Sunday, August 09, 2009

Goodspaceguy Says, "Stop Abolishing Jobs."

Sunday, August 9, 2009
Message 36 on blog: Our Spaceship Earth
Goodspaceguy says, "Stop Abolishing Jobs."

Goodspaceguy says:
Losses create layoffs!
Profits create jobs.!
When expenses grow in a business and revenues decline, a point is reached where the revenues will no longer cover wages, and layoffs happen. People lose their jobs.
It is possible to maintain full employment, but many people are unwilling to do that which is necessary to maintain a full employment economy.
When I, Goodspaceguy, lived in Sweden, Sweden had a full-employment economy at that time. Full employment is possible, but difficult. The power structure often sabotages the economy.
Some employees in a business would rather receive unemployment compensation through a layoff, instead of a wage reduction that might allow the employees to keep their jobs.
The severety of a recessions and the unemployment rate indicate how badly the power structure has sabotaged the economy. The people are part of the power structure.
There are always some businesses near the border between losses and profits. Raising expenses slightly or losing revenues slightly will push these trembling business into loss country and layoffs. People will lose their jobs. Unemployment increases. The living-standard goes down as fewer goods and services are produced.
When government or society increases the expense of doing business, some people lose their jobs.
Instead of continuing to raise expenses and continuing to abolish jobs, let's abolish the job-destroying minimum wage and the other causes of losses.
Let us praise profit. Profits call workers back into the work force. Increasing profits, increases jobs. The path to employment is the path to profits. Let us do what is necessary to increase profits so that people can find jobs.
As profits go up, work goes up, production of goods and service go up. The living standard of the people goes up.
Protect Profits. Protect production. Produce a rising living standard. Produce profit-making jobs.
Defend the competitive, free market from the sabotage that produces loses.
Abolish the job-destroying minimum wage.
Sincerely, Goodspaceguy, candidate King County Executive

My opinion is that some of your ideas make some sense, some are not economically sound, and still others are just downright whacky...but you should be able to address them in a public forum as a registered candidate. That should be your right.

Am dismayed that you have evidently been denied this right. BTW - do happen to be diagnosed as Aspergers of high functioning austic?
Whats to prevent companies from merely keeping the money saved from reduced wages as profits? even if most of the money went back into creating more jobs, if even a fraction went to the wealthier half the population you would increasing the separation of wealth (remember 100% of this money saved is from minimum wage employees which are most certainly in the poor halve), which means a smaller share of the resources for the poor, and a larger share for the rich (even if resources increase like you argue will it be enough to ofset the poors small piece the poor get). So in the end the people with jobs, or in low paying jobs still end up worse then they started, the only thing that would really help the poor is to decrease the separation of wealth. Sure people should be rewarded for being productive, but to reward people for making others more productive for less, THATS where I take issue.
How about a maximum wage, Goodspaceguy?
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it really doesn't mean that companies are abolishing jobs, they are just cost-cutting the expenses provided for the employee to keep the business alive. in some essays that i've read, laying-off on the job is a way to keep going the operation of the companies which was greatly affected by the crisis.
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I am terrified that people like you are running for Senator. After reading your blogs, I am wondering if you have some sort of mental disorder. Spaceship Earth? We are on a flippin planet, not a space vessel. And WTF are sheeple? I am a senior in high school and I have a better grasp on reality than you do.
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I'm an illegal alien from outer space. That's why I wish to remain anonymous. If you read the book Chariots of the God's you will understand that GoodSpaceGuy is truly one of us! He freely volunteered to enlighten the voters of Spaceship Earth and to unmask the hypocrites in both the Democrat and Republican Parties! Instead of returning to a comfortable, prosperous life in Triton Galaxy, he chose to make Spaceship Earth his permanent Home. It pains me so to see him garner only 1%-2% of the vote each time he runs. So my fellow aliens have decided to start beaming subliminal messages to King County Voters for the upcoming election on 8/16/2011. Take Off with GoodSpaceGuy!!!
How you imagine that abolishing the minimum wage will increase the standard of living is beyond me, unless, of course, you're just talking about raising the standard of living for the wealthy.

Perhaps it would be best if you just starting colonizing orbital space now, you know, lead by example. Simply acting like a space cadet is just not cutting it.
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