Monday, July 08, 2019

Goodspaceguy's 2019 Call to Abolish Minimum Wage

   In 2019, I, Goodspaceguy, am making my 20th call to abolish the job-destroying minimum wage by running as a candidate for the King County Council in Washington State. I want to increase the living standard of the workers. We need to get more people into the work force, and we need to increase their productivity so that they can help raise the living standard. 
   To make a "living wage" the goods and services of the "living wage" must be produced by the workers, otherwise, people are just talking empty words.
   Without realising it, people who support the job-destroying minimum wage are also supporting crime. People who have difficulty getting jobs at the job-destroying minimum wage, still need money. These problem people are sometimes forced to turn to crime to get the money they need. If we abolish the minimum wage, the "abolished jobs" of the struggling, un-profitable projects and businesses should come back. Homeless people will more easily find jobs and learn job skills. Problem people will be allowed back into productive society and over time will become more productive. The increasingly productive people will help push the living standard up towards prosperity. As the problem people work better and better, they will become less and less a burden on their fellow workers.
   My (Goodspaceguy's) 200 word campaign statement and information in the Voters' Guide is as follows:

2019 King County Council, District 8, Candidacy of GoodSpaceGuy
Education:   University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (including economics and business.)
Occupation:   Through simple living, GoodSpaceGuy became a prosperous investor and owner.
    With the International Space Station, we Earthlings have obtained a finger-tip hold in the beginning of our Orbital Space Age. Please think of yourselves as being passengers or crew members on our Spaceship Earth. (Our world is a spaceship, traveling through space, around our Sun, once a year, and with our Sun, we are traveling within our Milky Way Galaxy, a spinning cloud of billions and billions of solar systems.)
   Let’s clean and beautify touristic King County. Let’s raise the living standard in King County on Spaceship Earth by using the power of the voluntary, competitive, consumer-serving, free market.
  Let’s abolish the job-destroying minimum wage which creates so many homeless, unemployed, problem, poor people and panhandlers and shop-lifters and muggers.   Bad law has created misery and criminals!

  By defending the profit incentive of the free market, we can increase jobs. More profit, more jobs. Let’s create more knowledge, profit, jobs, productivity, and a living standard rising high up into the sky towards the coming orbital space habitat homes, where we can learn how to live in space before going to Mars.  Also let’s reduce frustration by making it easier to park in touristic, welcoming King County. 

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