Monday, July 08, 2019

Goodspaceguy's 2019 Call to Abolish Minimum Wage

   In 2019, I, Goodspaceguy, am making my 20th call to abolish the job-destroying minimum wage by running as a candidate for the King County Council in Washington State. I want to increase the living standard of the workers. We need to get more people into the work force, and we need to increase their productivity so that they can help raise the living standard. 
   To make a "living wage" the goods and services of the "living wage" must be produced by the workers, otherwise, people are just talking empty words.
   Without realising it, people who support the job-destroying minimum wage are also supporting crime. People who have difficulty getting jobs at the job-destroying minimum wage, still need money. These problem people are sometimes forced to turn to crime to get the money they need. If we abolish the minimum wage, the "abolished jobs" of the struggling, un-profitable projects and businesses should come back. Homeless people will more easily find jobs and learn job skills. Problem people will be allowed back into productive society and over time will become more productive. The increasingly productive people will help push the living standard up towards prosperity. As the problem people work better and better, they will become less and less a burden on their fellow workers.
   My (Goodspaceguy's) 200 word campaign statement and information in the Voters' Guide is as follows:

2019 King County Council, District 8, Candidacy of GoodSpaceGuy
Education:   University educated in Germany, Sweden, and America: Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees (including economics and business.)
Occupation:   Through simple living, GoodSpaceGuy became a prosperous investor and owner.
    With the International Space Station, we Earthlings have obtained a finger-tip hold in the beginning of our Orbital Space Age. Please think of yourselves as being passengers or crew members on our Spaceship Earth. (Our world is a spaceship, traveling through space, around our Sun, once a year, and with our Sun, we are traveling within our Milky Way Galaxy, a spinning cloud of billions and billions of solar systems.)
   Let’s clean and beautify touristic King County. Let’s raise the living standard in King County on Spaceship Earth by using the power of the voluntary, competitive, consumer-serving, free market.
  Let’s abolish the job-destroying minimum wage which creates so many homeless, unemployed, problem, poor people and panhandlers and shop-lifters and muggers.   Bad law has created misery and criminals!

  By defending the profit incentive of the free market, we can increase jobs. More profit, more jobs. Let’s create more knowledge, profit, jobs, productivity, and a living standard rising high up into the sky towards the coming orbital space habitat homes, where we can learn how to live in space before going to Mars.  Also let’s reduce frustration by making it easier to park in touristic, welcoming King County. 

Bravo Goodspaceguy! But you are forever fighting a losing battle in King County and in Washington state! New World Order Global Democrat Communism is the flavor for here on out. We want government minimum wages so you Goodspaceguy the taxpayer can pay for us. We want free healthcare run inefficiently by the government. Free food with msg and high fructose corn syrup. Free college, everything free paid for by Goodspaceguy and the taxpayer workers. Join us Goodspaceguy! Become a leech and help us run up deficits and keep corrupt politicians in office. We want to be NWO slaves! Not crew members on Spaceship Earth. Join us Goodspaceguy...Give up your guns, feedom and liberty to be A Democrat Commie NWO slave.
Restaurants Unlimited which has several restaurants in the Seattle area, including Henry's Tavern, Palomino Bar and Grill and Chandler's Crabhouse has filed for chapter 12 bankruptcy saying the minimum wage was a huge part of that decision. Hmmmmm? Is there a candidate who wants to abolish the minimum wage?
Goodspaceguy....I'm a democommie and am voting for your opponent. I just don't remember who he is?
Vote Goodspaceguy out of office. He's already served long enough!!!
The incumbent's policies for 8th district KCC are designed to keep attracting and increasing homelessness in King County! More Homeless, more crime, more addiction to drugs and untreated mental illness, massive higher taxes and increased wasteful spending. The only people happy are the tent manufacturers as their business keep experiencing record sales $$$$$$$$$. Elect Goodspaceguy and have the homeless be included in his orbital space colonization program!
Goodspaceguy should get out of politics and go into Pro Wrestling!
I won't say whether I am voting for you, but I appreciate the candor and enthusiasm you bring to the campaign with your independent position on issues of gravity to Seattle. Continue to spread your message!
Vote Goodspaceguy right now for KCC position #8. A vote for Goodspaceguy is a vote to end homelessness in King County and advance them to orbital space colonization where they can be treated for their issues, participate in the colonies or, return to spaceship earth as new contributing citizens.

High taxes on hotel/motel to provide housing for them without addressing the mental illness, medical issues and addiction issues is a waste of time. His opponent's tax, spend and waste programs have failed miserably!!!! and this crisis has only gotten WORSE 5 Fold if not more!!!
Ok Goodspaceguy, I'll make you a deal...I'll vote for you if you retrofit your space van with 2 Boeing 737 engines and do what Dare Devil Evil Knievel failed to do. Fly over the Snake River canyon and land safely on the other side. I know that you cant freefall through space like Felix Baumgartner who went from the stratosphere landing safely in New Mexico, reaching speeds of over 900 mph. However, the Snake River Flight is doable, IF Goodspaceguy you choose to live up to your name and show the voters you are not a chicken wimp! It's a doable jump which would thrust you to a landslide political victory. I'll line up multiple corporate sponsors to fund your flight! Spectacular! If you have the Kahuna's to do it Goodspaceguy...
Recent example...I just returned from the international district community library and the main entrance was plywood boarded up and closed at 1 pm in the afternoon. A library staff person happened to be on site. I asked him about the door. He said the door had been broken/ vandalized 4 times in the past 2 weeks! Library considering installing cameras to catch these vandalized/criminals. This is the type of criminals the incumbent attracts to Seattle/King county. Vote for the incumbent for more crime,assaults and pandhandling, if that's what you as a voter want and demand! No wonder Seattle Cops are going elsewhere to other jurisdictions! More homeless more crime with no end in sight! Goodspaceguy is the tonic for these wounds.
Goodspaceguy needs to shake up the campaign by doing the Snake River Canyon flight in his jet engine retrofitted space van! He would be world famous! And Democratic voters are so naive, they would vote for him on this major accomplishment alone. After all, they elected a guy who effectively recruits homelessness and crime to King county! Then creates useless wasteful programs $$$ that can't and won't fix the problem. Do the flight Goodspaceguy and start getting some respect. Otherwise you'll forever be the Rodney Dangerfield of candidates.
I too would like to see Goodspaceguy don't his spacesuit and launch over the Snake River Canyon! Little does he know a launch such as this would propel him to a landslide victory in the race for KCC district 8. Voters most importantly Democrats would respect Goodspaceguy and support him in massive numbers. Much to be gained and he would be providing free entertainment for all! Also the launch would support movie making in WA state, which has always been part of his platform and he would be living up to his namesake! Go for it Goodspaceguy!
Goodspaceguy, please retire from these thrashings! (Unless you are a gluten for punishment) I agree with the guy who says you should do the jet engine space vehicle jump over the Snake River Canyon. People, especially Farmers appreciate Goodspaceguy in Eastern washington. Form a new base as you have no base in King county and Western Washington. Shock the World Goodspaceguy and propel yourself to victory!!!!Go east for all the votes, media attention and glory!!!! Become world famous! Screw KC democommie! Only 22 percent turnout pathetic. You donn your spacesuit and shock everyone!!
Mr Goodspaceguy. You received my sympathy vote but it obviously did no this the end of your political ambitions in Western Washington or are you planning on running in Spokane county after your spectacular Snake River Canyon jump?
Goodspaceguy...What happened? Low turnouts (22 percent) are supposed to favor Republicans. Are you considering a comeback? Hope so! I'm a liberal socialist strategist/adviser and you simplify my job by refusing to invest in your supporters (as scarce as they might me) or your campaign. Keep doing what you are doing cause you allow me to put my campaigns on autopilot
Goodspaceguy...I'm a homeless person in Portland. Now that you haven't been elected, I'm moving to King County for the freebies!!!
Goodspaceguy....the city of Seattle is considering new regulations and laws against the practice of vehicle ranching. (Renting RV's to the homeless) Instead of doing that, why not abolish the minimum wage for those homeless who are able to work and provide mental health and addiction treatment that will reduce the population. Your incumbent opponent has made RV Ranching a most profitable business, at least his policies toward the homeless is creating new opportunities for business minded individuals. But according to Lincoln Towing, those RV's are unsanitary. Lincoln won't even let their employees go inside...Oh well, maybe the incumbent will continue to attract more homeless, more crime, more meth, because apparently that is what the voters want! Give the people what they want!
Since King county voters only turned out 22 percent...78 percent could potentially write in Goodspaceguy and launch him to victory in KCC #8 district! This will be the greatest comeback in election history. And Goodspaceguy will make history when he Jets over the Snake River Canyon in his imaginary space vehicle!!!! Write in Goodspaceguy in November for KCC 8th district!
