Friday, July 07, 2006

Intense Improvement !

Intense Improvements ! (My message number 16. I also have put over 20 messages on my other blog "Colonize Orbital Space )
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, July 7, 2006

* Let's follow the profit path to prosperity. Profits equal jobs. Losses equal layoffs.

* Because government frequently sabotages the economy, government has a responsibility to employ all interested people (including people with problems) at whatever wage the government has determined to be its minimum for every human being. Let's transform welfare programs into employment programs.

* Sky dwellings in tall, tall buildings reduce traffic congestion, reduce fuel consumption, reduce stress, improve views, and bring people together.

* Abolish building height restrictions so that it becomes easier to build tall, tall buildings and thereby slow the urban sprawl that causes traffic congestion.

* Raise the living standard by increasing incentive and increasing employment.
* For example, as an incentive, protect property rights as a reason to work.
* To increase incentive and employment, lower the tax on working and on investing and establish a head tax instead. This will help create smaller government which should help raise the living standard of the people.

* Most taxes distort the economy and decrease incentive. This makes the head tax one of the best taxes because it seems to distort the economy the least and seems to decrease incentive the least. Head taxes also could be structured to act as a brake on the population explosion.

* To raise the quality of their lives, many people want more leisure, therefore we should promote more than a full employment economy with much more job flexibility. For examples, some people would like a four day work week and some would like a three day work week.
Many people want part-time work. Job sharing is a good concept. A choice of jobs is a good concept. Some would like to be able to switch more easily between jobs.
* To improve the quality-of-life, we should push the concept of part-time work and part-time study. We should make it easier to get to the libraries, the vocational schools, the colleges, and the universities. We should make parking free at these institutions. The best way to pay for this free parking is at the gas pump through the user gas tax. Also we should push for higher utilization of our above educational institutions. For example, the more hours and days a library is open, the more useful it is. Many colleges are under-utilized in the afternoons and evenings.

* To become a more prosperous, technological society of high re-cycling, we should promote orbital space colonization. Living in orbit and re-cycling should go together and will do much to advance our knowledge, advance our science, and will raise up the living standard of our people.

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