Monday, July 08, 2019

Goodspaceguy's 2019 Call to Abolish Minimum Wage

   In 2019, I, Goodspaceguy, am making my 20th call to abolish the job-destroying minimum wage by running as a candidate for the King County Council in Washington State. I want to increase the living standard of the workers. We need to get more people into the work force, and we need to increase their productivity so that they can help raise the living standard. 
   To make a "living wage" the goods and services of the "living wage" must be produced by the workers, otherwise, people are just talking empty words.
   Without realising it, people who support the job-destroying minimum wage are also supporting crime. People who have difficulty getting jobs at the job-destroying minimum wage, still need money. These problem people are sometimes forced to turn to crime to get the money they need. If we abolish the minimum wage, the "abolished jobs" of the struggling, un-profitable projects and businesses should come back. Homeless people will more easily find jobs and learn job skills. Problem people will be allowed back into productive society and over time will become more productive. The increasingly productive people will help push the living standard up towards prosperity. As the problem people work better and better, they will become less and less a burden on their fellow workers.
   My (Goodspaceguy's) 200 word campaign statement and information in the Voters' Guide is as follows:

2019 King County Council, District 8, Candidacy of GoodSpaceGuy
Education:   University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (including economics and business.)
Occupation:   Through simple living, GoodSpaceGuy became a prosperous investor and owner.
    With the International Space Station, we Earthlings have obtained a finger-tip hold in the beginning of our Orbital Space Age. Please think of yourselves as being passengers or crew members on our Spaceship Earth. (Our world is a spaceship, traveling through space, around our Sun, once a year, and with our Sun, we are traveling within our Milky Way Galaxy, a spinning cloud of billions and billions of solar systems.)
   Let’s clean and beautify touristic King County. Let’s raise the living standard in King County on Spaceship Earth by using the power of the voluntary, competitive, consumer-serving, free market.
  Let’s abolish the job-destroying minimum wage which creates so many homeless, unemployed, problem, poor people and panhandlers and shop-lifters and muggers.   Bad law has created misery and criminals!

  By defending the profit incentive of the free market, we can increase jobs. More profit, more jobs. Let’s create more knowledge, profit, jobs, productivity, and a living standard rising high up into the sky towards the coming orbital space habitat homes, where we can learn how to live in space before going to Mars.  Also let’s reduce frustration by making it easier to park in touristic, welcoming King County. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

2018 Candidate GoodSpaceGuy Runs For US Senate

 Greetings to my fellow passengers and crew members of Spaceship Earth on this Thursday of 2018 June 28. This is my 51st post on this blog.
 I, Goodspaceguy, am again a candidate for the US Senate. This is the 19th time I'm running for political office. Unfortunately, those elected to political office over the many years haven't carried out my up-lifting program of prosperity and joy, therefore I'm running again.
 My goal is to use Free Market Economics and Profit and a higher Technology to raise the living standard of the increasing percentage of workers on Spaceship Earth, and to get some of them and their descendants into the coming, orbital, privately-owned, space habitats around our Earth and into the Goldilocks zone around our star, the Sun.
 In Earth orbit, our space colonists should learn how to live in space before we send humans out to orbit Mars. (Let's lower the cost of the coming Mars Mission.) The entrepreneurial colonists should  demonstrate how to live a sky-high quality of life and joy in the heavens above and around our Spaceship Earth.

2018 US Senate Biography, Statement, and Contact:



Elected Experience:
I, freemarket Goodspaceguy, was electorally defeated 18 times. (The poverty of the big spenders' Command Economy continues!)

Other Professional Experience:
With my bachelor's degree and master's degree, I, small spending Goodspaceguy, invested and became prosperous.

I, Goodspaceguy, Minnesota born, was university educated in Germany, Sweden, and America. My education included business, profits, and economics. (Free market economics guided by profit tells us how to raise the workers' living standard. Work builds prosperity.)

Community Service:
I, freemarket Goodspaceguy, advocate against poverty caused by the Command Economy. Let's replace the job destroying minimum wage with individual free market wages so that jobs become easy to get.


