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Goodspaceguy: Defend Small Business: Abolish the Minimum Wage

Goodspaceguy: Defend Small Business: Abolish the Minimum Wage

(Guten tag, Deutschland.)
This is message #47 from me, Goodspaceguy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth
2015 August 28 (I might revise this from time-to-time.)

2014 October 30: To see videos about candidate Goodspaceguy and his attempt
to raise the living standard into orbital space, go to the internet or
 to YouTube and google Goodspaceguy. There you can also see videos by people
 who claim to be Goodspaceguy.  These other Goodspaceguys may have the goal
of discrediting Goodspaceguy.
Drew Atkins, editor at Crosscut Public Media, also recently released his elaborate
 space interview with Goodspaceguy on Crosscut and on KCTS TV. This amusing
 interview has also made it to YouTube.

2015 October 27: Goodspaceguy says, "Rent controls destroy the rental markets!"

2015 October 19, Monday : Yesterday I was informed that I, Goodspaceguy,
  have been endorsed by the 34th Legislative District Republican Party.
  This is helpful for me because I have felt somewhat alone in my past attempts to
  un-sabotage our competitive, free-market,capitalistic economy, that works to raise
  the living standard.
  Of all the economic systems that I know of, free-market, competitive, capitalism
  seems to produce the best path to a higher living standard.
  We should try to build a Spaceship Earth (Planet Earth) upon which people can
  easily find and change work at their different market values. Each different job
  that a person gets is like a new classroom.

Property rights are the pathway
To prosperity for the people.
          Goodspaceguy, 2015 September 5

Support Citizen Alliance for Property Rights.

The following statement is suppose to appear in the voters pamphlet for the election ending
 on Tuesday, November 3 in King County, Washington State:

Port of Seattle
Commissioner Position Number Two
Candidate Goodspaceguy

Contact information:
10219 Ninth Ave. So.
Seattle WA 98168

University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America, Goodspaceguy earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (economic minors.)

Shared Corporate Owner Goodspaceguy: “Unsabotage our shared, competitive, free market!”

Warning: There are several people (some brilliant) who have been writing and producing under Goodspaceguy’s name (perhaps to cause him vote loss?) This is entirely unnecessary because Goodspaceguy can lose votes all by himself just by saying that the anti-free-market, minimum wage should be abolished so that less-productive, disadvantaged people can easily get work at their low market value. (Note: Jobs educate! Being forbidden to work by the minimum wage is terrible.)

You the people of King County own the Port of Seattle. Why are you subsidizing this business through your property tax and through your rent? Are you getting a prosperous King County? No! Goodspaceguy thinks you are getting a lower living standard.

Improving the economy by increasing jobs should be a goal of the port. Make it easy for the long-term unemployed and the homeless and the many beggars to get jobs somewhere in our competitive economy (where supply and demand sets prices.) Unsabotage our economy. Raise the people’s living standard by increasing production.

To fix your car, hire auto mechanics. To fix your economy, elect economists who understand business and the profit incentive. At university, Goodspaceguy spent much time studying business and economics. Because you have a super-duper high-cost port, Goodspaceguy believes cost control should be increased. Investor Goodspaceguy, a small spender and a big saver, has become prosperous. To increase business, Goodspaceguy hopes we will become willing to use business and economics principles to change from a high cost port to a low cost port!

To help Goodspaceguy raise the living standard, please study economics. Read the news. Listen to radio talk show hosts. Discuss and defend capitalism. Remember: when you vote for big spending candidates, you are voting to increase taxes and waste and wild, wild spending (with millions to the terrible tunnel?)

 End of voters' pamphlet statement.

2015 July 18. (Revised 2015 August 28)
I plan to revise and add to this message from time to time.

Small business is said to create 80% of the new jobs, so when small business is attacked, jobs decrease.  Many other candidates claim that they will increase jobs, but by supporting the minimum wage, they actually decrease jobs.

My name is Goodspaceguy, the small business candidate,  and you the people of King County are the owners of the Port of Seattle, which is a governmental business. The port taxes you directly through your property tax or indirectly through your rent (making your rent higher.)  What are you getting for your taxes? I think you are getting a lower living standard.

By taxing you, your port’s goal might be to get you to subsidize and improve the Port so that employment will increase. But because of the huge unemployment caused by the job-destroying minimum wage, your subsidy to the Port is more than cancelled out: so many people not working, so many homeless people.

The minimum wage forbids many less able people to work, which cannot be overcome by the taxes that you pay to the Port. World economics teaches that the higher the minimum wage, the fewer the jobs.

To earn the minimum wage or higher, workers have to produce at the minimum wage level or higher. Some don’t and lose their jobs. As the minimum wage goes up, the less able and the less responsible people usually lose their jobs or don’t even get jobs. It is wrong to use the minimum wage to forbid the less able to work. When we abolish the minimum wage, jobs will increase and homelessness will decrease.

To increase jobs and raise the living standard in the wonderful, competitive, free market, we are suppose to set wages by supply and demand so let’s abolish the job destroying, minimum wage laws.

I am also opposed to the restraint of trade that will be caused by the pending partial merger with the Port of Tacoma.

I, Goodspaceguy, say that work, wealth, and the competitive free market produce a higher living standard for the people than our current, sabotaged system. Study world economics and stop forbidding people to work.



