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Goodspaceguy: Defend Small Business: Abolish the Minimum Wage

Goodspaceguy: Defend Small Business: Abolish the Minimum Wage

(Guten tag, Deutschland.)
This is message #47 from me, Goodspaceguy, on my blog Our Spaceship Earth
2015 August 28 (I might revise this from time-to-time.)

2014 October 30: To see videos about candidate Goodspaceguy and his attempt
to raise the living standard into orbital space, go to the internet or
 to YouTube and google Goodspaceguy. There you can also see videos by people
 who claim to be Goodspaceguy.  These other Goodspaceguys may have the goal
of discrediting Goodspaceguy.
Drew Atkins, editor at Crosscut Public Media, also recently released his elaborate
 space interview with Goodspaceguy on Crosscut and on KCTS TV. This amusing
 interview has also made it to YouTube.

2015 October 27: Goodspaceguy says, "Rent controls destroy the rental markets!"

2015 October 19, Monday : Yesterday I was informed that I, Goodspaceguy,
  have been endorsed by the 34th Legislative District Republican Party.
  This is helpful for me because I have felt somewhat alone in my past attempts to
  un-sabotage our competitive, free-market,capitalistic economy, that works to raise
  the living standard.
  Of all the economic systems that I know of, free-market, competitive, capitalism
  seems to produce the best path to a higher living standard.
  We should try to build a Spaceship Earth (Planet Earth) upon which people can
  easily find and change work at their different market values. Each different job
  that a person gets is like a new classroom.

Property rights are the pathway
To prosperity for the people.
          Goodspaceguy, 2015 September 5

Support Citizen Alliance for Property Rights.

The following statement is suppose to appear in the voters pamphlet for the election ending
 on Tuesday, November 3 in King County, Washington State:

Port of Seattle
Commissioner Position Number Two
Candidate Goodspaceguy

Contact information:
10219 Ninth Ave. So.
Seattle WA 98168

University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America, Goodspaceguy earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (economic minors.)

Shared Corporate Owner Goodspaceguy: “Unsabotage our shared, competitive, free market!”

Warning: There are several people (some brilliant) who have been writing and producing under Goodspaceguy’s name (perhaps to cause him vote loss?) This is entirely unnecessary because Goodspaceguy can lose votes all by himself just by saying that the anti-free-market, minimum wage should be abolished so that less-productive, disadvantaged people can easily get work at their low market value. (Note: Jobs educate! Being forbidden to work by the minimum wage is terrible.)

You the people of King County own the Port of Seattle. Why are you subsidizing this business through your property tax and through your rent? Are you getting a prosperous King County? No! Goodspaceguy thinks you are getting a lower living standard.

Improving the economy by increasing jobs should be a goal of the port. Make it easy for the long-term unemployed and the homeless and the many beggars to get jobs somewhere in our competitive economy (where supply and demand sets prices.) Unsabotage our economy. Raise the people’s living standard by increasing production.

To fix your car, hire auto mechanics. To fix your economy, elect economists who understand business and the profit incentive. At university, Goodspaceguy spent much time studying business and economics. Because you have a super-duper high-cost port, Goodspaceguy believes cost control should be increased. Investor Goodspaceguy, a small spender and a big saver, has become prosperous. To increase business, Goodspaceguy hopes we will become willing to use business and economics principles to change from a high cost port to a low cost port!

To help Goodspaceguy raise the living standard, please study economics. Read the news. Listen to radio talk show hosts. Discuss and defend capitalism. Remember: when you vote for big spending candidates, you are voting to increase taxes and waste and wild, wild spending (with millions to the terrible tunnel?)

 End of voters' pamphlet statement.

2015 July 18. (Revised 2015 August 28)
I plan to revise and add to this message from time to time.

Small business is said to create 80% of the new jobs, so when small business is attacked, jobs decrease.  Many other candidates claim that they will increase jobs, but by supporting the minimum wage, they actually decrease jobs.

My name is Goodspaceguy, the small business candidate,  and you the people of King County are the owners of the Port of Seattle, which is a governmental business. The port taxes you directly through your property tax or indirectly through your rent (making your rent higher.)  What are you getting for your taxes? I think you are getting a lower living standard.

By taxing you, your port’s goal might be to get you to subsidize and improve the Port so that employment will increase. But because of the huge unemployment caused by the job-destroying minimum wage, your subsidy to the Port is more than cancelled out: so many people not working, so many homeless people.

The minimum wage forbids many less able people to work, which cannot be overcome by the taxes that you pay to the Port. World economics teaches that the higher the minimum wage, the fewer the jobs.