 Please think of our world as a beautiful spaceship. We are the passengers and crew members on Spaceship Earth. We are traveling in space around our Sun while our Sun travels inside our Milky Way Galaxy. But we are wasting too much money and allowing too much destruction on our planet. Let's stop the population explosion that is exterminating the wildlife wilderness.
 Using voluntary, competitive, free market economics, let's raise the living standard of the workers. Let's reject the voter supported Big Government Command Economy that through force and misallocation produces wild spending and poverty.
 I, Goodspaceguy, predict the prosperous future in space will come through orbital space colonization around our Spaceship Earth. Let's start with small habitats, perhaps privately owned by billionaires. Let's join small habitats together into orbiting, international villages as the cheapest places to learn how to live in space.
 But on our Spaceship Earth, we have a mixed up economy. We have unemployed people, homeless people, criminals, and poverty maintained by welfare (a heavy burden for the workers.) Free market economics can rehabilitate Spaceship Earth by transforming problem people into productive people within the labor force.
 Worldwide we are struggling between Command Economies and Free Market Economies. Profits grow jobs, but the minimum wage laws reduces profits, which decreases jobs.
 The workers create the goods and services that make up the living standard. Then tricky taxation takes from the workers and gives to the welfare recipients. The workers are robbed. The incentive to work is decreased. The minimum wage of the Command Economy creates a stressful work atmosphere and decreases profits. Jobs are lost. Crime and poverty increase. Let's defend the incentive of profits that come from serving you, the consumer. Study Free Market Economics!
Abolish the job destroying minimum wage!


Monday, February 05, 2018

Small-Spending, Prosperous GoodSpaceGuy Defeated Electorally for the 18th Time!

Post Number 50
2018 February 5.   Updated February 6
In last year's, 2017 King County Executive Primary Election, the voters in my race decided to overwhelmingly continue on the same big spending, Big Government, Command Economy Course that is producing so many homeless people.
  What  man-made misery! So unnecessary! Let's move towards the freedom of the Market Economy.

In this 50th message, I, GoodSpaceGuy, am re-printing my suggested course of action as published in the August 1, 2017 King County Primary Voters' Pamphlet: Only about 6% of the voters in my race endorsed with their votes my program for raising the living standard, but I want to thank that 6% who understand that the free market increases employment and thereby prosperity. By getting more people working for you the consumers, we can raise the living standard. We should declare the minimum wage, which interferes with the rights of problem people to negotiate their own wages, to be  unconstitutional.!

                      Candidate for the Office of King County Executive
                              2017 Voters’  August 1 Primary Pamphlet

Education:  University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America.
            Earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees with Economic minors

Occupation:  Part owner: Boeing, Microsoft, PacCar, Disney, IRobot, Orbital, Southwest, etc.

Abolishing the minimum wage will create jobs, jobs, and more jobs and a fantastic future.
As usual, as a small spending/small tax, perennial candidate running against big spending/big tax perennial incumbents, I, GoodSpaceGuy, am advocating for a better orbital space program and a peoples’ technological living standard that soars up into the sky.
We should allow the economy to create jobs for everyone who is willing to work. We should move away from the hugely out-of-balance Command Economy and its destructive minimum wage.
We should move towards the voluntary, competitive, prosperity-producing Free Market Economy.
More jobs help produce solutions. Jobs are solutions! Stop killing jobs. Also let’s transform King County into a clean and beautiful parking paradise in which King County becomes a good home for many industries, including the space industry and the fantasy-of-film industry.
Problem people have difficulty finding, getting, and keeping jobs. The job destroying minimum wages seem to say, “Problem people, you may not work! You will earn zero dollars per hour.”
The minimum wage of the Command Economy forbids problem people working.  Bad things happen. Employers refuse to hire problem people. Homelessness, misery, begging, trash, and crime increase. The homeless get wet and cold in the trashy, winter rain.
After we abolish the minimum wage, problem people can increase their earnings. Work produces worker wealth and skill, an upward path. As it becomes easier to get jobs, problem people can help make King County clean, beautiful, and great again. Let’s declare the job destroying minimum wage to be unconstitutional.

To decrease homelessness, begging, welfare, and crime, please defend the right of problem people to sell their faulty labor at their individual low market rates. Elect GoodSpaceGuy as your next King County Executive. Go Seahawks! Go Mariners!

