Sunday, June 26, 2016

Goodspaceguy, 2016 Washington State Gubernatorial Candidate for Prosperity

This is message #48 from me Goodspaceguy on my blog Our Spaceship Earth
2016 June 26 (I might revise this message from time-to-time.)

2016 June 29, Wednesday: To move towards small government, vote for the small spending
candidates. Vote against the big spending candidates who build big intrusive government and subject the people to heavy taxation. Gubernatorial candidate Goodspaceguy says that small government and a large private sector and the competitive free market produces the higher living standard. Eleven 2016 candidates for Governor of Washington State is good competition! Is the news media you follow reporting to you about these eleven candidates? It is also good that there are so many candidates (17) in the US Senate race from Washington State. These primary election races end on Tuesday, August 2, 2016, just 34 days from now, June 29.

2016 May 27

Elected Experience:
Goodspaceguy was elected to leadership in various fun, social organizations.

Other Professional Experience:
Benefiting from do-it-yourself skills and shared-living, Minnesota-born, amateur economist and amateur investor Goodspaceguy has become prosperous.

Being university educated in business, economics and other subjects in Germany, Sweden, and America, has given amateur linguist Goodspaceguy a worldview.

Community Service:
As we travel with our Mother Sun inside our Milky Way Galaxy, amateur astronomer Goodspaceguy thinks of our Earth as our “Spaceship Earth.” Former Boy Scout Goodspaceguy tries to improve our Spaceship Earth Home in simple ways: like picking up litter and helping here and there. Professional amateur Goodspaceguy is a Generalist.

  Thank you to my more than 55,000 friends who voted for me, Goodspaceguy, in 2015. In our democracy, we, the people, build our living standard. We should now stop building the poverty-inducing welfare state, and we should resume building our competitive, free market.
  How? Stop voting for the big spenders who become the big taxers and growers of enormous, stifling government that leads to high rents and high prices. Instead, vote for the small spenders so that the competitive, free market segment of our economy can profitably grow and hire more producers. Also, study economics, which tells us how to operate our prosperity, movie, and poetry producing free market.
  Unemployed people should reclaim the right to sell their own labor at bargain rates. Because the minimum wage prevents some people from getting work, abolish the minimum wage. The minimum wage shrinks our exchange economy, destroys jobs, increases crime, and increases homelessness. The minimum wage is a tool of force of the always-out-of-balance, evil command-economy.
  Defend the right of even losers and slackers to enter the work force and raise the living standard by selling their labor at their low market value. Low loser wages will allow even criminals to get legal jobs. We need their help. As losers work, many will learn and improve their skills and earning power. They will help produce more and more goods and services … thus raising the living standard at lower, but profitable prices. Let’s turn losers and criminals and welfare recipients into productive workers. Jobs reduce crime and panhandling. Let’s activate the power of the market place to turn losers and criminals into winners in a low cost, low stress, free-parking, Washington State of beautiful sky homes. Let’s build a free market Utopia.

Campaign phone number: 206-601-8172
Campaign email:
Campaign website:

2016TVWPoetryStatement (5 minutes)

If you want to improve cars, study auto mechanics.
If you want to improve our living standard, study economics,
And vote for the small spenders …
Not the big spenders.

Big government bad!
Small government good!

Let’s build a full-employment … free market … utopia.
With profits, let’s incentivize the competitive free market machine.
Through work, let’s build up our living standard.
Let’s explain and expand the competitive free market machine.

I, candidate Goodspaceguy, am trying to decrease poverty.
I, economist Goodspaceguy, am trying to increase prosperity.
I want us to build a full-employment … free market … utopia.
Let’s expand the equilibrium, free market machine that produces utopia.

I love competitive capitalism.
Capitalism is the best.
Capitalism raises our living standard,
Better than all the rest.

Better than the poverty of the incentive-killing welfarism,
Better than the poverty of intrusive, gross governmental-ism.
Better than the use of force by socialism.

The competitive free market system is the best.
The competitive free market system is better than all the rest.

The free market system is better than crumbly communism.
The free market system is better than shoddy socialism.
The free market system is better than gross governmentalism.
The free market system is better than wormy welfarism.

I want jobs, jobs, jobs, and more jobs.
I want jobs for everyone.
I want jobs for your mothers.
I want jobs for your brothers.

At individual, supply and demand wages, everyone can work.
It is work … that raises the living standard.
Getting more people to work,
Makes increasing production less hard.

Losses bad.
Profits good.

I want jobs for the homeless.
I want jobs for the panhandlers.
From the welfare rolls, I want workers.
To raise the living standard, let’s turn welfarists into workers.

