Sunday, August 09, 2009

Goodspaceguy Says, "Stop Abolishing Jobs."

Sunday, August 9, 2009
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Goodspaceguy says, "Stop Abolishing Jobs."

Goodspaceguy says:
Losses create layoffs!
Profits create jobs.!
When expenses grow in a business and revenues decline, a point is reached where the revenues will no longer cover wages, and layoffs happen. People lose their jobs.
It is possible to maintain full employment, but many people are unwilling to do that which is necessary to maintain a full employment economy.
When I, Goodspaceguy, lived in Sweden, Sweden had a full-employment economy at that time. Full employment is possible, but difficult. The power structure often sabotages the economy.
Some employees in a business would rather receive unemployment compensation through a layoff, instead of a wage reduction that might allow the employees to keep their jobs.
The severety of a recessions and the unemployment rate indicate how badly the power structure has sabotaged the economy. The people are part of the power structure.
There are always some businesses near the border between losses and profits. Raising expenses slightly or losing revenues slightly will push these trembling business into loss country and layoffs. People will lose their jobs. Unemployment increases. The living-standard goes down as fewer goods and services are produced.
When government or society increases the expense of doing business, some people lose their jobs.
Instead of continuing to raise expenses and continuing to abolish jobs, let's abolish the job-destroying minimum wage and the other causes of losses.
Let us praise profit. Profits call workers back into the work force. Increasing profits, increases jobs. The path to employment is the path to profits. Let us do what is necessary to increase profits so that people can find jobs.
As profits go up, work goes up, production of goods and service go up. The living standard of the people goes up.
Protect Profits. Protect production. Produce a rising living standard. Produce profit-making jobs.
Defend the competitive, free market from the sabotage that produces loses.
Abolish the job-destroying minimum wage.
Sincerely, Goodspaceguy, candidate King County Executive

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