Monday, November 07, 2016

Donald Trump and Goodspaceguy

Donald Trump and Goodspaceguy,
2016 November 7, Monday
Post Number 49
Being an optimist, I Goodspaceguy predict that tomorrow the voters in all 50 states will elect Donald Trump President of the United States. He will win all 50 states. I do not wish to believe that the voters of any state will instead vote for lies and crime. With Trump as President, the high way to a great people's prosperity will be open. With Trump as President, it will become easier to work and build a people's 'prosperity on Spaceship Earth. (I prefer that we think of our Earth as a fabulous natural spaceship.)

Added comment:
2017 January 2, Monday:
My Dear Fellow Travelers of Spaceship Earth,
I, Goodspaceguy, was correct in my wishful prediction that Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States,
But, unfortunately he was only elected by a majority of the voters in 30 of the 50 states.
In the remaining 20 states, a majority of the voters seemed to have endorsed lies, lies, and corruption. When I made my wishful prediction, I was hoping that the voters in the lost 20 states would not endorse lies, lies, and corruption with their votes.

 I now wish you - the glorious, remarkable people of our Spaceship Earth - a prosperous 2017,
But with increases in the job-destroying minimum wage,
Poverty will continue among people-with-problems!
With not enough jobs, Crime will increase!
Please re-create the destroyed jobs by abolishing the minimum wage of the Command Economy!
Please support instead the prosperity-producing, voluntary, competitive Free-Market Economy.
The Free Market Economy produces prosperity.
The Command Economy produces poverty.
As Spock would say, "Live long and prosper."

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Goodspaceguy, 2016 Washington State Gubernatorial Candidate for Prosperity

This is message #48 from me Goodspaceguy on my blog Our Spaceship Earth
2016 June 26 (I might revise this message from time-to-time.)

2016 June 29, Wednesday: To move towards small government, vote for the small spending
candidates. Vote against the big spending candidates who build big intrusive government and subject the people to heavy taxation. Gubernatorial candidate Goodspaceguy says that small government and a large private sector and the competitive free market produces the higher living standard. Eleven 2016 candidates for Governor of Washington State is good competition! Is the news media you follow reporting to you about these eleven candidates? It is also good that there are so many candidates (17) in the US Senate race from Washington State. These primary election races end on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, just 34 days from now, June 29.

2016 May 27

Elected Experience:
Goodspaceguy was elected to leadership in various fun, social organizations.

Other Professional Experience:
Benefiting from do-it-yourself skills and shared-living, Minnesota-born, amateur economist and amateur investor Goodspaceguy has become prosperous.

Being university educated in business, economics and other subjects in Germany, Sweden, and America, has given amateur linguist Goodspaceguy a worldview.

Community Service:
As we travel with our Mother Sun inside our Milky Way Galaxy, amateur astronomer Goodspaceguy thinks of our Earth as our “Spaceship Earth.” Former Boy Scout Goodspaceguy tries to improve our Spaceship Earth Home in simple ways: like picking up litter and helping here and there. Professional amateur Goodspaceguy is a Generalist.

  Thank you to my more than 55,000 friends who voted for me, Goodspaceguy, in 2015. In our democracy, we, the people, build our living standard. We should now stop building the poverty-inducing welfare state, and we should resume building our competitive, free market.
  How? Stop voting for the big spenders who become the big taxers and growers of enormous, stifling government that leads to high rents and high prices. Instead, vote for the small spenders so that the competitive, free market segment of our economy can profitably grow and hire more producers. Also, study economics, which tells us how to operate our prosperity, movie, and poetry producing free market.
  Unemployed people should reclaim the right to sell their own labor at bargain rates. Because the minimum wage prevents some people from getting work, abolish the minimum wage. The minimum wage shrinks our exchange economy, destroys jobs, increases crime, and increases homelessness. The minimum wage is a tool of force of the always-out-of-balance, evil command-economy.
  Defend the right of even losers and slackers to enter the work force and raise the living standard by selling their labor at their low market value. Low loser wages will allow even criminals to get legal jobs. We need their help. As losers work, many will learn and improve their skills and earning power. They will help produce more and more goods and services … thus raising the living standard at lower, but profitable prices. Let’s turn losers and criminals and welfare recipients into productive workers. Jobs reduce crime and panhandling. Let’s activate the power of the market place to turn losers and criminals into winners in a low cost, low stress, free-parking, Washington State of beautiful sky homes. Let’s build a free market Utopia.

