Saturday, July 15, 2006

World Wide Free Trade Instead of War

World Wide Free Trade instead of War (This is my message # 18 on this blog site. Please also see my more than 20 messages on my second blog site:
July 15, 2006, by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

* Instead of putting so much money into the bureaucracies of the war machines, lets take some of that money and start putting it into promoting world-wide free trade and giving some of the money back to the workers so that they can increase their consumption of goods, service, and leisure. It would be so much better for the living standard on Spaceship Earth if we concentrated on buying and selling to each other instead of concentrating on how to defend against being killed by each other. Let's concentrate on getting employment for everyone on our Spaceship Earth.

* It is stupid to bomb customer and suppliers. It is stupid to make enemies. It is much better to make friends and build the purchasing power and production of the people of Spaceship Earth. Competitive, free world trade is one of the better paths to world peace.

* All humans are related, but many don't know this yet.

* As we decrease the amount of money going into the war machines, we can increase the money going to the police and the courts and the local democracies so that people all over Spaceship Earth can be safer in their lives and their possessions.

* We should promote local democracies instead of local war lords.

* If we promote world-wide free trade, then people all over our Spaceship Earth can concentrate on producing those things for the world market in which they have a comparative advantage. The world prices will come down, and the living standard of the workers will go up as less money is spent on destruction.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My 2005 Plan for King County, Washington

My 2005 Plan for King County, Washington (My message # 17 on blog "Our Spaceship Earth." I also have typed more than 20 messages on my second blog "Colonize Orbital Space" )
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* The following is from one of my King County Executive candidate campaign flyers. It gives a summary of my 2005 plan for King County, Washignton. My excellent plan was endorsed in the September 2005 Democratic Primary Election by nine per cent of the Democrats voting in the King County Executive race. Thus, I succeeded in reaching third place out of three candidates in my attempt to raise the living standard.

A 2005 September Primary DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE

Government should treat you better. Let's build more free parking. Let's improve King County so that your quality-of-life can go up. Let's put our un-employed people to work. Let's increase housing by building up into the sky. Let's decrease traffic and gas use by building up into the sky. Let's encourage the building of the movie-making industry here to glorify King County. Let's get helpers into our understaffed government agencies. Let's reduce the crime rate. Let's improve and beautify the viaduct. Let's move departments of King County out of the expensive downtown Seattle area. To strengthen our democracy, let's change to 1-2-3 preference voting and allow you to vote for whomever you want. Let's study the principles of free market economics and become the leading, free market county in the nation. Big government lowers the living standard of the people, but the people usually vote for the big spending candidates, who then build the big government that lowers the living standard.

Elected officials should receive visible pay.

By unchaining our free market, I would like us to surpass Stockholm Sweden, and surpass Heidelberg Germany, and most of all, I would like us to catch up with and surpass Vancouver Canada.

Through Boeing and other space companies, let's be involved in the coming colonization of space. By un-chaining the power of the free market, let's build King County into a leading county on our Spaceship Earth. Let's build a futuristic, workers paradise.

Let's make King County into a highly profitable place to employ people, with a choice of jobs for every worker. Losses lead to layoffs, but greater profits create greater employment.

We should increase employment by making the business climate so friendly and so profitable for employers that even the movie-making industry will grow here to glorify King County.

To surpass Vancouver, Canada, I want to make it much, much easier for people to find free parking. The best place to pay for parking is at the gas pump. Our high gas-tax-paying people deserve free parking. Let's reduce parking stress.

Through free parking, let's make continuing education at our under-utilized universities and community colleges and trade schools and libraries much more easily accessible. Free campus parking would turn our public institutions into better neighbors.

To lower the cost of housing, we should allow an increase in the supply of housing to be built, and the best direction-to-build, is to build up into the sky as the people of Vancouver Canada have done. Sky-scraping condominiums will lessen traffic congestion and urban sprawl by allowing more people to live up in the sky, closer to where they want to be.

The government imposed height restrictions have produced high housing prices and suburban sprawl and clogged traffic. We should abolish the height restrictions on buildings.

By not allowing the building of dwellings up into the sky, the government has changed farms and forests into low-level suburban housing areas of sprawl, which sprawl has clogged our streets with many cars. Build talll, slow sprawl.

