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Goodspaceguy is a King County Council Candidate

Goodspaceguy Nelson is Again a King County Council Candidate, County District Eight

June 21, 2007 (This is my message #26 on my blog "Our Spaceship Earth." As of this date, I have also typed over 20 messages in my other blog "Colonize Orbital Space.")

Below I have put a June 2007 version of my campaign flyer:

A message from Goodspaceguy Nelson,
A Democractic Candidate for the
King county Council, County District 8
June 17, 2007
To learn more, please google my name: goodspaceguy.
Or visit my 2 blogs: (Concerns improving
our Spaceship Earth) (Concerns
getting Earthlings into the coming Orbital Space Colonies
before the arrival of nuclear war or the next killer asteroid.)

Please keep campaign contributions
under $ 25 per contributor. Thank you.
Elect Goodspaceguy Nelson
10219 Ninth Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98168

Some centuries have greatness in them. In about the last hundred years, we Earthlings developed cars, radios, airplanes, movies, television, and computerization. We moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the start of the Space Age. Some Areas of Science Fiction have and are becoming reality. Now a great goal for this new century is to build the Fantastic Future in King County!

I have studied economics and many of the methods for raising the living standard and improving the quality-of-life. Let's continue the greatness of the Twentieth Century into our new Twenty-first Century.

Let's reduce crime and raise the living standard in King County by obtaining employment for everyone who is willing to work. Idleness promotes crime, but work produces the income, and work produces the goods and services that raise our living standard.

Let's use our unemployed people! Unemployment is a huge waste! Our government should back its minimum wage by employing as helpers those people (including people-with-problems) who apply for work at the minimum wage.

Because some workers want more leisure, government should lead by creating many flexible, part-time employment programs, such as the three day and four day work week options.

We have been suffering from a world-wide population explosion (the population explosion is the cause of many of the world problems, such as genocide) with many people from the population explosion fleeing to King County.

Should we establish head taxes in King County to slow the flood of people into King County from the world's population explosion? Head taxes would be much more pleasant than the old, cruel methods of population control, such as: starvation, disease, murder, and war. Earth now has to support more than three people for every one person she supported a hundred years ago, and the population on Earth continues to grow and grow, and the world-wide illegal immigration into King County increases. Head taxes and education are some good solutions to the population explosion.

Starting with the homeless, let us make life better through employment for all who are willing to work. We should increase employment in the private sector, and we should make government the back-up employer for "helpers" who want minimum wage employment.

To glorify King County, we, through our government, should try to make it easier to grow the movie-making industry in King County by having our government co-operate with movie makers.

To reduce traffic congestion, let us abolish government restrictions on the height of buildings and become more ecologically friendly by making it easier and less costly to build high-rise condominiums and apartments. Let us build better sky-dwellings than the people of Vancouver Canada have built. Let us increase the housing supply to slow the upward movements of rents and housing costs.

To increase the quality of life and reduce the stress level, let us ask government to increase free and easy parking. If you pay a lot of gas tax, you deserve more free parking. Parking should be considered part of the road system.

Let us make it easier for people to obtain knowledge by increasing the open hours of libraries and accessibility to libraries and to colleges. Let us also promote part-time work and part-time study.

To lower the cost of medical care, let us allow more people to work and compete in medical care.

Goodspaceguy Nelson received his Master of Science Degree from the University of Minnesota. Goodspaceguy previously studied for 3 years in Stockholm University in Sweden, having already earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Germany.

Goodspaceguy was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user, but as a believer in individual freedom and free will and upward evolution, he believes that each individual should decide whether or not to engage in habits which are thought to be harmful to oneself. Tax payers, through their governments, should not incur the wasteful cost of interfering. It is important to protect each individual's ownership over his or her own body.
Goodspaceguy is able to read several foreign languages and recommends that the principles of economics be taught in our elementary schools.

Goodspaceguy is a science fiction fan, an astronomer, an economist, an investor, an owner, and an admirer of stars in the sky and in the movies. Goodspaceguy wants to advance technology to new heights, such as the technology of recycling.

Please keep campaign contributions under $ 25 per contributor. Thank you.

ref: 2 page flyer 2007 kc council district 8

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