To earn the minimum wage or higher, workers have to produce at the minimum wage level or higher. Some don’t and lose their jobs. As the minimum wage goes up, the less able and the less responsible people usually lose their jobs or don’t even get jobs. It is wrong to use the minimum wage to forbid the less able to work. When we abolish the minimum wage, jobs will increase and homelessness will decrease.

To increase jobs and raise the living standard in the wonderful, competitive, free market, we are suppose to set wages by supply and demand so let’s abolish the job destroying, minimum wage laws.

I am also opposed to the restraint of trade that will be caused by the pending partial merger with the Port of Tacoma.

I, Goodspaceguy, say that work, wealth, and the competitive free market produce a higher living standard for the people than our current, sabotaged system. Study world economics and stop forbidding people to work.



2015 July 17: This message #  47 is a continuation of a work in progress and       will be revised from time-to-time.

Goodspaceguy is one of three candidates for the position of Port of Seattle Commissioner, Position Two. When the King County Primary Election ends Tuesday, August 4, 2015, one of the candidates will have been eliminated, and the surviving two candidates, who get the most votes, will continuing on to the General Election, ending Tuesday, November 3, 2015.

There is a lack of cost control at the Port of Seattle. Thus the port is a high cost port, from which some customers flee, seeking the use of other ports. The elected five member Commission should be a supervising watch group that acts to hold down costs. Goodspaceguy wants to help change the port from a high-cost port into a low-cost port, which attracts users.

Goodspaceguy wants the Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle to continue competing with each other instead of engaging in a restraint-of-trade operation named the Northwest Seaport Alliance. Competition promotes cost control, which should promote more business for both Tacoma and Seattle, helping to raise the living standard in both Pierce County and King County. Competition gives you, the people choices. Competition “to the bottom” actually raises the living standard of the people the most and helps to lower prices. Competition helps produce a full employment economy, which is really, really good. I, Goodspaceguy, want to make it easier for people to produce the good life for themselves: much, much better than the good life in Sweden.

What is your real name? Seriously.

Or, what planet were you on before this one?

Its hard to take you seriously when you have a name that appears as if hallucinogenics are a part of your lifestyle.

I like what you have to say. WHO ARE YOU?

Taken straight out of the Fox News playbook. Original!
Go Employmentwealth party!

Right now the BRICs and the Saudi's are conspiring to replace the US Petrodollar with the Petro Yuan and then dump $6.2 trillion of US Petro dollars on the open market collapsing our currency and economy. As Port Commissioner #2, what kind of free market trade can you offer those countries to Hault this? Secondly how can you stop the Federal Reserve and other major world bank's from the useless, destructive, trillions of debt creation and massive inflationary printing of money, that is destroying the Goodspaceguy orbital space colonization prosperous utopia free market dream?
Goodspaceguy....Can you pay off the National Debt of over $18 trillion with your Crypto Space Energy Currency when the Chinese, Russians, Brazilians, Indians, Africans and Middle East refuses to recognize the Dollar as the world's reserve currency and replace it with the Yuan? As Port of Seattle Commissioner #2 part of your responsibility is to realize these nations are ALREADY CUTTING THEIR OWN DEALS behind our back WITHOUT using the dollar! What can you do to restore faith and trust in free market capitalism Goodspaceguy? The money printers, debt creators already own 99% of the politicians. But you are different Goodspaceguy! Lets quite bailing out Banks, Brokerage Firms and get rid of their Perennial "Puppet" Incumbents. I'm glad to see you're still running! Over 23,000 votes! Wow! The voters are starting to wake up! Take off with Goodspaceguy!!!!
Dear GoodSpaceGuy,

I met you at the Convention in Vancouver this past May.

I am Region 3 Director (king/Kitsap Co) of the Libertarian Party of WA.

Which means you fall under my umbrella even if you are NP.

Can I assist with your campaign?

I have a legit button maker.

I can doorbell, etc.

I don't' have your e-mail.


With Goodspaceguy serving as Port of Seattle Commissioner #2, we won't have to worry about scandals such as United Airlines CEO Jeff Smisek resigning because of a Federal Investigation into him granting special favors to former New York and New Jersey Port Authority Chairman David Samson. Smisek allegedly agreed to reestablish loosing airline route service close to Samson's New Jersey home in exchange for improvements to the Newark Airport favorable to UAL.