In the mean time, shared living is a partial solution for some people to the current high housing prices caused by government.

We should concentrate on getting work for everyone who wants work. Labor cannot be stored. It must be used now, or else it is lost. When unchained, the free market and the government safety-net have the ability to hire everyone who is willing to work. The current waste of labor is huge.

Instead of pursuing a delaying plan to end homelessness in ten years, we should make homelessness unnecessary now ... through employment now. We should hire people-with-problems. We should hire the blind, hire the deaf, hire the amputees, hire the crippled, hire the old, hire the young, hire the retarded. We need their help. We need their labor to help build a higher living standard and to lower the crime rate.
But the minimum wage denies employment to many less-productive people. We should abolish the criminal minimum wage, which destroys low-value jobs and thereby destroys the lives of our less productive people and contributes to their misery and their homelessness. If we abolish the minimum wage, even people-with-problems, including the homeless, should be able to get work.

Government should become an employment safety net, hiring all comers as helpers in full-time and part-time work programs. Some work programs might even provide housing , clothing , and meals, as is done in the military.

The viaduct, which really, really moves a lot of traffic should be kept and re-enforced and improved and beautified. Think of hanging gardens and pedestrian walking and viewing areas.

Big government partly lowers the living standard of the people by cutting the size of the more productive free market sector of our economy, but the people (instead of voting for the small spending candidaates) usually vote for the big spending candidates, who then build the big government that lowers the living standard. By voting for the big spending candidates, the people are voting to lower their own living standard. I tend not to spend very much money, therefore a vote for me is a vote for a smaller government sector in our economy and a balancing, larger, competitive free market sector. Where this formula is employed, the living-standard of the people can go up ... a lot, which is my goal.

People elected to political office should receive pay of at least $1,000 per month for their work so that people without money can also run for the many non-paying or poorly paid offices.

Using the principles of competitive, free market economics, my goal is to help raise the living standard and the quality-of-life, starting with people-with-problems and with the homeless.

... ref: August 17, 2005 (vis2kce2.005)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Intense Improvement !

Intense Improvements ! (My message number 16. I also have put over 20 messages on my other blog "Colonize Orbital Space )
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, July 7, 2006

* Let's follow the profit path to prosperity. Profits equal jobs. Losses equal layoffs.

* Because government frequently sabotages the economy, government has a responsibility to employ all interested people (including people with problems) at whatever wage the government has determined to be its minimum for every human being. Let's transform welfare programs into employment programs.

* Sky dwellings in tall, tall buildings reduce traffic congestion, reduce fuel consumption, reduce stress, improve views, and bring people together.

* Abolish building height restrictions so that it becomes easier to build tall, tall buildings and thereby slow the urban sprawl that causes traffic congestion.

* Raise the living standard by increasing incentive and increasing employment.
* For example, as an incentive, protect property rights as a reason to work.
* To increase incentive and employment, lower the tax on working and on investing and establish a head tax instead. This will help create smaller government which should help raise the living standard of the people.

* Most taxes distort the economy and decrease incentive. This makes the head tax one of the best taxes because it seems to distort the economy the least and seems to decrease incentive the least. Head taxes also could be structured to act as a brake on the population explosion.

* To raise the quality of their lives, many people want more leisure, therefore we should promote more than a full employment economy with much more job flexibility. For examples, some people would like a four day work week and some would like a three day work week.
Many people want part-time work. Job sharing is a good concept. A choice of jobs is a good concept. Some would like to be able to switch more easily between jobs.
* To improve the quality-of-life, we should push the concept of part-time work and part-time study. We should make it easier to get to the libraries, the vocational schools, the colleges, and the universities. We should make parking free at these institutions. The best way to pay for this free parking is at the gas pump through the user gas tax. Also we should push for higher utilization of our above educational institutions. For example, the more hours and days a library is open, the more useful it is. Many colleges are under-utilized in the afternoons and evenings.

* To become a more prosperous, technological society of high re-cycling, we should promote orbital space colonization. Living in orbit and re-cycling should go together and will do much to advance our knowledge, advance our science, and will raise up the living standard of our people.

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