Campaign phone number: 206-601-8172
Campaign email:
Campaign website:

2016TVWPoetryStatement (5 minutes)

If you want to improve cars, study auto mechanics.
If you want to improve our living standard, study economics,
And vote for the small spenders …
Not the big spenders.

Big government bad!
Small government good!

Let’s build a full-employment … free market … utopia.
With profits, let’s incentivize the competitive free market machine.
Through work, let’s build up our living standard.
Let’s explain and expand the competitive free market machine.

I, candidate Goodspaceguy, am trying to decrease poverty.
I, economist Goodspaceguy, am trying to increase prosperity.
I want us to build a full-employment … free market … utopia.
Let’s expand the equilibrium, free market machine that produces utopia.

I love competitive capitalism.
Capitalism is the best.
Capitalism raises our living standard,
Better than all the rest.

Better than the poverty of the incentive-killing welfarism,
Better than the poverty of intrusive, gross governmental-ism.
Better than the use of force by socialism.

The competitive free market system is the best.
The competitive free market system is better than all the rest.

The free market system is better than crumbly communism.
The free market system is better than shoddy socialism.
The free market system is better than gross governmentalism.
The free market system is better than wormy welfarism.

I want jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs.
I want jobs for everyone.
I want jobs for your mothers.
I want jobs for your brothers.

At individual, supply and demand wages, everyone can work.
It is work … that raises the living standard.
Getting more people to work,
Makes increasing production less hard.

Losses bad.
Profits good.

I want jobs for the homeless.
I want jobs for the panhandlers.
From the welfare rolls, I want workers.
To raise the living standard, let’s turn welfarists into workers.

When supply through competition increases, prices can decrease.
When housing through competition increases, rents can decrease.

But when people raise the minimum wage, prices go up,
And the exchange economy chokes and shrinks, chokes and shrinks.
Jobs are lost. People say, “At sky-high prices, I will not buy.”
Jobs are lost at higher prices, and the exchange economy shrinks.

When the minimum wage increases,
Crime also increases … because jobs decrease.
But when the cost of labor decreases,
Crime also decreases … because jobs increase.

More jobs  … less crime.

So many people forbidden to work by the minimum wage.
So many people turning to crime because of the minimum wage.
So many people made homeless by the minimum wage.
So much trash, too expensive to clean up … because of the minimum wage.

To raise our living standard, let’s reject the Command Economy.
Let’s abolish the job-destroying minimum wage.
Socialism uses the force of the Command Economy.
Let’s abolish the crime-promoting, trash- promoting minimum wage.

If we expand competitive capitalism and change welfare into work-fare,
Watch our state of Washington change into a giant economic faire.

Jobs will increase if we abolish the minimum wage.
Homelessness will decrease if we abolish the minimum wage.
Trash will decrease if we abolish the minimum wage.
Crime will decrease if we abolish the minimum wage.

Blessed be you, the brain-storming merri-makers
For you may become Washingtonian movie-makers.

By the sweat of your brows,
You shall earn your bread.
By the sweat of your brains,
You shall build your mansions.

Your life is your mansion.
Your life and your body were the start of your mansion.
In the heavens above there will be many mansions,
Boeing-built to orbit Spaceship Earth and our Sun.

Let’s not destroy Seattle’s viaduct. Let’s park on it instead.
When we buy our gas, we also pay a tax.
If we start parking on Seattle’s viaduct, Seattle moves ahead.
With more parking, we might relax to the max.

To raise our living standard, let us study economics,
Which tells us how to build a full-employment, equilibrium utopia.
The competitive free market moves us towards equilibrium economics,
But the command economy moves us towards waste and distopia.

Stop building the command economy’s compulsory distopia.
Instead, let’s build a full-employment, free market utopia.
Make individual, market-rate jobs …Washington’s claim to fame.
Google Goodspaceguy. Goodspaceguy is my name. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Goodspaceguy: Defend Small Business: Abolish the Minimum Wage

Goodspaceguy: Defend Small Business: Abolish the Minimum Wage

(Guten tag, Deutschland.)
This is message #47 from me, Goodspaceguy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth
2015 August 28 (I might revise this from time-to-time.)