Goodspaceguy travels in his own "Imaginary Space Vehicle" which is more real than you think and provides his own transportation not involving tax payer expense!!!!
The improvements he'll make to the Port of Seattle are for the people of King County who are the real owners of the Port! And he'll make those improvements based on his study and knowledge of the Laws of Economics. No corruption and political skeletons for GoodSpaceguy. He is Truly a unique being motivated and determined to serve the public. 17 Races and counting! Or is it 18? Goodspaceguy will not quit running until he is ELECTED!
Goodspaceguy was originally from planet ECO where they have a trade surplus and a balanced budget with ZERO debt. This partly explains his passion for economics and free market capitalism, competition which leads to prosperity in the U.S. and Spaceship Earth. Create small government, preserve our freedoms and liberties as defined by the Constitution. Goodspaceguy believes it is not "Cool" to be a BIG Spender and create massive defecits which can only lead to new taxes! Trim the fat by cutting the waste! Take off with Goodspaceguy for Port of Seattle Commissioner #2,!!!!
Like the Google driverless car Goodspaceguy plans to plans to offer incentives to shipping companies who utilize Robot controlled ships, so that the human crew can be well rested on their voyages to Asia and back. A well rested crew means less maritime accidents and greater efficiency! Another great idea from Goodspaceguy, the economic technology innovator giving the Port of Seattle the edge over the competition. Vote Goodspaceguy Port of Seattle Commissioner #2!!!!@@
I cannot find work at the minimum wage but I can make a tax free living as a PANHANDLER!!! Goodspaceguy is pro choice on almost everything except he wants to take away my profession and force me into the competitive free market where abilities, training and skill level determines my wages. I much prefer the actions of incumbent politicians whose minimum wage laws allow me to pandhandle while I collect welfare checks, buy tobacco and beer with my panhandling money to support my addiction. It's a free society and we all need to get our slice of the pie from these massive liberal government programs which are raising taxes and bankrupting our local, state and federal budgets! It's a fun party and I won't vote for Goodspaceguy because he'd put a STOP to all this fiscal nonsense!!!!! Keep Goodspaceguy out of office so I can keep Partying in other people's dollars!!!!
Goodspaceguy...if you don't somehow pull out a miracle victory this November, would you consider forming the "Extraterrestrial Orbital Think Tank" to further advance your initiatives? Or perhaps an independent Supernova run for the Presidency next November? This is the year of the non politician and you must fully capitalize on this trend as the voters are hungry for reducing spending, waste and fiscal accountability! Trim the fat to reduce the waste. Take off with Goodspaceguy!!!!
Will the real Goodspaceguy please beam up?
If you would make yourself disappear, then materialize over the Port of Seattle flying in your space vehicle, you would win over a million votes and make the national news!!!!Then say you can make the national debt of 18 trillion disappear and stop the money printing, wow Goodspaceguy!!! You can have your own cartoon like Buzz Lightyear!!!! I want to run your campaign and grab a spot in your orbital space colony!!!Goodspaceguy, the galactic candidate!!!

