worker wealth and skill, an upward path. As it becomes easier to get jobs, problem people can help make King County clean, beautiful, and great again. Let’s declare the job destroying minimum wage to be unconstitutional.

To decrease homelessness, begging, welfare, and crime, please defend the right of problem people to sell their faulty labor at their individual low market rates. Elect GoodSpaceGuy as your next King County Executive. Go Seahawks! Go Mariners!

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