2015 July 17: This message #  47 is a continuation of a work in progress and       will be revised from time-to-time.

Goodspaceguy is one of three candidates for the position of Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position Two. When the King County Primary Election ends Tuesday, August 4, 2015, one of the candidates will have been eliminated, and the surviving two candidates, who get the most votes, will continuing on to the General Election, ending Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

There is a lack of cost control at the Port of Seattle. Thus the port is a high cost port, from which some customers flee, seeking the use of other ports. The elected five member Commission should be a supervising watch group that acts to hold down costs. Goodspaceguy wants to help change the port from a high-cost port into a low-cost port, which attracts users.

Goodspaceguy wants the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle to continue competing with each other instead of engaging in a restraint-of-trade operation named the Northwest Seaport Alliance. Competition promotes cost control, which should promote more business for both Tacoma and Seattle, helping to raise the living standard in both Pierce County and King County. Competition gives you, the people choices. Competition “to the bottom” actually raises the living standard of the people the most and helps to lower prices. Competition helps produce a full employment economy, which is really, really good. I, Goodspaceguy, want to make it easier for people to produce the good life for themselves: much, much better than the good life in Sweden.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Goodspaceguy: Sometimes Government Doesn't Work Well

GoodSpaceGuy: Sometimes Government Doesn’t Work Well
2013 July 23
Dear Fellow Crew members of our Spaceship Earth,
This is message #46 from me, GoodSpaceGuy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth

Government Bridges to No-Where Projects make some people, such as me, think that we should try to make government smaller so that the workers can keep a larger percentage of what they produce instead of having it taxed away to go for “No-Where” projects.

For example, I am one of four candidates for the position of King County Executive in King County, the most populous county in the state of Washington. We are having an election in King County for various county offices and for the school board, but King County Television doesn’t seem to be interested. Why? What is happening? Perhaps the incumbents don’t see a need for an election in which too, too much is said?

In my mind an election is an important event that should be covered by county owned TV when a county has its own government TV station. Therefore, King County TV should have been promoting this election. It hasn’t.

The City of Seattle in cooperation with King County has been helpful by having the various candidates make video voter guide presentations of two minutes each, but King County Television hasn’t been running them.

According to the King County Television Schedule on the Internet, last week (Monday, July 15 through Sunday July 21, 2013) in order to promote excitement and enthusiasm for our mail-in election, King County Television showed zero of the video voter guide presentations. King County Television is doing a wonderful job of keeping this election a secret. This leads to stable government, favoring the incumbents. Some of the challengers, such as me, might make statements that some people might find upsetting.

The mail-in voting has now begun. But most voters have not seen the video voter guide presentations.

As of this morning (Tuesday, July 23, 2013) the King County Television Schedule for this week (Monday, July 22 through Sunday July 28, 2013) indicates that the candidates’ two minute presentations were shown on Monday, once each, but the schedule shows no plans to show them again during this voting week. Why confuse the voters?  Has the power structure determined that it is better for most voters to vote without having seen the candidates?

Of course, the schedule might be changed at anytime to show the candidates video presentations after more of the voters have voted, but King County television has so many different types of programs to show to educate the voter, for example, “Using Manure in the Garden.”

With so many good programs, its hard to find time for the candidates in our democratic republic.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Goodspaceguy: The Minimum Wage is A Big Cause of Unemployment

Goodspaceguy: The Minimum Wage is A Big Cause of Unemployment
Dear Fellow Crew members of our Spaceship Earth,
This is message #45 from me, Goodspaceguy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth

Message from Goodspaceguy, a jobs and prosperity candidate for the position of King County Executive, 2013 July 3.

Year after year, the voters elect and re-elect those who will continue the unemployment and the sabotage of our economy ... Stop it.

How high can we raise knowledge and the quality of life in King County? How close can we come to making King County into a leading jobs and wealth growing county? If the people who haven’t learnt economics allow us to unsabotage our competitive free market, our economy can then provide job choices for everyone who wants to work. Let’s unsabotage our economy.

Why are many people unemployed? Answer: Because people, not understanding economics, have sabotaged our economy.

The minimum wage forbids work to those people who don’t produce at the level required by the minimum wage. Supply and demand determines wages. Some of these wages are at levels below the minimum wage. By becoming illegal, these jobs disappear, and thus people become unemployed. If the ability of some people is not sufficient to earn at least the minimum wage, then the minimum wage law says that they may not work. They are allowed to give away their labor as volunteers, but everyone needs money. Some people whose jobs have been destroyed by the minimum wage law turn to crime and welfare.

Suppose you are out walking, and you notice a homeless woman living in front of the entrance to a closed business. She is partly protected by a small roof over the entrance. On the following day, as you walk by, you notice several other adults living in front of the entrance with her. At the level of work required by the minimum wage, these homeless people, although capable of doing useful work, are thought by many to be unemployable. But they need money. Since it is illegal for them to work, they might turn to crime or welfare or both.

As they turn to crime, people suffer from the harm of crime: car break-ins, home burglaries, muggings, and the taxpayers’ taxes for law enforcement go up.

As the unemployed turn to welfare, the workers should understand that they are the true providers of welfare. The workers produce the goods and services that make up the living standard. Through tricky taxation, part of what the workers would get from their employers is, instead, taken away from the workers and given to the welfare recipients. Thus the workers support themselves and the welfare recipients.

