Thursday, September 01, 2005

My 2004 Plan 4 Improving Washington State

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* The following is from my September 2004 campaign flyer, which I used in my race for Governor of Washington State. (In a two way race for the Libertarian primary election nomination, I succeeded in coming in second, being endorsed by about 44 % of the Libertarian voters. The flyer gives a summary of my 2004 September plan of improvements for Washington State:


* Starting with the homeless people, make life better. Abolish the criminal minimum wage which destroys low-value jobs and thereby destroys the lives of our less productive people and contributes to their misery and their homelessness. Using free market pricing, create jobs, jobs, and more jobs for people-with-problems who can not find jobs at the job-destroying minimum wage. Make it easier for troubled people to take care of themselves. Remember that most people earn more, not because of the minimum wage, but because their employers find them productive and reliable, and that profit creates jobs, but that losses create unemployment.

* At low pay, government (having only a limited amount of tax payers' money) should be an eager employer of unemployed citizens. Make government employment more flexible.

* To glorify Washington, grow the movie-making industry by making Washington State more business friendly so that businesses that were previously unprofitable, can become profitable.

* Promote the involvement of for-profit companies such as Boeing and also Washingtonians in the coming, amazing colonization of orbital space (the high frontier), which begins not far above us, but very far away from the minds of many people. In building the fantastic future, think of the continuing technological growth which transformed us from the horse-and-buggy age to the beginning of the Boeing space age and the Microsoft Age. Washingtonians should be involved in the continuing technological transformation into the unbelievable future. (I am the 2004 president of the Seattle Chapter of the National Space Society.)

* Increase the quality of life and reduce the stress level. To reduce traffic congestion and the related pollution, abolish building height restrictions which discourage the beautiful and desired Vancouver Canada type high-rise condominiums from being built here. Make parking easier. Make Washington best.
* Improve our democracy. For example, to do away with the spoiler effect of more than two candidates in an election, switch to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice, preferential voting, which will also enable the winner to win with more than 50 percent of the vote. (see Support Instant Runoff Voting.

* Increase the peoples' access to their public property, and defend it from white-collar vandalism. Increase afternoon and evening utilization of public universities and community colleges. Make it easier for people to increase their knowledge. Before building new libraries, increase the open hours of the current libraries. Increase the openness of our government. Make the treatment of mental illness more visible to the public. Lower the cost of medical care. Let people work.

* Most welfare recipients should work for their welfare money.

* Through work, use the time of prisoners more productively.

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