When supply through competition increases, prices can decrease.
When housing through competition increases, rents can decrease.

But when people raise the minimum wage, prices go up,
And the exchange economy chokes and shrinks, chokes and shrinks.
Jobs are lost. People say, “At sky-high prices, I will not buy.”
Jobs are lost at higher prices, and the exchange economy shrinks.

When the minimum wage increases,
Crime also increases … because jobs decrease.
But when the cost of labor decreases,
Crime also decreases … because jobs increase.

More jobs  … less crime.

So many people forbidden to work by the minimum wage.
So many people turning to crime because of the minimum wage.
So many people made homeless by the minimum wage.
So much trash, too expensive to clean up … because of the minimum wage.

To raise our living standard, let’s reject the Command Economy.
Let’s abolish the job-destroying minimum wage.
Socialism uses the force of the Command Economy.
Let’s abolish the crime-promoting, trash- promoting minimum wage.

If we expand competitive capitalism and change welfare into work-fare,
Watch our state of Washington change into a giant economic faire.

Jobs will increase if we abolish the minimum wage.
Homelessness will decrease if we abolish the minimum wage.
Trash will decrease if we abolish the minimum wage.
Crime will decrease if we abolish the minimum wage.

Blessed be you, the brain-storming merri-makers
For you may become Washingtonian movie-makers.

By the sweat of your brows,
You shall earn your bread.
By the sweat of your brains,
You shall build your mansions.

Your life is your mansion.
Your life and your body were the start of your mansion.
In the heavens above there will be many mansions,
Boeing-built to orbit Spaceship Earth and our Sun.

Let’s not destroy Seattle’s viaduct. Let’s park on it instead.
When we buy our gas, we also pay a tax.
If we start parking on Seattle’s viaduct, Seattle moves ahead.
With more parking, we might relax to the max.

To raise our living standard, let us study economics,
Which tells us how to build a full-employment, equilibrium utopia.
The competitive free market moves us towards equilibrium economics,
But the command economy moves us towards waste and distopia.

Stop building the command economy’s compulsory distopia.
Instead, let’s build a full-employment, free market utopia.
Make individual, market-rate jobs …Washington’s claim to fame.
Google Goodspaceguy. Goodspaceguy is my name. 

Show Spaceship Earth some LUV!!!! GoodSpaceGuy for GUV!!!!! Most voters view you as a shooting star that fades...But you keep coming back to run AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!
While Gov Insley spends us into a into the depths of a black hole, you would bring us bright
prosperity with full employment and a balanced universe! Elect GoodSpaceGuy for GUV!!
All fine and dandy Goodspaceguy. However in politics you need connections and you have to spend big bucks on your campaign to compete with the big spenders. You have to fight fire with fire. Since the voters on spaceship earth have shown little appreciation for your ideas, you need to stop messing around and enlist some of your alien friends to campaign for you. Then the voters would be impressed and get the message. In fact you would even have them lining up to enroll in your orbital space colonies and abolish the minimum wage!
Goodspaceguy...I agree wholeheartedly that we must abolish the minimum wage to discourage panhandlers! Panhandling has gotten so lucrative that Buddhist Monks are now being IMPERSONATED with the traditional clothing and shaved heads panhandling in such places as New York City, San Francisco, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India and Nepal! They will hand you metal medallion with a Buddhist saying and if you don't give them enough money or any money they will grab it back from you aggressively and chastise you for being cheap!!!! Your policy of free market capitalism and abolishing the minimum wage would all but eliminate this dishonest fraudulent behavior. Take your abolishment of the minimum wage world wide throughout Space Ship Earth!!!!
Goodspaceguy, will you be attending the Republican National Convention in your "Trustee" Goodspaceguy Chevy Van, sharing ideas with the protestors on why the minimum wage should be abolished and sharing snacks and water with them next to your Galactic Van Podium? If you survive, you would create a national cult following much like the "Deadheads" who followed the Grateful Dead from concert to concert in their Volkswagen vans!!!!! They would follow you all the way back to Washington State, Millions of them. Though it would be too late for this upcoming primary they would support you in your next running for office! You would be elected in a landslide the next time you sought office.
Much the same way that Hillary wants to bring in 30 million new illegals from Mexico in the next 4 years should she prevail against Donald Trump and grant them voting rights. That would guarantee her 8 years of the presidency. We can't let
that happen Goodspaceguy. Take your campaign worldwide!!!!!
Goodspaceguy, Google is developing the "driverless car" and Tesla is also working on developing the self driving robotic car. Now we know that your "Imaginary Space Vehicle" is already a reality, far from being just off the drawing board. If everyone was to get an imaginary space vehicle, such as your Chevy Van, what role would that play in the faster development of orbital space colonies? For example, could these vans be launched into space and serve as workstations to build the space colonies?
Goodspaceguy: When elected Governor would you be a mobile Governor in your solar powered imaginary space vehicle going around the entire state of Washington on a continuous basis? Would you only stay in Olympia 1-2 nights per month? By camping out in your space vehicle it would put you more in touch with the homeless. You could let them know that you want to abolish the minimum wage and create jobs for them. Take your message East and West, North and South Goodspaceguy!!!!!!No more government/commie interference!!!!!! Let Milton Friedman's Free Market determine wages!!!!Prosperity for all!!!!
Just don't give the panhandlers money, simple as that. If you want to help the poor, donate to trustful organizations to make sure the money goes where it should.
Goodspaceguy: It's sad that you did not garner enough votes for Governor to advance to the November election. Your opponents Governor Inslee and Bill Bryant are facing off in the general. They both appear to be "Muriel Cigar" Men!!!
Remember Edie Adams from the 1960's when she sang the Muriel Cigar Commercials?