The competitive free market determines wage levels by the interaction of the supply of different types of labor with the differing demand for the various kinds of labor. Because of the high demand for highly productive labor, many people are paid more than the minimum wage, but there always are companies of low consumer demand that are losing or coming close to losing money. These companies have difficulty making enough profit to stay in business. The minimum wage pushes some of these struggling businesses out of business, and so jobs disappear and a percentage of our population becomes unemployed. The minimum wage should be called the job and business destroying minimum wage.

The higher the minimum wage, the greater the percentage of people who become unemployed. If we were to raise the minimum wage right now to $100 per hour, most businesses would become unprofitable and most people would lose their jobs. Crime and violence and litter would sky rocket. Our economy would collapse. The cities would become filthy and full of misery.

The minimum wage doesn’t increase the supply of jobs. Instead the minimum wage eliminates the jobs that can’t afford to pay the minimum wage. In the struggling companies, many of the wages as determined by supply and demand fall beneath the minimum wage and so these low paying jobs disappear and the people who would be working these jobs become unemployed.

The minimum wage is a job destroyer and a business destroyer. The minimum wage pushes down the living standard by decreasing the percentage of people working to produce the goods and services that make up the living standard.

What is one of the big things we can do so that low-income people can more easily find a choice of jobs and contribute? Answer: we can lobby to unsabotage our job market. We can lobby for the abolition of the job-destroying minimum wage law that forbids low-income people from selling their labor. Part of freedom is the right to sell one’s labor at a low market price. As more people work, the power to consume goes up. The minimum wage law actually forbids the selling of labor by many homeless people. Free people should be free to sell their labor … even at a low price.

To increase employment in the private sector, increase profits and defend wealth and stop the sabotage of our economy. Losses create layoffs, but profits create jobs.

To increase jobs, please let us build a job and wealth partnership. Let us abolish the evil, job-destroying, business-destroying minimum wage. Both wealth and profits produce private sector jobs that people want done. Let’s abolish the evil, job-destroying minimum wage so that we can get more homeless people and people-with-problems working.

The unemployment rate indicates how badly our leaders have sabotaged our job market. Let’s reduce crime and raise the living standard by unsabotaging our economy. Let us grow jobs for everyone who is willing to work. Idleness promotes crime, but work produces the goods and services and income that make-up our living standard. Let us use our unemployed people! Unemployment is a huge waste!

Our economy is like a truck. Economics tells us how to operate and unsabotage our economic truck. Elect small-spending candidates who understand economics. Vote against the big spenders. Vote against the heavy burden of carrying the big government of the big spenders.

Some centuries have greatness in them. In about the last hundred years, we developed cars, radios, airplanes, movies, television and computerization. We moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the start of the Space Age. Now a great goal for this new century is for us to help build in King County a Full Employment, Fantastic Future!

I, Goodspaceguy, have studied economics and many subjects, including how to raise the living standard and improve the quality-of-life on our Spaceship Earth. Please, think of our Earth as a fantastic spaceship traveling around our Sun, and with our Sun, traveling around our Milky Way Galaxy.

I, Goodspaceguy, was born in Minnesota and educated at universities in Germany, Sweden, and America. I minored in economics and earned a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree.

To learn more, please google me: Goodspaceguy, where you will find me and several talented and fascinating people who claim to be me: Goodspaceguy.

Blog: Email: Telephone: 206-601-8172.

Elect Goodspaceguy: Profits, Jobs, Prosperity

10219 Ninth Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98168

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Abolish Job-Destroying Minimum Wage

Abolish the Job-Destroying Minimum Wage

By Goodspaceguy, 2012 July 11 - July 16.

Dear Fellow Crewmembers of our Spaceship Earth,

This is message #44 from me, Goodspaceguy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth.

I, Goodspaceguy, refer to our Earth as our Spaceship Earth, on which we travel through space around our Sun, and with our Sun, we travel inside our Milky Way Galaxy. We should try to raise the living standard all around our Spaceship Earth by speaking out against the stagnation-promoting minimum wages, which we should abolish.

We build our living standard by the goods and services that we produce for each other in our exchange economy.

Profits and losses tell the many, many, competing businesses what we want and what we don’t want. Businesses that, at equilibrium prices, efficiently provide goods or services, which we want, tend to be rewarded with profits.

Inefficient businesses that, at above equilibrium prices, offer us good and services that we don’t have much desire for, tend to be punished with losses and declining business and unsold inventories.

We the workers produce goods or services for each other in our specialized jobs. Our production is sold into our marketplace of exchange. We receive our compensation and buy some of the many other things that other people produce for our marketplace, such as toothbrushes. Our living standard goes up because we can buy things cheaply at their equilibrium price. But it would be very time consuming and difficult for each person to produce their own things of quality, such as toothbrushes or pens or movies or medical care or jet transport airplanes. Without the marketplace of our exchange economy, we would do without many of the things we currently buy from each other. Doing without, our living standard would be much lower.

People who live outside the exchange economy and attempt to produce everything for themselves have a lower living standard. For example, the frontiersmen had difficulty producing good toothbrushes for themselves. They lost their teeth early, and they died early.