2014 October 30: To see videos about candidate Goodspaceguy and his attempt
to raise the living standard into orbital space, go to the internet or
 to YouTube and google Goodspaceguy. There you can also see videos by people
 who claim to be Goodspaceguy.  These other Goodspaceguys may have the goal
of discrediting Goodspaceguy.
Drew Atkins, editor at Crosscut Public Media, also recently released his elaborate
 space interview with Goodspaceguy on Crosscut and on KCTS TV. This amusing
 interview has also made it to YouTube.

2015 October 27: Goodspaceguy says, "Rent controls destroy the rental markets!"

2015 October 19, Monday : Yesterday I was informed that I, Goodspaceguy,
  have been endorsed by the 34th Legislative District Republican Party.
  This is helpful for me because I have felt somewhat alone in my past attempts to
  un-sabotage our competitive, free-market,capitalistic economy, that works to raise
  the living standard.
  Of all the economic systems that I know of, free-market, competitive, capitalism
  seems to produce the best path to a higher living standard.
  We should try to build a Spaceship Earth (Planet Earth) upon which people can
  easily find and change work at their different market values. Each different job
  that a person gets is like a new classroom.

Property rights are the pathway
To prosperity for the people.
          Goodspaceguy, 2015 September 5

Support Citizen Alliance for Property Rights.

The following statement is suppose to appear in the voters pamphlet for the election ending
 on Tuesday, November 3 in King County, Washington State:

Port of Seattle
Commissioner Position Number Two
Candidate Goodspaceguy

Contact information:
10219 Ninth Ave. So.
Seattle WA 98168

University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America, Goodspaceguy earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (economic minors.)

Shared Corporate Owner Goodspaceguy: “Unsabotage our shared, competitive, free market!”

Warning: There are several people (some brilliant) who have been writing and producing under Goodspaceguy’s name (perhaps to cause him vote loss?) This is entirely unnecessary because Goodspaceguy can lose votes all by himself just by saying that the anti-free-market, minimum wage should be abolished so that less-productive, disadvantaged people can easily get work at their low market value. (Note: Jobs educate! Being forbidden to work by the minimum wage is terrible.)

You the people of King County own the Port of Seattle. Why are you subsidizing this business through your property tax and through your rent? Are you getting a prosperous King County? No! Goodspaceguy thinks you are getting a lower living standard.

Improving the economy by increasing jobs should be a goal of the port. Make it easy for the long-term unemployed and the homeless and the many beggars to get jobs somewhere in our competitive economy (where supply and demand sets prices.) Unsabotage our economy. Raise the people’s living standard by increasing production.

To fix your car, hire auto mechanics. To fix your economy, elect economists who understand business and the profit incentive. At university, Goodspaceguy spent much time studying business and economics. Because you have a super-duper high-cost port, Goodspaceguy believes cost control should be increased. Investor Goodspaceguy, a small spender and a big saver, has become prosperous. To increase business, Goodspaceguy hopes we will become willing to use business and economics principles to change from a high cost port to a low cost port!

To help Goodspaceguy raise the living standard, please study economics. Read the news. Listen to radio talk show hosts. Discuss and defend capitalism. Remember: when you vote for big spending candidates, you are voting to increase taxes and waste and wild, wild spending (with millions to the terrible tunnel?)

 End of voters' pamphlet statement.

2015 July 18. (Revised 2015 August 28)
I plan to revise and add to this message from time to time.

Small business is said to create 80% of the new jobs, so when small business is attacked, jobs decrease.  Many other candidates claim that they will increase jobs, but by supporting the minimum wage, they actually decrease jobs.

My name is Goodspaceguy, the small business candidate,  and you the people of King County are the owners of the Port of Seattle, which is a governmental business. The port taxes you directly through your property tax or indirectly through your rent (making your rent higher.)  What are you getting for your taxes? I think you are getting a lower living standard.

By taxing you, your port’s goal might be to get you to subsidize and improve the Port so that employment will increase. But because of the huge unemployment caused by the job-destroying minimum wage, your subsidy to the Port is more than cancelled out: so many people not working, so many homeless people.