Impeach Goodspaceguy!!!!
Goodspaceguy is like Richard Nixon except he's never served in office. He's planning the greatest comeback in political history without spending a dime. Whether he wins or loses is anybody's guess. But one things for sure, Goodspaceguy provides free entertainment for all!
Keep Goodspaceguy out of office...Don't let him ruin our socialist/Commie accomplishments.
Mr. Goodspaceguy...have you shown good sportsmanship by calling your opponents Mr. McDermott and Mr. Nayer and congratulated them on their primary victories? Also, I never heard your concession speech. Are you considering asking for a recount? There can be hanky panky involved when counting votes. Something to consider...
We welcome you run in Eastern Washington Goodspaceguy where depending on where you settle, you will surely receive "THE KEY" to the city and millions of voter support! At least buy a house over on the Eastern part of the state so you will be eligible to run! However, if you think the socialist communists in the western half of the state are giving you a BETTER DEAL when you seek office, by ALL MEANS, KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING....a hah hah a hah!!! Please excuse the chuckle Goodspaceguy, but I can't help it!!!! After what? 20 defeats and only 2 minor victories, you think you would have gotten the message. Nah, keep doing what you are doing, but are like Richard Nixon. The press won't have Goodspaceguy to kick around anymore...Move to Eastern Washington Goodspaceguy and launch your comeback over the Snake River Canyon!
You guys are so naive! Goodspaceguy keeps running because he LIKES losing....He knows how to win right now! But he likes running perpetually because that is more FUN than serving in elected office and he does not need the cash $$$$$.
Hey Goodspaceguy...Your opponent has created a lucrative business opportunity to vehicle ranch RV's to the homeless!!!!! You can buy the trailers/rv's cheap at auction! $5 to $100 and rent them out for $300 per month. This is more lucrative than shared housing, but the City says they are cracking down on vehicle ranchers so we must find all the loopholes in the law that are not closed. Lets do it Goodspaceguy and raise funds for your next winning campaign.
Support your local Commiecrat. Vote against Goodspaceguy whenever he runs!
The Salvation Army is closing their Seattle thrift shop on 4th Ave in Sodo effective Sept 14, 2019. They encourage people to shop and donate at their Shoreline, WA store. Both Mom & Pop businesses and Non Profit Charities are forced to flee and relocate because of the DemoCommie minimum wage! Destroys businesses and lives. Support your local DemoCommie for homelessness, free drugs pandhandling and mental Heath crisis!

The Chinese Commies have teamed up with Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Joe Bend Over Biden to destroy our Nation! Chinese rip us off on trade $500 billion per year under Boma/Biden and Trump is the only President who wants to stop this and fight! Liberal media in USA is controlled by globalist commies in bed with Chinese President Xi. Trump will fight China for a fair trade deal while Democommies will bow down to Xi and sell the American public into global slavery
Goodspaceguy, the ChiComs say they will spend billions of dollars to defeat President Trump. And the western media does not even cover it, days radio talk show host Billy Cunningham, because the media wants the same thing, either Biden or Elizabeth Warren will bow down to the Commies. Yuck!!!!
Great site you have here.. It's difficult to find good quality writing like yours
these days. I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!
Trump is a racist! He won't keep the borders wide open to let illegal immigrants come in for education, free healthcare, and welfare at taxpayer expense and increase the defecit. He wants to keep terrorists out? Hell no! Let them in to vote for the DemoCommies to team up with China and destroy our nation and take our liberties to make us globalist worshiper slaves!
Goodspaceguy, just to be factual...there are few Republican Commies out there too. They are not all DemoCommies. Former Senator and Presidential candidate Bob Dole has sold us out by being a lobbyist for China! $$$$$ facilitating the ChiComs to steal billions in unbalanced trade and intellectual property!!!!He sold out to the ChiComs at our expense and like the DemoCommies is an enemy of the people.
Goodspaceguy, we support our brothers and sisters revolt in Hong Kong against the Globalist ChiComs who are allies with Bernie Saunders, Bend over Biden, Elizabeth Warren. Kamala Harris and DemoCommie Party who are the true enemies of the citizens of the United States and the future Federation of The Global orbital space colonies!!!!!,Hail Ceasar! Hail Goodspaceguy! Let Spaceship Earth and the Orbital space colonies be protected from the Evil Darth Vader DemoCommies!!!!
Goodspaceguy, If Bend over Biden becomes the DemoCommie nominee, there will be an investigation to his family ties business dealings to the Ukraine and China! Biden already sold US interests out to the ChiComs. He's a Commie Globalist lover and in favor of destroying our liberty/constitutional based nation. Bidens already dropped his drawers so Commie President XI can goose us!
Goodspaceguy, in these turbulent times it may be wise to hedge some of your long investments with precious metals streaming stocks like Royal Gold (RGLD) or Wheaton Precious Metals (WPM) I recommend steaming instead of mining stocks for capital gains tax purposes. The ChiComs, President Xi are teamed with DemoCommies Biden, Warren and Bernie to destroy our country and economy. Investors have always flocked to gold during turbulent times. Trump might be a victim of his own success. The trade war could cost him the election in 2020. Because has been with Obama a wimp to the Chinese. That's who the Chinese want so they can bend Sleepy Joe over and F**K the entire US Nation!!!!!Trump could end up sacrificing his 2nd term to fight for what's right. The DemoCommies, the western media and the ChiComs want to take Trump and our great nation down. Prepare Goodspaceguy with Gold Streaming stocks! Protect your portfolio from being eaten alive by Bend over Joe Biden!!!!
Special cable to Goodspaceguy to go directly to China and request they quit ripping us off for $500 billion per year trade deficit and stealing our technology through transfers and espionage as a condition for limited, extremely limited access to their foreign markets. Technology of course to be used against the United States military and citizens in the future. This has been going on since the 1980's and accelerated in 2001 when China was granted access to WTO. No President except for Donald Trump, The Businessman has ever tried or even acknowledged that this is a MAJOR economic disaster the United States. Then Vice President Sleepy Joe Bend Over Biden gave thumbs up to this ripoff when he was Vice President from 2008-2016 and Bend of Biden wants the opportunity to Kiss President Xi's Commie Ass again and continue where he left off in 2016. Goodspaceguy, your mission should you chose to accept it is to go to China and convince Commie Xi to convert to capitalism and abolish the minimum wage and give U.S. exporters fair access to his countries market. Goodspaceguy while you are there tell President Xi to abolish the minimum wage. And of course voice your support for the Hong Kong freedom protests that President Xi and the DemoComs allied with President Xi in the United States oppose! GUUD LUKK GUUUDSpaceguy
Goodspaceguy, the last time Warren Buffet held this much cash at Berkshire Hathaway was in 2008 just before the crash. Does Warren Buffet know something we don't? Food for thought, Goodspaceguy!
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Goodspaceguy: One of your companies apparently is going to get a huge piece of the Department of Defense JEDI contract!!!! Goodspaceguy...are you a JEDI fan? Especially since you are in line to profit from the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract? For short, it's Defense and Protection in the Clouds!!!

I was thinking that the next DOD JEDI version contract should be named after you. Call it The Goodspaceguy orbital space colonization JEDI defense system. Specifically designed for advanced defense necessary to protect and proliferate the orbital space colonies. One question, will THE DOD be paying you royalties for using your name? I think not because Goodspaceguy is opposed to taxing the citezens, even if he personally benefits financially. What? Goodspace, you are not qualified to be a politician because a politician does the above ROUTINELY! As a matter of habit.
Goodspaceguy: If you are going to participate in the China Trade talks with the Commies, you should cancel your proposed space van flight over the Snake River Canyon and instead retro fit your van with more powerful Boeing 737 engines to rocket your van over the Pacific Ocean. You can land in Hong Kong and receive a Heroes Welcome from the Protesters. With your huge popularity you would thrust into the international spotlight, whether you were successful with the Chinese in the trade talks or not. The real TALK would be about Goodspaceguy, his drive, his courage and relentlessness at age 80, to jet thrust to the statos over the Pacific Ocean with a soft landing! Give a whole new meaning to your campaign mantra "Take OFF with Goodspaceguy!" You would be unbeatable and never lose another election, especially if you ran in Eastern Washington.
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Content on this website has reached a new LOW. Kind of similar to a Goodspaceguy campaign. It never gets off the launchpad and Goodspaceguy loses out in the primary to an amatuer like Michael Robert Neyer!!!! If nothing else, Goodpspaceguy is a political punching bag good for a few laughs! HA! HA!