In our exchange society, we workers determine our living standard by the amount of goods and services that we produce for each other. The more everyone produces, the greater the supply and the cheaper things become. The equilibrium prices fall, pushed down by the increasing supply and the lower prices required to sell that increased supply. As prices fall, we are able to buy more and more, and our living standard goes higher and higher. As governments inflate their currencies, we often don’t notice when true prices fall. Inflation misinforms us. Because of our increased production per person in the advanced nations on Spaceship Earth, we find that our living standard becomes better than that of the nobility of the Middle Ages in Europe.

We tend to determine prices by the interaction of supply and demand in our competitive, free-market, which works for us, the consumers. This holds also for the various prices for the many different kinds of labor.

Our economy is usually out of balance. We sabotage our own economy. Usually the average cost-of-labor is high in comparison to the amount of money we consumers have to spend or invest. We then buy only part of the different kinds of available labor. The rest of the labor goes unemployed, as is the situation now in the year 2012. Our economy remains sabotaged. We currently have a stagnant economy of high unemployment. When not sabotaged, an economy is supposed to recover rapidly from a recession. This has not happened for us, because the sabotage continues. A significant way we sabotage our economy is by supporting the job-destroying Minimum Wage. Around our world, we should abolish the employer-damaging minimum wages. Our world needs leaders who will attack the job-destroying minimum wages. Our Spaceship Earth needs leaders who will work to unsabotage their economies and end the waste of valuable labor, referred to as unemployment.

If the average cost-of-labor falls significantly, then we consumers will have enough money from our production to buy most of the labor available. We will not only have full-employment, but we will also have a labor shortage. At low prices, we will be eager to hire more labor. We will bid the price of labor up, seeking the equilibrium levels of full-employment for the different kinds of labor.

In our competitive, profit-seeking, free market of exchange, our supply of and our demand for our free market goods (including the different kinds of labor) are always interacting and adjusting and re-adjusting in the continuous search for the always changing prices that move our world-wide economy towards its many local equilibriums of full-employment on our Spaceship Earth. In the regions of low production per person, the compensation is lower. In the regions of high production per person, the compensation is higher.

The job-destroying minimum wages cause fewer people to be working. The more expensive the people in relation to their production, the fewer people are hired by us the consumers. Fewer people are contributing to producing the living standard. Production determines our living standard. Through the trickery of the minimum wages, the fewer workers end up supporting more people on welfare. With fewer people working and more people on welfare, production and our living standard is less. The lost production of the people not working and even on welfare means a lower living standard. For example, with people not working, houses go un-repaired and un-painted. Cars go un-repaired and un-waxed and un-washed. Clothes go un-mended. Furniture and appliances go un-repaired. Things go un-manufactured and services go un-performed, and our civilization becomes littered with trash because those who are un-employed are not producing. Therefore as production is less than it could be, purchasing power in our society is less than it could be. Production is purchasing power. In our exchange society, we pay for what we consume with what we produce. Being thrown out of work by the job-destroying minimum wage means that many are not producing goods or services for their fellow human beings. They are not contributing their special services to what would be a higher living standard for themselves and for the buyers of what would have been their production.

At the higher average cost-of-labor promoted by minimum wages, society does not buy all of the available labor. Unemployment continues. Production is less than under full employment. The production of consumer-desired goods and services is less than what it could be. The lowered production means a lower living standard for us, the people. We the people cannot consume that which we have not produced. Because of the job-destroying minimum wages, we produce less of what we want to consume.

When the people in society at the front-of-the line are overpaid, (paid more than the equilibrium price for their special type of labor) consumers run out of money before they get to the people at the end of the line, whom we then call the unemployed.

But if we have a lower average cost-of-labor promoted by our competitive, free market, which tries to hire everyone, then society buys more labor. At a lower average cost-of-labor, there is more work to be found. Employment increases. With more people working, production goes up. The increased production of goods and services (causes an equilibrium-seeking price decrease often hidden by inflation) equals a higher living standard. We have more to consume.

In our exchange economy, when we consumers pay each other their equilibrium rate-of-pay as determined by free-market supply and demand for their type of labor, then we consumers have enough money to employ everyone who is willing to work at their equilibrium rate. We get our desired full-employment economy of higher production. Higher production equals a higher living standard. More people are working. More people are helping. We have decreased the sabotaged our economy.

Again, in our exchange economy, we work for each other. The changing equilibrium prices for the different types of labor are determined by the interaction of our changing supply and our changing demand for the different types of labor. Our supply of and our demand for our different kinds of labor are always changing, therefore the free-market, equilibrium prices are always changing.

In our competitive free market that works for us, the consumers, the changing prices for our labor are always trying to keep our economy in balance. The equilibrium prices are always being sought and re-sought. When the average price of labor goes too high, we buy less. More unemployment appears. It becomes more difficult to find work. When the average price of labor sinks too low, we buy more. Labor shortages appear, and it becomes easier to find work. We bid the price up labor up, back towards equilibrium. We should want a good balance between our roles as consumers and our roles as workers.

Again, good students of economics should know that the effects of the different but rigid minimum wages are to abolish jobs, push struggling employers out of business, reduce production, and, thereby, reduce the living standard, and encourage the wage and price, upward, inflationary spiral.

Inflation is harmful. Inflation can be thought of as a hidden, harmful tax. The rigid minimum wages seem to help ratchet up inflation.