The minimum wage forbids many less able people to work, which cannot be overcome by the taxes that you pay to the Port. World economics teaches that the higher the minimum wage, the fewer the jobs.

To earn the minimum wage or higher, workers have to produce at the minimum wage level or higher. Some don’t and lose their jobs. As the minimum wage goes up, the less able and the less responsible people usually lose their jobs or don’t even get jobs. It is wrong to use the minimum wage to forbid the less able to work. When we abolish the minimum wage, jobs will increase and homelessness will decrease.

To increase jobs and raise the living standard in the wonderful, competitive, free market, we are suppose to set wages by supply and demand so let’s abolish the job destroying, minimum wage laws.

I am also opposed to the restraint of trade that will be caused by the pending partial merger with the Port of Tacoma.

I, Goodspaceguy, say that work, wealth, and the competitive free market produce a higher living standard for the people than our current, sabotaged system. Study world economics and stop forbidding people to work.



2015 July 17: This message #  47 is a continuation of a work in progress and       will be revised from time-to-time.

Goodspaceguy is one of three candidates for the position of Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position Two. When the King County Primary Election ends Tuesday, August 4, 2015, one of the candidates will have been eliminated, and the surviving two candidates, who get the most votes, will continuing on to the General Election, ending Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

There is a lack of cost control at the Port of Seattle. Thus the port is a high cost port, from which some customers flee, seeking the use of other ports. The elected five member Commission should be a supervising watch group that acts to hold down costs. Goodspaceguy wants to help change the port from a high-cost port into a low-cost port, which attracts users.

Goodspaceguy wants the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle to continue competing with each other instead of engaging in a restraint-of-trade operation named the Northwest Seaport Alliance. Competition promotes cost control, which should promote more business for both Tacoma and Seattle, helping to raise the living standard in both Pierce County and King County. Competition gives you, the people choices. Competition “to the bottom” actually raises the living standard of the people the most and helps to lower prices. Competition helps produce a full employment economy, which is really, really good. I, Goodspaceguy, want to make it easier for people to produce the good life for themselves: much, much better than the good life in Sweden.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Goodspaceguy: Sometimes Government Doesn't Work Well

GoodSpaceGuy: Sometimes Government Doesn’t Work Well
2013 July 23
Dear Fellow Crew members of our Spaceship Earth,
This is message #46 from me, GoodSpaceGuy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth

Government Bridges to No-Where Projects make some people, such as me, think that we should try to make government smaller so that the workers can keep a larger percentage of what they produce instead of having it taxed away to go for “No-Where” projects.

For example, I am one of four candidates for the position of King County Executive in King County, the most populous county in the state of Washington. We are having an election in King County for various county offices and for the school board, but King County Television doesn’t seem to be interested. Why? What is happening? Perhaps the incumbents don’t see a need for an election in which too, too much is said?

In my mind an election is an important event that should be covered by county owned TV when a county has its own government TV station. Therefore, King County TV should have been promoting this election. It hasn’t.

The City of Seattle in cooperation with King County has been helpful by having the various candidates make video voter guide presentations of two minutes each, but King County Television hasn’t been running them.

According to the King County Television Schedule on the Internet, last week (Monday, July 15 through Sunday July 21, 2013) in order to promote excitement and enthusiasm for our mail-in election, King County Television showed zero of the video voter guide presentations. King County Television is doing a wonderful job of keeping this election a secret. This leads to stable government, favoring the incumbents. Some of the challengers, such as me, might make statements that some people might find upsetting.

The mail-in voting has now begun. But most voters have not seen the video voter guide presentations.

As of this morning (Tuesday, July 23, 2013) the King County Television Schedule for this week (Monday, July 22 through Sunday July 28, 2013) indicates that the candidates’ two minute presentations were shown on Monday, once each, but the schedule shows no plans to show them again during this voting week. Why confuse the voters?  Has the power structure determined that it is better for most voters to vote without having seen the candidates?

Of course, the schedule might be changed at anytime to show the candidates video presentations after more of the voters have voted, but King County television has so many different types of programs to show to educate the voter, for example, “Using Manure in the Garden.”

With so many good programs, its hard to find time for the candidates in our democratic republic.

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