Goodspaceguy is an honest person running a clean campaign that takes ZERO from corporate interests. If you want to continue spiraling down the toilet paying higher taxes and dealing with misery, continue to vote for the same. What do you have to lose?
That's precisely the problem! You nailed it. Goodspaceguy is too honest. Impossible to make it in politics without lying to the public and being an owned slave to corporate interests. If he was smart Goodspaceguy would line up at the pig trough and consume from the taxpayer wallet and purse! Professional politicians, specifically the DemoCommies mock and laugh at Goodspaceguy because he won't participate in the game! Goodspaceguy is lame! A joke! a fool! Who does not know how to loot and pillage the voters. Stick to the kiddie cart Goodspaceguy! Joe McDermott is looting the public in the fast lane!
Regan Dunn good with his 1 way$100,000 bus ticket program to bus the homeless out of King County. The only thing that I would add is that Goodspaceguy should be leading the bus caravan in his imaginary space vehicle directly to Nancy Pelosi's gated luxury home to provide the homeless with food and shelter since Pelosi has trashed SF by creating, approving and perpetuating homeless! They love Nancy and she loves them! Register all of them to vote from aNancy's home address!!!!
Goodspaceguy leading the caravan? Got a better idea...Why don't you ship him out on a one way bus ticket too!
Reagan Dunn is the Man!!! Hopefully named after the great Patriot Ronald Reagan. His 1 way ticket busing idea for the homeless cannot be topped! It's the most workable idea that King County has every had to solve the homeless problem. Lets have a New years Eve Bash for all homeless in the green belt behind Goodspaceguys mansion and political headquarters in Boulevard Park. Get them all sauced then have them stagger on 1000 transport buses to be sent to Nancy Pelosi's Wall protected mansion house in San Francisco! And Yes! Let Goodspaceguy lead the Caravan of buses in his imaginary space vehicle van. Upon arrival, scale the wall and raid Pelosi's refrigerators and bathrooms. The Bible says open your house to strangers and be hospitable so Pelosi has no objections. Just provide plenty of BUD and TP!!!!!Goodspaceguy is in favor of installing showers at public libraries for the homeless so Pelosi's home and neighborhood will be used as the test case for his idea. The Dunn/Goodspaceguy solution to the problem saves King County Taxpayers millions of dollars, attracts more tourists and upgrades King County livability by 1000%!!!!!
Goodspaceguy, please use your repair skills and fix and refurbish the bus in your backyard so it can be useful in the upcoming 1 way ticket caravan. Your bus repair skills will allow you to prosper even more!
Let's solve the homeless crisis by immediately enacting orbital space colonies for the homeless...Goodspaceguy has a practical solution to solve this problem. Bring Berie Made off with the money out of prison to finance the colonies! Goodspaceguy tech knowledge and Bernie Made off with the money is a winning combination!
Microsoft's annual meeting has gone vitual for today! As a member of Goodspaceguy's secret Jedi project orbital space colony I highly (will watch while smoking a joint) Microsoft's growing and glowing Cloud business sweep the competition into space dust! The President Trump Microsoft alliance will conquer Space in the Cloud with massive servers and robots protecting and linking new age computing in the orbital space Kingdom. Buy Microsoft now with billions of hedge fund support and the investor support of Goodspaceguy. Take Microsoft to the moon, the known and unknown planets and to the unknown depths of the Universe!
An even better idea for Goodspaceguy's backyard bus...instead of the homeless caravan 1 way trip, repair and use the bus as a Goodspaceguy campaign bus full of homeless tokers and alcoholics voicing revelry as the bus sputters through wealthy neighborhoods drummig up support!
Goodspaceguy, with the DemoCommies in chaos, panicking trying to impeach President Trump, this is the opportunity for you to become a double agent Trojan horse candidate for the DemoCommie party, take the Nomination then concede to President Trump when mail in ballots are peaking! What a stunning, shocking speech you will give with your refurbished backyard campaign bus in the background! When asked why you are conceding you repeat George Washington by crossing your fingers and saying "I cannot tell a lie."
Hey shut up, nerd.

As demonstrated in the Movie ALIEN you need to have a DemoCommie alien bite you, invade and take over your body. Then all the Democommie supporters will see your political view change from Libertarian to Liberal. You'll get elected in a massive landslide, then you can expel the foreign DemoCommie alien and resume your libertarian program once you assume office. At least you'll get 1 term that way...far better than zero terms and 20 failed opportunities!
In the movie "Alien" I was under the impression Goodspaceguy was the alien who was Biting, infectingi with his libertarian ideas and taking over the bodies,minds of all the DemoCommies who failed to support him on the mail in ballots during that year of elections. After a while he got totally exhausted and was forced to get dentures.
Hey Alien fans! If you liked Goodspaceguy in this series wait till you see his remake of the 1956 movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers! A horror show 10 times better than his 20 campaign losses. He pays all movie set workers $3 per hour. Supply and demand and the free market! Goodspaceguy the cheapskate.
Sawant proposes no residential evictions during cold months. But in Goodspaceguy shared housing you can be evicted at any time! Survival of the fittest during freezing weather. Goodspaceguy maintains that winter time evictions are great for evolution and depopulating the human race. Landlords exemplify the free market! If you can't pay get out and live in a Goodspaceguy brand tent or refurbished trailer/ bus like the one in his backyard
Impeach Goodspaceguy. Not President Trump!
Well we know Goodspaceguy evicts people from shared housing. One former housemate tried to make his front room foundation a drive through latte stand...unsuccessfully. Will Goodspaceguy also have evictions in the Orbital Space Colonies Like James Bond did to Drax in Moonraker? Shot him out in space in the tube with no food or water. Goodspaceguy believes in the movie industry and profitable entertainment. Give the people what they want.
Goodspaceguy...what a dream thing that just happened! Bernie Made Off with the money said I could wire my funds for your orbital space colonies directly to to your account for safekeeping until he can buy his way out of prison. If a DemoCommie was President he would get a Presidential pardon. Adam " Bug Eyes" Schiff would be proud!
Adam "Bug Eyes" Schiff eyes got so big they almost swam away like a blowfish when he reviewed Goodspaceguy's updated plan for orbital space colonization. He especially liked the lying, distorted facts and paid under the table witness conference building. Similar to what he is using against President Trump. Where the sugar is the flies gather. Plenty of lies and flies around "Bug Eyes" Schiff! Bzzzzzzz!
Goodspaceguy said that he's Boeing to buy some more Boeing Dickie V says "With two hands Babeee!!! The FAA says not so fast on the 737 Max problems being over by 12/31/2019. But Goodspaceguy says Boeing is a buy at $347 per share and will soar higher and higher with Space Force 6 and orbital space colonization. Make Goodspaceguy richer and Buy Boeing stock now and forever. He likes the pop ad the cash to pay his filing fees and he might spend more on future campaigns! (Fat Chance)
Goodspaceguy is the master of being disconnected from the voters. None of his campaigns are in the crypto or the block chain which is necessary for present and future success. Block chain technology will reboot the internet and create trillionares!!! According to George Gilder. Goodspaceguy had his chance for his own brand crypto currency, but he blew it! To the innovators and creators go the spoils. Let him continue to be a cheezey millionaire while is opponent globalists become trillionares and show goodspaceguy to be the mouse that he is! Loser! He actually ejoys losing! Just ask anyone why he never changes his losing campaign strategy. He invest no money in the voters so they invest few votes in him!
The Goodspaceguy campaign has been hacked! Without the Crypto ad Block chain security he is open to imposter attacks as some have succeeded in impersonating Goodspaceguy! Something to ponder...maybe these hacker imposters will actually win a campaign with Goodspaceguy slipping in the back door to assume office.
The Goodspaceguy campaign could use a colonoscopy by Dr Kavorkian to see if it's still on life support! Adam "Bug Eyes" Schiff would like to be brought in to examine and interpret as soon as the ridiculous "witch Hunt" inept impeachment attempt of President Trump is over.
Bo, Lars, Eric and David have been named as honorary members of the Goodspaceguy shared housing Hall of Fame! Congratulations to B.L.E.D. (Or is it the Wall of Shame?) Acceptance speeches and trophies are forthcoming.
Goodspaceguy calls all homeless to assemble in the greenbelt behind his boulevard park mansion to discuss this Dow Constantine homeless authority established to waste more money with union workers all being maintained. Abolish the minimum wage to get rid of poop and homelessness. And use a Goodspaceguy tent in the greenbelt. And fellow homeless comrades join Bo, Lars,Eric and David at the meeting for speeches and trophy presentation!!!