Under job-destroying minimum wage systems, those businesses that survive in our inflation-prone economy will give some people pay raises. This creates the illusion that the employer-destroying minimum wages are good. This is a false impression because the illusion ignores the people who lose their jobs and the illusion ignores the people who have difficulty finding jobs in the minimum wage, sabotaged economy, and the illusion ignores the businesses that have shut down. Some people get illusionary pay raises in our inflationary economy, but our production, our living standard really decreases, and crime increases.

People who retain their employment after their inflationary pay raises think they are better off, but they are actually worse off. Consider the greater pressure to perform to keep one’s job, the large number of unemployed wanting to take our jobs, the increased difficulty of finding another job, one’s unemployed friends and relatives, societies decreased production of goods and services, and the increased mental damage from unemployment and increased crime.

By pushing people out of our (working-for-each-other) work force and lowering production and thereby society’s living standard, the job-destroying minimum wages have also increased the number of homeless people. People are exploited by being denied employment. Those still employed are being exploited by being the true providers of welfare to those who are granted welfare.

Abolishing the job-destroying minimum wages and thereby getting more people helping will help move us towards full-employment equilibrium and a truly higher living standard because of our higher production.

The job-destroying minimum wages produce stagnant economies that continue to stagnate year after year. Abolishing the job-destroying minimum wages would improve the economy. It would get more people producing. It would get more people consuming that production in our exchange economy.

Many people were not taught the science of economics in high school. They were not taught about the destruction of lives caused by the employment-destroying minimum wage. As governments inflate their currencies, some people demand increases in the minimum wages, not understanding that the minimum wages are significantly lowering the living standards around our world, around our Spaceship Earth.

But the job-destroying minimum wages are really spreading disaster throughout our families and our society by introducing rigidities, by encouraging recessions, by prolonging recessions, by maintaining stagnation, by retarding growth, by lowering our living standards.

Some friends or family members or people you notice out in the community may have difficulty finding employment, never realizing that the underlying cause of this difficulty is an employer-damaging minimum wage that has helped sabotage the local economy and, indeed, the world economy. Employers compete for employees, but when employers are damaged, when their profits decrease, they usually hire fewer employees. Production falls. Our living standard falls.

In our democracies, some of you leaders understand the misery that is being caused by the employment-destroying minimum wages. It is important that you work for the abolishment of these harmful, minimum wages in your part of our Spaceship Earth. Working to abolish the misery-promoting minimum wages is part of good citizenship and leadership. In which areas of our Spaceship Earth can you help to develop higher production per person and thereby a higher standard of living. Explain to other people in our democracies how the job-destroying minimum wages lower production and thereby lowers our living standard.

Some people merely call for the reduction of the job-destroying minimum wages. This is not good enough. Why destroy any jobs? Merely reducing the destructive-minimum wages, merely reduces the unnecessary misery. It doesn’t abolish the misery. At only a reduction in the minimum wages, there still are people who can’t find jobs. People have problems, but usually there are lower prices where it can be profitable to employ them in spite of their problems. Even though some people have noticeable problems, why should we lose their production contribution to the living standard. People-with-problems can still contribute to the production that raises the living standard on our Spaceship Earth. Therefore, remove the cause of this misery by working for the complete abolishment of the life-destroying minimum wages. Set the prices of our labor by the interaction of the supply of our different kinds of labor with our demand for our different kinds of labor.

Explain to those open-minded people, who will listen, that our changing prices for our different kinds of labor are supposed to be determined by the interaction of our demand for that kind of labor with our supply of that kind of labor. Again and again explain to people that in our exchange economy, we work for each other and through our production, we raise the living standard.

Explain to people that in our competitive, free-market economy, prices are best set by our supply of and our demand for whatever is being exchanged, including labor.

By adjusting prices (including wages) to the equilibrium levels by the interaction of supply and demand in our competitive free markets on our Spaceship Earth, we help keep our world markets in balance. We help keep people fully employed. Then more people help to produce an increased living standard all around our Spaceship Earth.

Job-destroying minimum wages do not belong in our competitive, free market economy, which works for us, the consumers. Help abolish the misery-promoting minimum wages.


a 2012 candidate for Congress from District Seven of Washington State

Monday, June 18, 2012

Goodspaceguy, 2012 candidate for Congress from Washington State, District 7

Dear Voters and fellow Crew Members of our Spaceship Earth, 2012 June 16:

This is Message #43 from me, Goodspaceguy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth.

I am now a 2012 candidate for US Representative to Congress from the 7th Congressional District of Washington State.

I, Goodspaceguy, ask that you think of our Earth as a natural spaceship that travels in our solar system around our star, the Sun, and with our Sun travels within our Milky Way Galaxy, a collection of hundreds of billions of solar systems.

Our knowledge of science and technology is continuing to advance.

Guided by the Science of Economics, let’s solve national and world problems from the viewpoint that we are crewmembers and voters of our Spaceship Earth.

Some centuries have greatness in them. In the 20th Century, we Earthlings moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the Automobile Age and into the Airplane Age and into the Movie and Television Age and into the Computer Age and into the beginning of the Space Age. We can raise the living standard even more than we have.

A great goal for our new 21st Century is to start the Age of Orbital Space Colonization! It’s almost here. On 2012 May 25, Naturalized American Elon Musk and his Space X Team enabled Space X to be the first privately owned space rocket company to deliver supplies to the International Space Station. In 2006 and 2007, American Robert T. Bigelow of Nevada and his team put experimental, inflatable habitats into orbit. Also, the Russians are available for hire to send cargo and people up into orbital space. By hiring rocket launch services, the people of any nation can participate in the Space Age.