Goodspaceguy: You will never get campaign funds or attain elected office unless you hop in bed with the NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA! You need to "sell out" like 99% of politicians in elected office. Your problem is you want to serve "the people," instead of bilking the state treasury at their expense. Elected office is not for you Goodspaceguy. You should stick at what you do best. Running for office but not serving in office. If Hilary gets elected you should offer to prep as a mock conservative to give her skills on how to negotiate with a Republican controlled congress.
Goodspaceguy...I like your economic agenda of small government and getting rid of the minimum wage. Your failure is not with the issues it's with your campaign strategy. Without investing in the media and connecting with the voters, you'll keep getting the same nano results. Who was it that said if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and achieve a similar set of results, what are you likely to get if you keep doing the same thing? The same results (losses) If you haven't figured that out by now, well........
Goodspaceguy: I know you do not accept any monetary donations for your campaigns because you don't want to be politically owned or compromised. You want to truly represent the will of the people. Since that is the case, I want to make a major investment in your Orbital Space Colony instead! You should contact Wall Street and have Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan sponsor your Orbital Space Colony IPO!!!!!How many Billions do you need Goodspaceguy? You can run for office in the Milky Way and you would the Star Candidate!!!!
Better results there than on Spaceship Earth.
Goodspaceguy: Have you filed with the world patent office for the commercial and royalty rights for your name? I'm surprized that I haven't seen you in any commercials for drone companies or the aerospace industry. Just as Al Gore invented the internet, you were the first one to promote the idea of Orbital Space Colonies!!!For that you should be applauded as opposed to laughed at! It shows you posses an imaginative creative mind, along the lines of Musk, Bezos and Allen. Let the free market determine wages on spaceship earth and in the near future orbital space colonies!!!! And in space we can vote by photonic light and beam our vote to spaceship earth!!!!!!Vote for Goodspaceguy no matter what planet you inhabit!!!
Hey Goodspaceguy, you can add a link to a blog post instead of instructing people to google you for videos. That way they will find videos of YOU, instead of the impostor Goodspaceguys!!!!
Goodspaceguy, having voted for you MULTIPLE times I'm waiting for you to give "A state of the union address" to your over 55,000 plus loyal supports in King County who supported you in your most recent quest for Port of Seattle Commissioner #2. Rumor has it you are secretly investing not only in a driverless robotic car, but also a car that can "lift off" the pavement in traffic and go airborne, essentially converting to "a drone" during mid trip to bypass all these RIDICULOUS TOLLS on the 520 bridge and I-405!!!!!! The taxpayer is getting "jobbed" Goodspaceguy on these tolls. Who was it that said "Taxation without representation is Tyranny?"
I'm interested in backing your top secret venture for the creation of a multi purpose travel vehicle. Firstly a robot driven car for spaceship earth that can convert to a drone when you get to a tolled roadway like 520 or I-405, then convert again to a recreational vehicle Orbital Space Colony!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! You should have no problem getting the patents, then taking this company public with a lucrative IPO. The only thing I'm worried about is the U.S. Government may stifle your secret project.
Goodspaceguy: Rumor has it that you are going to deploy a mass army of robots and send them door to door to campaign for you. The robots will be equipped with artificial itelligence that state your postion on campaign issues. The answers are activated by voter voice commands.
Goodspaceguy: the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. Does that phrase also apply to your next campaign?
Goodspaceguy: Donald Trump said that if he is elected President, he will reopen the investigation of the 9/11/2001 attacks. Are you in favor of this as Trump is?
Or should we just let things be as they are as Jeb Bush would want? Your opinion Goodspaceguy?
Goodspaceguy: What role should space tourism play as a prelude to orbital space colonization? Are you going to get involved personally and design and build your own space vehicle? And are you the reincarnation of "Spock" from a previous life? You claim to be agnostic but your idea that the free market should determine wages is heavenly!
Goodspaceguy: Now that Rand Paul has officially withdrawn from the Republican Presidential nomination, would you consider making a run as a Libertarian candidate? Because current voters and incumbents are not listening and taking action on your economic policies (including letting the FREE MARKET determine wages)
You should form a NEW party called THE NEW AGE SPACE PARTY!!!!! That would attract younger disenchanted voters who feel they have zero say in the current system and show that GOODSPACEGUY really does know how to party when it counts!!! He's not the straight laced conservative that everyone thinks he is. Your Orbital Space Colonies do have Party/Relaxation/Entertainment facilities, don't they Goodspaceguy?
Goodspaceguy: Is it possible that Donald Trump is a Trojan horse who really wants to bring the "Whig" party back to American Politics?
Goodspaceguy: Donald Trump was recently quoted as saying "Elect me and you'll really find out who knocked down the twin towers." Interesting! Does Trump think the physical evidence, facts support a conspiracy? Is this worth another look Goodspaceguy or should we just listen to Bill Clinton who has said "How dare you!!!"
for questioning the facts surrounding 9/11 and that a shadow element in the Government could have been responsible for the planning and execution of 9/11? Whether you want to believe it or not Goodspaceguy, we must listen to credible people like Trump and Charlie Sheen.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!!!!
Face it Goodspaceguy! Your idea to abolish the minimum wage is Correct, but DOOMED!
Oregon has just announced that they are instituting a minimum wage and the states are falling like dominos to follow the rest. This is the end of Free Market Capitalism Goodspaceguy. The job destroying minimum wage adds to the National Debt ie, $19 trillion and growing which equates to the bankruptcy of the United States and end of the U.S. Dollar. One world Government and One world Currency is what the Globalists are after! The minimum wage fits perfectly in this plan. If you really want to raise the living standard and create prosperity, you need to "Fast Track" your orbital space colonies in a hurry! That way You and your loyal supporters of 55,000 plus for your last election can escape spaceship earth and create their "Utopia" or "Camelot" whatever you want to call it Goodspaceguy!!!! You need to accelerate you plans before it's too late.

If Trump is such a great "dealmaker" as you claim, then he should be able to make $19 trillion of debt disappear, right GoodSpaceGUY? It does not matter who the President is as long as that debt is there. We need to get rid of the money destroying Federal Reserve who created that debt and form free orbital space colonies that are run with little or no debt and have a banking system free of Tyrannic Globalists!!! Goodspaceguy, you may have survived losing 17 elections. But you better get your survival gear and stored food together for what's to follow.....that's food for thought, EH Goodspaceguy?
Show Spaceship Earth some Love! GoodSpaceGuy for GOV!!!!!
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Improving the economy by increasing jobs should be a goal of the port. Make it easy for the long-term unemployed and the homeless and the many beggars to get jobs somewhere in our competitive economy (where supply and demand sets prices.) Unsabotage our economy. Raise the people’s living standard by increasing production.
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