To all homeless there is great too can follow in the footsteps of Bo, Lars,Eric and David and apply to become a Goodspaceguy shared housing housemate! Liberate yourself from the greenbelt in Goodspaceguy back yard. Be promoted to living in his backyard bus with yellow jackets included during the summer months and would knows? Maybe the raccoons will return if you leave enough junk food. Then advance to become a housemate, with daily chores! See Goodspaceguy house history, the exact spot in the kitchen where David attacked Lars, where Bo used to sing "Hootie and the Blowfish" ad the front room where Eric tried to create his drive through latte stand. Lots of historical events over the decades of Goodspaceguy shared housing.
President Trump officially announced the establishment of The Space Force with General John "Jay" Raymond in charge. Why not Goodspaceguy? This is outrageous! Goodspaceguy not selected. Not even on the civilian personnel roster! Wait a minute....Goodspaceguy was too busy interviewing homeless people to be housemates to accept appointment to Space Force! Money over service to his country. Grat that President Trump left him off the roster.
Goodspaceguy was rumored to have gone out to his bank yard this evening with all this rain said "I need to drain the swamp."Now homeless have got creative by living in floating houseboats with portable rv toilets.....Ah the fragrance of a Goodspaceguy backyard floating community!

That sly Goodspaceguy! He's probably been loading up on Airbus Boeings competition in view of the 737 Max catastrophe.
Mr Scott also aspires to be in the Goodspaceguy shared housing Hall of Fame! Ask Capt. Kirk for his nomination.
Rainy Robbie says it's a great idea to fix your roof during this rainy weather! Being cheap results in h20 damages and mold. Trump can weather the rain of the corrupt democommies as Peliso & Adam "Bug Eyes" Schiff subvert the Constitution interfering with the Senate trial which will easily find facts or evidence against President Trump. Landslide win for Trump against closet candidate crooked Hilary.
Boeing missed a golden opportunity by not naming Goodspaceguy new CEO (Chief Economic Obstacle)
Kim Jung Goon has a Christmas gift for Goodspaceguy's orbital space colonies. Time to break out the Goodspaceguy photonic laser miss destroyer that vaporizes nuclear missiles, saves billions of human lives. Get rid of Kim, take down the 38th parallel and unite Korea into Republic, economic powerhouse with strong US ties!!!
This blog is so entertaining and informative the Walt Disney company might buy it out if the adult content can be toned down just a bit. Goodspaceguy would be more popular with kids than Buzz Light-year, kids who are the future voters off tomorrow who support his running at age 95.
Massive "Betelgeuse" star in Orion
appears headed for an explosive supernova.....sounds the typical ending to a Goodspaceguy campaign...Boom!!!!!Then nothing.
I agree! Look for this blog to be bought out by a huge media conglomerate for it's superior value and wealth creating prosperous content. I've become a multi millionaire by applying the principles learned from reading and applying the techniques in this blog$$$$$______$$$____$$$$$$
Rest assured you can expect Goodspaceguy to be crashing the free Starbucks Coffee Parties between now New Year's day! Goodspaceguy loves free coffee and free parking in Seattle but not free housing at taxpayer expense.
Attention all greenbelt homeless..look for Goodspaceguy at a free Starbucks latte at a pop up party near you between now and 12/31/2019. Topic of discussion the Goodspaceguy latte diet delivered right to your front window foundation by Eric. What a blast!!!!!
Eric surely will "Crash" the Starbucks Pop Up party! He's a big fan/supporter of Goodspaceguy and wants to discuss future campaign strategy to get Goodspaceguy in he can close the borders.
Reports have surfaced that Democratic Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has cut ties with an organization that uses prisoners to make campaign phone calls. His loss equals Goodspaceguy's gain! Goodspaceguy will gladly put these prisoners to work to make calls for his future campaigns. Goodspaceguy advocates full employment and economic prosperity for all. This new strategy could get him elected! Wouldn't that be wonderful? Then we wouldn't have to put up with him running again like a pesky annoying bull fly
I'm celebrating the Goodspaceguy campaign triple shot choco latte at Starbucks Pacific Place latte pop party. Hoping the latte will "juice up" future campaigns and that Eric will make amends calling for Goodspaceguy from prison. The new strategy where Eric the Red can make amends and redeem himself
I'm still looking for Goodspaceguy's getting involved on the World Wrestling Enterainment Circuit and am getting ready to buy the stock WWE ticker just before he makes his grand appearance. He won't tip me off ahead of schedule though because he's too honest. (Except he'll load up for himself, just like he did Airbus while touting Boeing stock when the 737 Max problem is more serious than he let on.) Goodspaceguy was devastated that he was not named CEO of Boeing recently and put in charge of Space Force 6 by President Trump! Much more upset than his 20 campaign losses combined. HE wants to keep LOSING so he can keep running. He likes running much better than serving in office and fixing all the problems the DemoCommies have created to make slaves of our children in 1 World Social/Commie Big Brother Government.
It's been fun but I'm ditching this blog permanently for a paid$$$$$$$$$$gig!!!!!!!Sianarrrraaa GoofSpaceguy!!!!!!!
Happy Lunar New Year!....How fitting that your next campaign will be forged in the year of the RAT!!!!!
Adam "Bug Eyes" Schiff says there is plenty of "Quid Pro Quo" in Goodspaceguy campaigns...Goodspaceguy pays the State of Washington in return to get voters to support the DemoCommies. Gets exactly what he wants for his investment.
Look for Boeing's stock to take a nose dive when earnings are announced on 1/29/2020. Goodspaceguy is a buyer at $250 per share. Yet, he bought Airbus while touring Boeings stock. As Bill Clinton would say "that was a real "Slick Willie" move!
Let's clone Goodspaceguy. Then he can run against himself and finally win!!!
The Hare Krisna's of the University District support Goodspaceguy in all candidacies. Goodspaceguy the candidate of Peace and Prosperity.
With China building 2 new hospitals it's time we enacted orbital space hospitals for coronavirus! Would be great for quarantine and we could launch Goodspaceguy into the galaxy to do further research on one of the private space travel projects! Bradley might also want to contribute box sorting, supply skills to the millions of vaccine tubes used to fight the virus. Eric could supply crash containment, Bo motivational singing, Lars could throw rocks at intruders who dared steal from the vaccine vault pharmacies and David could perform "pill cutting duties with his oversize knife. Something to do for everyone including Goodspaceguy hall of fame housemates!
Hare Krishna!!...Goodspaceguy Vishna!.... Oh hare Rama! We support Goodspaceguy foolish wishna! To get elected! He must investna! In the Lord Vishnu lobby fund! Vee support the candidate of peace, even though he lose every time!!!!Hare Spaceman!

Keep selling and marketing those men's winter jackets and polo shirts! Goodspaceguy is surley interested in having you design and market space apparel garments and space boots and helmet. Keep up the good work!
The DemoCommies are voting for Commie Bernie and some guy from a frat party named Bootie Gig....Goodspaceguy might as well get in the running for the DemoCommie nomination as a Trojan horse candidate and sabotage the DemoCommie party and make the upcoming Trump landslide with 70 percent of the vote even easier! The 4 Stooges are Bernie, Booty Gig, Warren and Biden. What a group of losers! Is that all they can come up with? Sad state of affairs in the DemoCommie Party
Let's have a "Bootie Gig" Biden ticket for the DemoCommies so Trump/Pence will slaughter them both in an electorial landslide with over 400 electorial votes for Trump
Goodspaceguy will be making the rounds tomorrow for national pizza
day at Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Domino's and Little Cesar's. He'll partake in all freebees and leave no tips. This is all part of the Goodspaceguy fast weight loss diet which has worked great for him!
Bernie Saunders is criticizing Pete "Bootie Gig" for accepting campaign funds from millionaire donors. Well "Bootie Gig" at least knows how the game of politics is played. To have any chance at winning he must agree to be bought and owned by the millionaires and especially the Billionaires. Goodspaceguy could learn from "Bootie Gig" and accept Big Donor bucks if he really wanted to serve in office. But Goodspaceguy has created his own position by continually running endlessly. That is his REAL office and service. Even though he won't admit it. He likes running, not serving. Cause if he got elected he would have to give up his great "SpaceVan" Lifestyle for the voters! No way would he give that up. No more sci-fi conventions. No more overnight stays and trips sleeping in his van and no more shared housing as no one could supervise chores. After each loss he simply goes back to this grat lifestyle. If he was elected it would all be gone. And he won't give it up for the voters!
Goodspaceguy...We are starting a meet up and syndication group of investors on Orbital Space Colonies done under the shared housing format. We invite you to join us as a paid consultant and access our already constructed colonies. We just require colonists such as yourself to fill them. We were hoping that Bo, Lars, Eric, David, Scott and surely Bradley could join us as founding orbital space pioneer colonists. We promise to elect you as President unanimously in our Secret orbital space colonies as you have have not succeeded on spaceship earth. Please bring the Hare Krishna with you your core supporters!