Space Colonization should have been the goal from the beginning of our American space program. We should already have the beginning orbital space colonies with over 260 habitats, but we don’t. We only have about the equivalent of 6 habitats joined together to form the International Space Station. We have already spent the necessary money, but unfortunately our leaders were not educated in orbital space colonization and so wasted billions and billions of dollars of our space money and burnt up much of our space material, that the space colonists could have used.

The beginning colonization of orbital space should become NASA’s main research project: helping private enterprise to start space colonization. Private owners can colonize space more effectively, but NASA can help. The space colonizers will need much help. NASA should stop burning up our space assets!

About 400 million years ago, life came up from the sea and colonized the land of Earth. Now, the colonization of orbital space by life from Earth is of similar significance. You live in a time of historic transformation: Humans moving up to the High Frontier.

Before the arrival of the next killer asteroid or killer comet or nuclear war, I, Goodspaceguy, want us to spread life from Earth out into our solar system. The space colonists should get ready to mine away the next killer asteroid or comet that threatens Earth. The space colonists should use its material to expand the beginning orbital space colonies. The space colonists should also mine and use the materials of the near Earth asteroids and comets to help expand their orbital space colonies. This should be cheaper than the high cost of bringing all the needed material up from Earth. Let’s follow the low-cost path to the Fantastic Future. Let NASA help the private space colonies.

I, Goodspaceguy, study economics with the goal of raising the living standard by increasing production and jobs. Let’s improve the quality-of-life. Please vote for those small-spending candidates who understand the Science of Economics, led by incentive.

So that we can live longer and healthier, I, Goodspaceguy, want more medical research, rejuvenation research, and longevity research. Let’s continue the great and surprising advances of the Twentieth Century into our new Twenty-first Century.

Because Maryland donated the land that became Washington D.C., the people of Washington D. C. should be allowed to vote federally through the state of Maryland.

I, Goodspaceguy, want beautiful Puerto Rico to become the 51st state.

The Planned Economies worked poorly. The planners usually got things wrong. Please support the consumer directed, Competitive Free Market where the prices for the different kinds of labor are set by the interaction of the Supply of different kinds of labor with the Demand for that labor, not sabotaged by the economy crippling minimum wage.

The Competitive Free Market works for you, the consumers, but the planners sometimes interfere and sabotage your Competitive Free Market Economy, stopping it from re-adjusting to serve you, the consumers. Using prices, Supply and Demand, profit and incentive, the Free Market tries to readjust. But you have voted many misguided leaders into power who don’t understand incentive and the Science of Economics. This lack of knowledge of the profit and wealth incentives and the Science of Economics has sabotaged our economy and put harmful rigidities into our economy that has led to job loss, suffering, decreased production, and a lower living standard for us, the people. The living standard could be much higher if we allowed the consumer directed, Competitive Free Market to function. In order to raise the living standard, we should un-sabotage our economy. We should start by abolishing the job-destroying minimum wage. What does the minimum wage do? It destroys jobs. Jobs and employers go bye-bye. The minimum wage helps create many homeless people and decreases the production of goods and services that could raise our living standard. Crime increases. Some religious people might say that God created Supply and Demand to continually adjust the changing prices of labor in our Exchange Economy, but the servants of Satan have introduced rigidity and suffering by establishing the job-destroying, employer-destroying minimum wage.

Born in Minnesota, I was university educated in Germany, Sweden, and America. My Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees were in business with minors in ECONOMICS.

I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user, but as a Libertarian believer in individual freedom and free will and upward evolution, I believe that each individual should decide whether or not to engage in habits which are thought to be harmful to oneself. Taxpayers, through their governments, should not incur the wasteful cost of interfering. I am pro-choice on almost everything. I am able to read several foreign languages, and I recommend that Economics be taught in our public schools.

I, Goodspaceguy, am an amateur astronomer, economist, investor, owner, and an admirer of stars in the sky and in the movies, and I want more stars in our flag.

Please keep your campaign contributions at $24 or less. Thank you.

Elect Goodspaceguy, 10219 Ninth Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98168

Contact Info: Email: or Telephone: 206-601-8172.

To learn more about my solutions and programs, please google my name: Goodspaceguy (Beware: some dear people have appeared who are claiming to be me: Goodspaceguy. Some of them are really quite talented ... strange to credit me!) or visit my two blogs: (This blog concerns improving our Spaceship Earth.) (Promotes Orbital Space Colonization)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elect Goodspaceguy to King County Council, WA

Elect Goodspaceguy to the King County Council, Washington State
July 12, 2011: Message 42 from me, Goodspaceguy on blog: Our Spaceship Earth

I, Goodspaceguy, am again a profit and jobs and prosperity candidate for the King County Council, from King County District 8, Washington State.
We sheeple (victims?) should build a profit and jobs and wealth partnership in King County. Many jobs are created by profit and wealth.

Some centuries have greatness in them. In the 20th Century, crew members of Spaceship Earth developed cars, airplanes, movies, television, and computerization. We moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the start of the Space Age. Now great goals for this new 21st Century are (1) to build a full employment world, starting with King County, and (2) begin Orbital Space Colonization and research, perhaps starting with Boeing space habitats. (Unhappily, to increase the number of jobs requires lowering wages.) (Reporting this and other facts will probably cause me, Goodspaceguy, to lose many votes.)