"The minute you walked in the joint
I could see you were a man of distinction
Good looking so refined
I figured that you're the Muriel Cigar smoking kind
So let me get right to the point
You're right in style when you're in Muriel's company
HEY BIG SPENDER, spend a little dime with me!!!!
HEY BIG SPENDER, spend a little dime with me!!!!
Bomp Bomp Bomp Bomp...Ba Bomp!!!

Hypothetical question Goodspaceguy....You find it hard in the year 2016 to spend even a nickel of your own money....So what would you do as Governor with the taxpayers money?

Goodspaceguy: do approve of Obama bringing in 650,000 Syrian refugees that thé FBI Director says cannot ne properly vetted? Its worked gréat for Merkel! Obamas has to look great for thé United Nations meeting in September. Elect Goodspaceguy to patrol our borders!!!!!!!In his imaginery space vehicle.
Goodspaceguy: You are in excellent health with your patented fast food diet!!
Do you know of another major political candidate whose health is failing, yet this is being covered up by the mainstream media?
Goodspaceguy: If Hillary is elected should the taxpayer have any say on whether or not the Visiting Angels are permitted in the White House to take care of her?
Goodspaceguy: Have you told Hillary about the FREE SMALL FROSTY program at Wendy's?
Maybe it would improve her health and "Cool Down" some of her BIG SPENDING ideas that could help raise the living standard!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to Goodspaceguy!!!! I missed the fact that even though you finished 8th in the Governor's race, you are still the 3RD most popular Republican with 13,391 votes!!!!And all that accomplished without taking any money from special interests or PACS! Just imagine what will happen when you start running your Space Commercials that will be seen throughout this galaxy and other solar systems... Alien life forms from other planets will want to immigrate to spaceship earth from other solar systems when the word gets out about Goodspaceguy! The best part is they can become registered voters, just like all the illegal immigrants that Hillary wants to let in to get registered for 2020. We must allow all illegals in including outer space beings to raise the living standard!!!!!!!
Goodspaceguy: What is your vision regarding transportation issues in King County. I know you are in favor of high rise building structures but what about mini aerial vehicles and human propulsion strap on vests to reduce ground traffic congestion?
Wouldn't these literally "Raise the Living Standard?"
Hop aboard Trump Force One Goodspacguy!!!!!
Congrts, is India's leading Real Estate and Property Developers in Pune. Offering top quality residential projects as well as Commercial Properties in Pune ...
Goodspaceguy: Hillary let our enemies including the Russians and the Chinese access "Top Secret" and "Most Secret" information through her private "unsecure" e-mail server. Now the hacker "Gucifer" is going to prison for 4 years for revealing the existence of Hillary's private e-mail server!!!!!(Among other things) This guy despite his other misdeeds did our Country a HUGE FAVOR and now he is being punished! He should have received a deal for narking on what he knows about Hillary and the secrets she sold to our enemies.
Gucifer may be Gucifer but Hillary is "Lucifer" for betraying all our military and citizens! Hillary for Prizon!!!! The Clinton Foundation is a foundation of corruption $$$ and bribes for money. Hillary is a two faced witch! She has public and private positions on the same issues and is a puppet of the global bankers.
Hillary for Priz not Prez!!!!!
Goodspaceguy for CEO of Galaxy One!��
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