Only 1 candidate with any chance vs Trump....Mike Bloomberg. He's moved up to #3 nationally without even campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire. Used to be a Republican. Billionaire Bloomberg knows how to create a winning campaign and buy votes, which is what it takes to win. When DemoCommies get tired of Commie Bernie, Bootie Gig and the neck sniffer Biden no one will be left standing Xcept Bloomberg. Goodspaceguy (if he wanted to get elected) should watch the execution and style of Mike Bloomberg. The only Democrat with a snowball chance in hell vs Trump
Commie Bernie and Bootie Gig take charge in New Hampshire 26 percent to 24 percent. Warren looks done. Biden is gasping until South Carolina and Super Tuesday. Quid Pro Joe tries to revive his campaign despite Trump uncovering his Ukraine corruption. Mike Bloomberg is lurking, ready to pounce on these clowns who are destroying each other. He is setting up a massive organization Nationwide in all the key states ready to unleash it. Bloomberg like Trump is a Businessman. He knows what it takes to win and build a winning organization and crush the 5 stooges in orbit! The only hope to stop Bloomberg would be Libertarian candidacy of Goodspaceguy and Eric. Goodspaceguy controls the Conservative vote a some moderates. Eric controls the illegal immigrants vote and DemoCommie liberals. It's a winning ticket and that is the reason why Eric was allowed to become a housemate. Now he's a running mate and potentially Vice President. Goodspaceguy and Eric! A winning combo even Bloomberg would speak highly of.
Gowron, son of M'rel Chancellor of the Klingon Empire hereby declares WAR against Goodspaceguy and any plans for his orbital space colonies! The Klingon Empire extends into the Milky Way galaxy. We shall destroy Goodspaceguy and his space colonies with pulsating photonic lasers and turn Goodspaceguy and his colonies into glittering space dust! The last time Goodspaceguy will ever shine at anything! Stay on Spaceship Earth where you belong! We may invite Bo, Lars, Eric, David, Bradley and Scott to our empire as trainer specimens but never Goodspaceguy!!!!!
Vulcans and Romulans unite in defense of Goodspaceguy vs the Klinton like Klingons! We shall train Eric to drive our space wrecker vehicle like he drives his truck on spaceship earth and clear the way for Goodspaceguy orbital space colonies! Spock through telepathic communication forsees a Goodspaceguy comeback over the Klingtons and Klingons. Spock for King County Council.
Goodspaceguy, I've become a billionaire through Bitcoin. Would like to discuss funding your next campaign with a newly created Goodspaceguy crypto currency. Royalties paid to you upon giving me the launch and marketing rights. We should thank Mike Bloomberg for showing us how to BUY an election. Let the competitive free market allow our election to be bought and sold to the richest and whoever wants to invest the most Goodspaceguy crpto currency!
Hilary Klington rumored to be Mike Bloomberg's running mate. Crooked Hilary aligned with Bloombergs billions is a winning recipe for the DemoCommie party. Sorry Bernie. You are a naked Communist and the DemoCommies want a wolf in sheep's clothing paired with crooked Hilary to dupe the masses. Remember the late Dr Marco Haggard comments about how political campaigns are drafted and run on the premise that the masses are asses! Haggard is right with Mini Mike $$$$ and Crooked Hilary and her Botox wanting to get back in the spotlight! Where is Goodspaceguy when he's needed? Taking a nap in his Spacevan. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! He's enjoying ezzzzzzeee good life while the masses drink beer and eat nachos from Jack in the box.
As I look over the March 10, 2020 Presidential Primary voters pamphlet, something seems to be missing...Shucks! No Goodspaceguy for President. Guess I'll have to vote for Eric for the Democratic nomination instead.
Goodspaceguy orbital space colonies red light therapy for weight loss clinic franchises are now for sale. Scott as director of finance will be taking Goodspaceguy crypto currency for deposits. These franchises combined with the Goodspaceguy fast food diet will be a rolling profit machine designed to help Goodspaceguy become like Mike Bloomberg $$$$$$$$ and finally learn how to buy an election/ nomination. Goodspaceguy has finally seen the light! Unless he deliberately wants to keep losing elections as he enjoys doing so as his favorite hobby so he can keep it going. That to him is a job in itself and he can go back to sleeping in his van as soon as the elections are over. No responsibilities to the voters. Hmmmmm! He's doing well
Goodspaceguy...The Klingons say to stay on spaceship earth you should invest in an eco rubber roof for both your shared houses. It has a 50 year warranty guaranteed leak proof. Then you won't have to invade their galaxy with your OSC's. If you truly are the candidate of peace you will take their advice
Text "Mike" to 80510 to get updates on his campaign. Could there be an announcement that Goodspaceguy could be invited to join the ticket?
Commie Bernie wants Goodspaceguy to pay off 4 economic bubbles. $1.4 trillion in student loan debt, all per capitalism healthcare costs of Commie controlled medicine $$$$$$$, Unfunded state pension fund liabilities of $4 Trillion and the Federal defecit of $24 trillion. Commie Bernie believes in the free market where successful capitalists are forced to subsidize dead beats! Vote Bernie to access Goodspaceguy's wallet!
Worldwide including additional financial experts in the Milky Way galaxy view the Goodspaceguy blockchain crypto digital currency as the most high Growth, disruptive innovation since the invention of Ethernet Bitcoin. They are leveraging their financial expertise anticipating the day when Goodspaceguy gives the thumbs up on the IPO bringing it to the market globally and galaxy wide!!!Scott, his former housemate and trusted financial reliable adviser can hardly wait!
Goodspaceguy...I'm a Bernie Sanders social Commie fan and will be voting for him in the upcoming primary. He would be the easiest candidate for President Trump to trounce in November 2020. Vote Bernie Goodspaceguy in the primary! And get your own Trojan horse candidacy ready to help President Trump too! Only candidate with any chance against President Trump is Michael Bloomberg because he can buy the Democratic nomination. $$$$$ Someday Goodspaceguy too will buy an election. Hah Hah! It's the American way and eventually the Goodspaceguy way. Just like stocks Goodspaceguy buy buy buy! Now for elections do it like Bloomberg spaceman BUY! BUY! BUY the office you are running for. Wooooh! Bloomberg has given Goodspaceguy knowledge.
Bloomberg/Goodspaceguy 2020 or Goodspaceguy/Bloomberg 2020 infect the campaign Goodspaceguy with your Trojan horse virus.
As a fintech ETF Manager, I too would like to add Goodspaceguy Crypto digital currency and Blockchain to our ETF. $$$$$$ If the spaceman refuses to bring it to market I'll contact one of his imposters and do a joint venture with them leaving the original Goodspaceguy confused saying "What happened?" What happened is because he hesitated he lost Billions!!!!! Could have used some of that to buy his next election run for office, like Bloomberg's doing for the DemoCommies. Then again Goodspaceguy can't execute when he has to. His loss. Our gain.$$$$$$__$_$$$$$$$$$$$ Where's the crypto deposit branch acct? Haaaaassaaaashhh hare Krishna!
Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination! Goodspaceguy as a strong Trump supporter surely favors Bernie as Trump will trounce him! Goodspaceguy will surely crossover and support Bernie in the Washington state open primary on 3/10/2020. Bernie Sanders is the man but only until November 2020. The he gets crushed by Trump. Let Goodspaceguy be Bernie's running mate and help President Trump! Bernie and Goodspaceguy and Goodspaceguy and Bernie. The perfect ticket to assure Trump a 2nd Term. Yeah Baby!!!
Rumor has it Goodspaceguy has been invited to serve as a Superdelegate for the Democratic National Committee at this summer convention? Will you be supporting Bernie Sanders Goodspaceguy with assigned extra power? Please help President Trump out spaceman by nominating Bernie Sanders. Notice how his initials are B.S. quite appropriate.
Goodspaceguy, could you please lease your Communist robots to the Bernie Saunders campaign. Remember? The ones you have in storage. Marx, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin? Please help Bernie get the Democratic nomination Goodspaceguy. This exstreme Commie
means certain victory for President Trump. Bloomberg is supported by Rothchilds bankers and is the only Democrat with any chance of beating Trump. Bloomberg is a Globalist puppet. Obama supports him as he wants to destroy US as a sovereign nation. Don't forget, they may bring Hillary back out of the closet for VP if Bloomberg gets the nomination. We need Bernie in as the Global establised knows he's an extreme loser against Trump. Support Bernie now Goodspaceguy and also at the DNC convention which you'll be a Superdelegate to in your spacevan
Goodspaceguy, Mike Bloomberg may be texting you for a loan as he's spent $400 million so far and is running out of cash...He does of course know about the Goodspaceguy crypto blockchain protected digital currency and wants you to lend him that to finance the rest of his campaign to buy the Democratic nomination. But remember, when he asks be polite and tell him you support Bernie Sanders, unless of course Bloomberg offers you VP on the ticket. Then support him as your Trojan horse plan to sabotage his campaign can be launched to help President Trump!