I, Goodspaceguy, have studied economics and studied how to increase jobs and the living standard and how to improve the quality-of-life: To increase jobs, we should increase profits. Unfortunately, when the average wage and other shocks become too high, RECESSIONS occur. Many jobs disappear. Wages, profits, and prices need to be kep in balance to keep jobs plentiful. Also by unsabotaging the economy and by growing jobs for everyone who is willing to work, let's reduce crime which would help raise the living standard in King County. Unsabotage the economy so jobs for everyone can appear. Idleness promotes crime and stagnation, but work produces the income, and the goods and the services that raise our living standard. Let's grow a profit and wealth society in King County that will grow jobs. The pursuits of wealth and profits are incentives that produce jobs. Prices must cover wages; therefore when average wages go up, average prices must also go up to maintain profit and manitain jobs. But higher prices slow sales. RECESSIONS try to cut the average wages so that the job-producing incentive of the profit margins can be increased to bring back jobs in spite of economic shocks. Guided by profit, the competitive free market strives for an on-going balance in wages, profits, and prices, and the production of goods and services that the consumers will buy. Through balance, guided by profit, the competitive free market raises the living standard.

To help unsabotage the economy, let's abolish the job-destroying minimum wage. Wages should be set by the profitable, competitive interaction of the supply of different types of labor with the demand for those types of labor. Minimum wage unemployment is a huge waste!

Starting with the homeless, let us make life better through helper jobs for people who want to work. We should make government the back-up, safety-net employer for "helpers" at a low wage, which would be a huge improvement over earning nothing.

The worldwide population explosion is the cause of much worldwide poverty and destruction. Refugees flee to King County. Let's replace some taxes with a head tax to slow the flood of refugees into King County. A head tax would be a much more pleasant solution than the old, cruel methods of population control, such as starvation, disease, murder, and war. Our Earth now has to support more than three people for every one person she supported a hundred years ago, and the world population continues to grow and grow, sending even more refugees into King County. World head taxes, starting in King County, are a partial solution to Earth's poverty caused by over-population.

To glorify the future wealthy and job-rich King County that we should grow, we should try to make it easier to grow the movie-making industry in King County.

To reduce traffic congestion, let us abolish government restrictions on the height of buildings so that more people can live closer to where they want to be. Let's become more ecologically friendly by making it easier and less costly to build wealthy, high-rise condominiums and apartments, which have smaller ecological footprints. Let us build better sky-homes than the people of Vancouver Canada have built. Let us make it easier to increase the housing supply, which should slow the upward movement of rents.

To increase the quality of life and reduce the stress level, let us ask government to increase free and easy parking. People pay a lot of gas tax and deserve more free parking for their taxes. Gas tax paid parking should be considered part of the road system.

Let us make it easier for people to obtain knowledge by increasing the open hours of libraries and by increasing the accessibility to libraries and to colleges by providing more free parking. Let us promote part-time work and part-time study and free parking.

Thrifty and prosperous, I, Goodspaceguy, received my Master's Degree from the University of Minnesota. I, Goodspaceguy, previously studied for three years at Stockholm University in Sweden, having already earned my Bachelor's Degree in Germany.

I, Goodspaceguy, was born in Minnesota. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user, but as a believer in individual freedom and free will and upward evolution, I believe that each individual should decide whether or not to engage in habits which are thought to be harmful to oneself. Taxpayers, through their governments, should not incur the wasteful cost of interfering in the private lives of the citizens. It is important to protect each individual's ownership and jurisdiction over his or her own body and life.

I, Goodspaceguy, crewmember of our Spaceship Earth, am able to read several foreign languages, and I want the science of economics to be taught in our high schools.

I, Goodspaceguy, am an amateur astronomer, an economist, an accountant, a handyman, an investor, an owner, and an admirer of stars in the sky and in the movies. I, Goodspaceguy, want to advance technology to new heights, such as the technology of recycling in our future orbital space colonies, built by companies such as Boeing.

Voters usually elect the big spenders. I, thrifty Goodspaceguy, may be a counterbalance.

Big spenders promote big government, which is a heavy burden for workers to carry.

Please keep campaign contributions under $25 per contributor. Thank you.

Goodspaceguy: Profits, Jobs, and Prosperity, 10219 Ninth Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98168

Transform King County into a profit and wealth society so people have a choice of jobs.

Recessions and hard times try to reduce wages, to grow profits, to re-grow jobs.

People reject economics and other knowledge: years of job loss and misery have resulted.

To learn more, please google my name: Goodspaceguy, where you will find me and several fascinating individuals who claim to be me: Goodspaceguy.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Fellow Sheeple, move Upward with me, Goodspaceguy

Message 41 on blog: Our Spaceship Earth

Dear fellow Sheeple, move Upward with me, Goodspaceguy.
My name is Goodspaceguy, and I am one of 15 candidates for the office of US Senator from Washington State. This important Primary Election ends Tuesday, August 17, 2010. Please vote and help unsabotage our economy.
Who am I? I’m just some guy who has studied economics and who advocates unsabotaging our economy so that everyone who wants to work can have a choice of jobs.
And I’m just some guy who has studied astronomy who advocates getting our orbital space colonies started. You have already paid the money, but we don’t have the starter cololnies.
And I am also a life-long student who is also advocating that we do more research in Rejuvenation Science so that you and I might stay young longer.
I, Goodspaceguy, object to the billions and billions of dollars of waste that I know about, and I object to the sabotage of our economy that has caused the loss of so many jobs.
Under the big spenders who you usually elect, this waste and this sabotage of our economy continues, year-after-year, and throws some of you out of work, thereby lowering production and lowers our living standard.
I have become prosperous because I am a small spender.
The big spenders, whom you usually elect, tend to build powerful campaign organizations. Then they steam roll the small spenders, like myself, and then you elect the big spenders, and then you suffer under the tax burden that the big spenders put on your shoulders.
You who are the workers have to carry the load of big government with its many acts of destruction and its many wasteful rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul programs and its various wars. You workers are carrying a heavy, heavy burden that you may have voted for. This limits the share of your production that is left over for you to consume.
Although we sheeple are the foundation of power, we sheeple are regularly shorn.
Let us unsabotage our economy. Vote for the small spenders ... especially the small spenders who understand economics. Big spenders and the big government they build and maintain are forced to shear you! It is in the nature of big spending that you be shorn.
In solving world problems and unsabotaging our economy, please think of your Earth as a spaceship: our Spaceship Earth, and please think of yourselves and me as crew members, working to improve life on our Spaceship Earth.
Some nations have dictators who often run their economies badly.
But we, the sheeple, have a democratic republic, which we are currently running badly because most people have not been educated in the science of economics. But at least we have People Power. Our people need to study how to operate our economy better. Our economy is like a machine, like a truck.
A truck runs better when its owner studies how it works and studies how to maintain it.
To run our Spaceship Earth better, I request that you spend some time studying the science of economics and studying how to promote greater long-run profits and incentives.
When people attack profits, they decrease jobs. Losses create layoffs, but profits create jobs. Therefore, you who want jobs, you especially should defend profits and you should speak against progressive taxation because it decreases incentive.
As a student of economics, the best regressive form of taxation that I know about is the regressive head tax. Regressive taxation promotes smaller government and greater production and lowers the burden on the workers. Surprisingly, the head tax helps to raise the living standard of the workers as the workers get to keep a larger percentage of their production.
Of all forms of taxation that I, Goodspaceguy, know about, the head tax is the least distortive tax that you can place on yourselves as you operate our government and our competitive economy.
To get our competitive free market functioning better, let us build a job/wealth partnership.
When profits disappear, the business owners find themselves working for free. When losses grow, the business owners are actually paying to work, instead of being paid to work. Losses increase layoffs.
For a healthy economy, workers and owners would do well to form a team relationship that will produce long-term profits and long-term jobs.
Let us increase the benefits for wealthy people to move to Washington State and to bring their headquarters and jobs here, and let us make it profitable for wealthy people to stay in Washington State.
Let us continue to oppose the sneaking in of an income tax.
Let us abolish any inheritance tax so that there will be more incentive to become wealthy and create more jobs.
To become the leading jobs and wealth producing state will not be easy because it requires changing erroneous beliefs, but jobs and wealth do go together. When people attack wealth, they help create unemployment.
If we study economics and profits, and if we build the reputation that Washington State is the leading job/wealth producing state in the United States, we can become leaders in making our Spaceship Earth a more prosperous spaceship.
Let us start to unsabotage our economy, and let us start by abolishing the evil minimum wage that makes it difficult for people-with-problems to get jobs.
The unemployment rate indicates how badly the power-structure has sabotaged our economy and decreased our jobs. You should not re-elect those big spenders who have put such a huge burden on you … including your loss of jobs.
We should already have more than 200 private space habitats in orbit, connected together in different configurations and in different orbits. You have already paid the money required for space colonization, but you have not gotten the space colonies because many of your chosen leaders have not studied space colonization, and so they have misspent your money, not understanding the Fantastic Future that we can build.
Gradually, the other nations of our Spaceship Earth will be doing more and more in space. India and China have already sent research spacecraft to orbit the Moon.
The colonization of space by life from Earth has a similar significance as the colonization of the land by life from the sea millions and million of years ago. Space colonization will be a big thing in the history of our Spaceship Earth and in the history of human civilization.
If you look at our Spaceship Earth with your naked eye from the orbit of Planet Neptune, Earth is so small that you will not be able to see our tiny Spaceship Earth. All the civilization and history of human kind has occurred on a tiny dot in space that is so small that it is invisible when looking at our entire solar system at once.
The Sun orbiting space colonies are coming. Then when the killer comets and asteroids (like those, which we recently photographed hitting Planet Jupiter) cross the orbit of our Spaceship Earth, the space colonists will be in place to start the mining of those killer comets and asteroids. Busy mining away … the space colonist can convert the materials of the comets and asteroids into resources for further expanding their Sun orbiting space colonies. Using the huge power of the Sun, the orbiting space colonist will gradually be able to build the most sophisticated human societies our human race has ever known.
We are operating way below our production possibility curve. We can do so much, much better.
Forty years ago with our Moon landings, we should have started the beginning, private enterprise space colonies.
Move upward with Goodspaceguy. Vote for Goodspaceguy. Recommend Goodspaceguy.

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