In tonight's Democratic debate they will all be ganging up on Bloomberg to try to take him out! It's between Bernie, Bloomberg or closet Botox candidate Hilary for the DemoCommie nomination. Bloomberg can't debate with any skill. But if he can survive and keep blitzing ads for Super Tuesday he's got a legit shot at overtaking Bernie. The Globalists know that Bernie is too exstreme Commie to beat Trump. But Mini Mike does have a 35 percent shot at beating Trump. Hilary probably about the same. Trump has a great record to run on. But with Bernie the nominee he's to radical to get moderate Democrats. Or independents to support him. And the Globalist bankers know that. Goodspaceguy help Bernie get the nomination any way you can!
Bloomberg got blasted and looked terrible last night. The real winners were Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. Biden is kissing up to Bernie because he wants to be VP again in case Bernie were to have a heart attack in office. Goodspaceguy is doing a tremendous job in fighting for getting Bernie the nomination. He is dead meat vs Trump. However as we all know, Bloomberg will continue a Goodspaceguy ad blitz between now an Super Tuesday and the gullible moderates who hate Bernie will still side with him even though unlike Goodspaceguy (Remember Goodspaceguy debating Gov Gary Locke in the 80's?) Bloomberg has no debate skills. As long as we get Bernie or whoever else? as the candidate EXCEPT Bloomberg or possibly Hilary Klington. Trump should win in a landslide. Bloomberg is the only candidate with a shot at beating Trump besides Billary Klington. And if they do bring out Klington, it should be easier for Trump to beat her this time because he has established a great, outstanding record as President. On March 3, 2020 It will either be Bernie crumbling to the ads of Bloomberg or Bernie locking up the nomination. I forsee Bernie locking things up on Super Tuesday, with the possibility of Goodspaceguy getting offered the VP position to balance his ticket. Would you accept VP Goodspaceguy and give up your great life? Oh I forgot. You would be sabotaging the Bernie Sanders campaign as VP> GREAT!!!!!!!!!
What? The Bloomberg team reaching out to Goodspaceguy for debate coaching lessons? They must remember that outstanding spectacular debate win vs WA Gov and China Ambassdor Gary Locke in the early 80's won decisively by Goodspaceguy!!!You must teach Bloomberg to get rid of his dull personality, attack Bernie and Warren like a tiger even a few WWE moves and take them down on stage. What a shock, mini Mike debating with full power and authority! You get him through this spaceman hell offer you VP. Then you can sabotage his campaign helping President Trump win a reelection Landslide with a cabinet post for Goodspaceguy! Like Fidel Castro would say....Goodspaceguy can't win, but like Bush,he can get appointed.
If Bernie falters and Bloomberg continues to look like a buffoon on TV debates, it may become a brokered convention with the DNC nominating Superdelegate Goodspaceguy to the Democratic Nomination for President! Wow! Who would Goodspaceguy choose as his running mate? Bo, Lars,Eric, David, Bradley or Scott? Former or in Bradley's case current housemates can often make great running mates.
According to Dr. Michael Savage, Bloomberg was put into the race by the Globalists to prevent Sanders from consolidating the moderate Democratic vote which would give Sanders a clear path to the nomination.Lets keep Bernie at the top! Bernie Sanders is the "David Duke" of the left. Trump supporters don't get overconfident! I'm joining Bernie's campaign as a Trojan horse spy to help get him the nomination. The President Trump will bury this Commie Freak with 75 percent of the vote! Goodspaceguy I actively encourage you to join the Bernie Sanders Commie campaign. Take down your Trump sticker for now and replace it for a Bernie Sticker until Bernie gets the nomination. Then affix Trump sticker over Bernie. We'll see you inside the Bernie Sanders Campaign Goodspaceguy. We'll be miles for Trump passing on all of Bernie's strategies!
What's this? Huge donors are abandoning Sleepy Joe and Bootie Gig and the money is shifting toward Goodspaceguy and Bradley! There is no limit to how far the spaceman can travel with these funds to campaign for the Democratic nomination!
Goodspaceguy, so far I've collected over 70 million in donor funds for your campaign for the Democratic nomination for the Presidency. Now I know in the past you wanted donations limited to no more than $25 per person or corporate entity. What should I do with the extra money. Bernie Made off with the money said I should leave the country coronavirus or not. I think I'll take his advice. $$$$$$$$$$$$___$$$$_____$$$$$$ if you need any campaign funds I'll leave ten million in the crypto account. Just keep the campaign on auto pilot till I return.
President Trump tweeting congratulations to Bernie for winning the Nevada primary while trashing mini Mike. Trump's advisers no doubt know that mini Mike is the only Democrat with a legit shot to beat him. Trump wants to face Bernie as he would uncover him for the extremist Commie that he is. According to Dr Michael Savage a repeat of Nixon McGovern where mainstream moderate Hubert Humphrey was squeezed out in favor of far left McGovern. Landslide win for Trump vs Bernie. Dems are too Kool aided up with Bernie he's unelectable because he won't compromise and unite the party. As a Trump supporter I voted for Bernie in the Washington state primary. Bloomberg and Warren in that order are the only 2 Dems with a remote chance vs Trump. Its Trump's election to win or lose with Goodspaceguy being the trojan horse wildcard to help Trump by infiltrating the DemoCommie campaign/Platform as a Superdelegate potential DNC brokered convention emergency stalemate nominee! Don't underestimate Goodspaceguy in a brokered convention if no clear winner emerges beforehand. Also watch out for Hilary coming out of the dark closet. Maybe Goodspaceguy if need be can trojan Trojan horse her if she's a surprise nominee.
Bernie Sanders/Goodspaceguy is the smart way to consolidate and unify the Democratic party! I've already crossed over and filled out my ballot for Bernie and mailed it in. Bernie Sanders for Democratic Presidential party nomination. The best way to get President Trump reelected. Even James Carville Clinton's campaign manager said Bernie's a loser vs Trump....However he's underestimating the Goodspaceguy factor. Especially at a brokered DNC convention where all the bickering and infighting is destroying the potential nominee. Goodspaceguy just may walk up to the podium at the moment of Truth! The convention floor will be in awe hushed silence...then the spaceman will say "I accept the Democratic nomination for the President with Bradley as my running mate." History will be made with Goodspaceguy crossing over as a Trojan horse candidate. Now the real work of sabotage will begin.
Your comments about Goodspaceguy are nothing more than political science fiction. He can't or does not want to win a local election much less a national one. He would never identify with any socialist Communist Democrat even if it does help President Trump. I do agree with your thesis. Bernie is the easiest opponent for Trump to defeat in November. Only Bloomberg has any chance to defeat Trump because he is the candidate supported by the global elite. Ads can buy votes from unsophisticated voters. But Bloomberg needs to improve and become an above average debater. Otherwise the media will continue to deep 6 him in favor of Socialist Bernie.
Goodspaceguy supports Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination......Now why would he do that? Goodspaceguy the libertarian free market capitalist support a socialist communist for the democratic nomination? Maybe Goodspaceguy has seen the light realizing that Bernie is the EASIEST Candidate for President Trump to win reelection. That is not SCIENCE FICTION, that is political science fact!

Besides, by helping Trump get reelected Goodspaceguy is putting himself in line for an appointment to the Space Force 6! That is what he really wants. Not a low profile Washington State political office. The Spaceman wants SPACE RECOGNITION AND ORBITAL SPACE COLONIES. That is the endgame for Goodspaceguy!!!!!!!!
Goodspaceguy...did you know that Bernie Sanders has run for office in the state of Vermont 15 times yet never in those Vermont election runs did he run as a Democrat...hmmmmm if he doesn't consider himself a Democrat then what is he? The answer to that is ezeeee! A socialist anti capitalist COMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!with the intention of destroying the US as we know it. Bernie is like a teen ager gone wild on multiple credit cards. Spend the country into Oblivion, bankrupt the US then sell us into global slavery. He must be stopped after he gets the nomination with President Trump and Goodspaceguy economics! Abolish Bernies $50 per hour minimum wage!!!!!
Bernie praises Fidel Castro's massive literacy program....and his Medicare for all program will cost taxpayers such as Goodspaceguy $30 Trillion! All registered voters Nationwide vote Bernie for the DemoCommie nomination!!! A real Commie supported by Russia and Red China. In 1988 Bernie partied shirtless in Moscow pubs singing Russian worker songs. Not Goodspaceguy songs calling for abolishment of the minimum wage. Bernie also met and supported the Sandinistas! He's a Commie through and through! According to Bernie Venezuela is a model country! Bernie for the demo nomination and be blitzed by President Trump! Bernie will burn down the country destroy our natural gas and oil industry gut our country of millions of jobs. Bernie Sanders for free healthcare for all illegals and terrorists! Vote Bernie for the DemoCommie nomination supported by Goodspaceguy. Bernie wants 85 percent tax rate on Goodspaceguy and the rest. Commie Bernie has them drinking the Kool Aid!!!Support Bernie for the DemoCommie nomination.
Dow drops over 1000 points! Do it like Mike Bloomberg! Do it like Goodspaceguy, BUY, BUY, BUY, BUY,BUY!!!!!!!!!!then use the funds to get the democratic nomination for Bernie. Then turn and attack Bernie during the general election and spend all your cash to defeat the Commie Bernie who has sold the United States out to China and Russia.
On Tuesday 2/25/2020 it will be a full bore all out attack on Bernie Sanders by Mike Bloomberg 🐂 Elizabeth Warren, Booty Gig and Sleepy Joe! Goodspaceguy would do well to thwart this attack so Bernie takes South Carolina and sweeps to the nomination on Super Tuesday 3/3/20. By now Goodspaceguy should be sporting his Bernie Sanders bumper sticker on his van and Grant an interview to the Stranger voicing his support of Bernie Sanders. The perfect con job to get Bernie nominated as the weakest of all opponents for President Trump. Defend the Commie Goodspaceguy to set up the Democratic party for the ultimate failure in November 2020!
Goodspaceguy, could you make an unannounced surprise appearance and speech at the next Democratic debate tomorrow night before the South Carolina primary praising Bernie Sanders?
Goodspaceguy please donate your Vulcan antibodies to the Center for Disease Control so that a serum cure can be developed to git rid of coronavirus!
Go private Goodspaceguy! Let's develop your coronavirus Vulcan antibody vaccination using orbital space colonies for isolation and lab experiments. Then we market the vaccine worldwide! Are you willing to be the first lab rat? The profit potential is enormous. Defend Bernie from tonight's debate attacks which we will be an onslaught like we've never seen! Tell them you are a peaceful candidate with the support of the Hare Krisna's and that's it's totally uncool to pick on Bernie. Besides, Bernie is not really a Communist anti Capitalist.....Hah! Hah! Just cover that up for him so he can keep sucking in those gullible voters who like the Commie Kool aid he Poor's up for them. Bernie is the political version of Reverened Jim Jones Jonestown massacre. Trust Bernie to massacre you and the USA.Wipe us out economically and militarily. Your job spaceman is to make sure he gets the Democratic nomination. Then betray his Commie ideals for the ultimate free market Capitalist in President Trump this November!
Goodspaceguy, Mike Bloomberg has done an about face on Wall Street reform. The trillions of Wall Street are in full support of Mike Bloomberg. But you still support Bernie Goodspaceguy because he will Never beat Trump and the inside cigar smokin big money knows that! Watch for Bloomberg to surge in the coming days. It's a 2 horse race now for Dems...Bernie or Billion dollar backed Mini Mike. The wise guy smart money is on Trump,and Bloomberg. Obama even hates Bernie as he'll have to hire dozens more tax advisers to protect his billions. Bernie Sanders off -$130 Bloomberg +350.
To win the nomination for the Dems.
Goodspaceguy there has got be be A Vulcan solution to the coronavirus. Please break out your orbital space colonization protective masks and space suits and retrovirus nano particle antibodies that Spock left you stored in the lab safes before he departed. Are you accepting housemate applications from Wujan China? In tonight's debate please communicate Spock style telepathically with 5 of the candidates and tell them not to attack Bernie. Biden, Warren and Bootie Gig are all desperate. They see their chance slipping away. Bloomberg must also attack Bernie but don't let him. I proudly supported Bernie the Commie in the Washington State Primary mailed my ballot in 2/24/2020. Vote Bernie/Goodspaceguy for the Democratic nomination.
Robotic disinfectors and attendants can play a huge roll in stopping the coronavirus! Again Goodspaceguy was talking about this decades ago and no one was listening...especially not the Chinese government. Maybe Goodspaceguy will deploy robots in his shared housing to screen candidates and help disinfect his shared houses....
The Procure Space ETF symbol "UFO" has been doing rather will lately with Virgin Galactic as it's top holding up 199% for the year! Of course Goodspaceguy got in on both Virgin Galactic and the UFO etf as this area is too tempting for him to avoid. My questions is could there be a possible position for Goodspaceguy on the Board of Directors for Virgin Galactic or the UFO ETF. Yes!
If Goodspaceguy steps up to the plate and does it like Mike Bloomberg and BUYS, BUYS, BUYS he can buy his way onto the board and reward his supporters with inside information. NO! Wait a minute. Goodspaceguy would never do that becasue it is illegal even though what? 80% of members of Congress DO DO that? But not Goodspaceguy. He would never do that! That's why he is not a politician and never will be elected. Not corrupt! He should switch to a different game!
The need to put Goodspaceguy on the board of directors at Virgin Galactic up over 300 percent last 3 months!!!! It's a Goodspaceguy buy and hold forever stock.
Vulcan retrovirus nano particle desperately needed to stop the coronavirus from cratering Goodspaceguy stocks Microsoft and Boeing, I Robot. Solution Buy, Buy, Buy as they fall! Then buy more. Goodspaceguy has an unlimited supply of crypto digital currency. So buy! Buy buy. Do it like Mini Mike BUY!
Do it like Bloomberg! Buy! Buy Buy! Like Goodspaceguy bye, bye, bye. Mini Mike just keeps buying as he drops in the polls. He wants to buy the Democratic nomination. Goodspaceguy propped up Virgin Galactic today. Buy Buy Goodspaceguy. Even with coronavirus buy the cure bye! Bye! Goodspaceguy
Robotic medicine, the kind that Goodspaceguy was talking about 20 years ago could be the key to stopping the CoronaVirus. Unlike Goodspaceguy most of you do not have an unlimited supply of cash to protect your stock portfolios. Robots to perform medical tests, draw blood, administer vaccines being remote controlled by nurses and doctors. Robots to sanitize.
Robots to supervise quarantine patients. The uses for robots or "Botz" is unlimited, including robots to dispose of and auto drive medical waste to the incinerator. What is a good medical waste coronavirus stock> How about SMED sharps compliance medical waste provider (think coronavirus) Profits Y over Y supposed to increase 100%.
The Goodspaceguy solution to the coronavirus? Use hand sanitiser, refrain from rubbing hands to mouth and eyes. And of course buy stocks, especially Boeing, Microsoft, I Robot, Virgin Galactic and UFO ETF. Also, get a van like Goodspaceguy so you can travel and live mobile, staying 1 step ahead of the coronavirus. Goodspaceguy will live mostly in his space van and wait the virus out. Besides, he needs to show off his new Bernie Sanders bumper sticker until Bernie clinches the demoCommie nomination. Marx, Trotsky, Lenin and Stalin would all be proud of Bernie with his stealth brand of Communism that appeals to young people who don't know better.
On March 2, 2020 the Goodspaceguy fast food diet for 200 year longevity will be celebrated by The spaceman at McDonald's. Free egg McMuffins at McDonald's tomorrow only. Goodspaceguy Wii go to a minimum of 5 and freeze whatever he does not consume as a way of stocking his van for coronavirus. What an ingenious cost saving plan! Too bad he is not in charge of cost saving measures for the Federal government.....young people want the spendthrift, implosion, debt bomb Bernie instead! Ouch! My wallet just burned a hole in my pants pocket. Smokin!!!!
Goodspaceguy says buy stocks! Netflix, Kimberly Clark, Clorox, Zoom Video, Sharp medical disposal, Teledoc, Etsy, if it's a stay at home stock, Goodspaceguy says buy it. Average in on days your stocks retreat. Oh, how could I forget, Virgin Galactic as a prelude to check out his secret orbital space colonies! With his crypto buys Goodspaceguy carried the Dow on his back 1250!!!!!!Do it like Bloomberg do it like Goodspaceguy, Buy, Buy, Buy!!!!!!
Go ahead Commie Bernie. Sweep sleepy Joe off the map and trounce him tonight! Let Mini Mike hurt Biden's chances by dividing the moderate vote. Then get Goodspaceguy to sign on as Bernie's running mate so the election can be a landslide for President Trump. Bernie would have the United States BANKRUPT before he even assumed office. He wants to Commie Spend this country into oblivion, destroy the United States with open borders and make us slaves to the NWO order Commies in China and Russia. Rothchild bankers LUV Bernie as he expedites the global takeover and consolidation of the United States by foreign bankers. Goodspaceguy endorse Bernie for the Democratic nomination before the moderates Demos can rip him off and broker Biden in at the convention even though Bernie will have more delegates. The con job is setting up now where the Establishment Democrats are going to rip Bernie off again! Super Delegate Goodspaceguy must put a stop to this for President Trump. Let Commie Bernie be the DemoCommie nominee. He wins it fair and square yet could still lose it at a Brokered convention with the Super Delegates being rigged in Sleepy Joe's favor.
What Vladimir Putin and his "spooks" want is not so much Bernie for Prez, but support Bernie for the chaos he creates in the Democratic party. Putin hates Bernie and wants Trump for President. Senile Sleepy Joe might catch Bernie. If he doesn't the Democrat establishment will rip Bernie off once again with the rigged Superdelegates at a brokered convention. Too bad. But Trump will trounce Senile Joe Biden anyway! Just not as much or easy as he would whip Bernie. Assuming Bernie does not choose Goodspaceguy as his running mate.
Sleepy Joe Biden adopted the Goodspaceguy model of "spend nothing" and it drove him to become the front runner over Bernie "Commie" Sanders. Wall Street and the moderate Dems cannot stand Sanders and want to defeat him at any cost from getting the nomination. Would hope that Goodsapceguy continues to lobby for Bernie with his bumper sticker on his space van. Yes Trump will surely still beat Biden but not as easy or by as much as he would beat Bernie. Now Mini Mike has dropped out and endorsed "Sleepy Joe, Senile Joe" and will funnel his billions to help Joe through some secret loophole. Of course Mayor Pete, Amy K and Mini Mike all get something from Biden and the Democratic party in return for dropping out and endorsing Sleepy Joe. ($$$$$$$) Lets keep Bernie alive for as long as possible and make it a tough call all the way to the convention this summer! The harder and longer the fight and the more chaotic, the more it helps President Trump! So keep fighting Bernie just like Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines in 1986 vowing to fight to the last Drop of Blood! And know that you Bernie can always count on Goodspaceguy for crypto help to stay in the race. As Curly Joe from the 3 stooges used to say NYUK! NYUK, NYUK! NYUK! NYUK! when laughing at Moe's stupid Jokes! The spaceman will be your loyal cheerleader and offering encouragement for you to stay in the race and cause division in the Demo party until the very end. Way to go Bernie! If you cant beat Sleepy Joe at least beat him up as much as possible! And do it with Goodspaceguy's approval! Both now and at the Democratic Convention this summer. In fact Goodspaceguy wants to give a speech on the Convention floor supporting you receiving the nomination because they ripped you off last time! They rigged it for Billary.
Looks like Bernie Sanders could be imploding unless Goodspaceguy can prop him up for March 10, 2020 primaries.
Boeing stock at $262.50 is a 2 year low. Take a black swan dive nosedive with Goodspaceguy and buy more Boeing stock at this bargain price. Buy! Buy! Buy! Like Goodspaceguy and mini Mike. Buy! Bloomberg is still a factor to help get sleepy senile Joe get the demo nomination. President Xi of China wants Sleepy Joe as he Goosed him and Obama on trade $500 billion a year for 8 years equals American worker loses. Bend over corrupt Biden profits. Xi brings in the stunning Chinese chicks so Biden can neck sniff while Xi gooses him in negotiations and screws the American people on trade. Biden will sell out the US to globalist Chinese interests. TheThe Chin people are great! The Commies who control them are the devil.
Goodspaceguy..with coronavirus slowing in China the Chinese stock market has gained in February while the US stock market is getting crushed. The Spaceman must be buying Chinese stocks like Alibaba, Tencent Hldgs. JD.Com and Vipshop Holdings which beat earnings and shot up 23 percent yesterday. E Commerce stocks thrive with the new middle class in China. The spaceman may be diversifying to China to avoid US coronavirus volatility. Then again Spaceman does not like Chinese killer satellites that threaten his space colonies. Goodspaceguy to liberate Hong Kong and reopen Maucau Casinos to celebrate!!!!!
Bernie and Goodspaceguy, Goodspaceguy/Bernie to balance the ticket.
Be a Prudent Bear and invest like Goodspaceguy. Buy more when your holdings tank without flinching. Goodspaceguy has 119 more years before he departs spaceship earth so he buys and holds. Buys and holds! Buys more when his stocks tank. Do it like Warren Buffet whose lost $3 billion on airlines on paper the last 2 weeks. Do it like the spaceman. Berkshire has plenty of cash $128 billion. Buy, Buy and buy MORE. And avoid Corona virus in a space van.
Vladimir Putin and his oil ministers refuse to "blink" to the Saudi proposal of 1.5 million barrels per day oil cuts to keep oil from going to $30 per barrel oil! Putin says Russian is perfectly happy with $50 oil prices and wants to bring the Saudi's to their knees and destroy the U.S. shale fracking industry. Putin could be making Goodspaceguy rich as he might decide to short oil with leveraged inverse ETF's! Of course Goodspaceguy likes driving and taking naps in his van and wants the lower oil price. But are Americans really going to see a drop at the pump? Not so far even though oil as at $50 per barrel. Someone has their hand in the "cookie jar" keeping gas prices so elevated. SCO, RUSS, OILD and DRIP are a few ways to play these leveraged etf's. You know Goodspaceguy will be telepathically thanking Putin (like Spock) for tanking the price of oil both as a consumer and as an investor! Hah! Hah! Hah!
Keep buying the dip like Goodspaceguy and "Mini Mike" Bloomberg. Bloomberg may help Goodspaceguy BUY a political office someday. Yeah! (Goodspaceguy would say "No" because he does not want to give up the space van life)
"Be greedy when others are fearful. Be fearful when others are greedy." Keep buying in massive amounts like Goodspaceguy and scoop up bargains!
It's an all out price war Goodspaceguy the Saudi's are angry at Putin plan to punish them and U S shale. They are ramping up production in April to 10 million barrels per day, then 11 million then 12 million and drive oil down to $26 per barrel. Bernie will be officially "cooked" after 10 March primaries, so maybe Goodspaceguy can broker a deal with Opec and the Russians. He's a candidate of Hare Krisna's peace which Putin will like. And he is a non drinker which the Saudi's will like. Or maybe Goodspaceguy wants instead to make billions shorting oil! Take the money Goodspaceguy.
President Trump just hired his 4th new Chief of staff. Too bad it wasn't Goodspaceguy. ( Maybe Goodspaceguy doesn't want to get fired)
Lets all become wealthy with Goodspaceguy by "shorting" crude oil with leveraged etf's because Vladimir Putin refuses to blink to Saudi demands for Russia to join in the production cuts of $1.5 million barrels of oil per day. Goodspaceguy will use the money he makes from oil and gas shorting and turn it into green energy solar programs, maybe even hydrogen programs and energy storage for his orbital space colonies. Bradley even wants to become his secretary for orbital space energy! Maybe part of the reason Putin is doing this is to help Bernie's fading chances. Destroying U.S. fracking and natural gas industries is both Putin's and Bernie's plan all along! Putin wants a Russian global monopoly on oil and natural gas. He's even claiming the energy rights to the artic circle at the objections of the Canadians. It's all in shorting oil etf's with Goodspaceguy and his energy profits! Goodspaceguy is a negotiator and candidate of peace. Putin should relate and appreciate that......Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk! But the Saudi's do appreciate that Both Goodspaceguy and President Trump are non drinkers. Putin has a spectacular one of a kind wine cellar that Goodspaceguy would marvel at, though only from an investment point of view.
Crude futures down 20%!!!!!!!! It's an all out price war like we've never seen before! We are making history Goodspaceguy just made $30K paper profit. Keep profiting to the bottom Goodspaceguy, we will all be multi billionaires! And bring your orbital solar energy space colonies to the front page of the New York Times!
You will even be invited to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel show and Saturday Night Live!!!!Whohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
Do it like Bo! Lars! Eric! and David! Bradley and Scott!
Share the wealth, knowledge and prosperity and benefits of being a former Goodspaceguy shared housing housemate!
Short oil!!!! Roll out the solar powered space colonies. Party at Goodspaceguy's homeless encampment Blvd Park Greenbelt behind his shared housing. We are non drinkers and smokers. Send Goodspaceguy to Saudi Arabia to set up the oil " whipsaw" trade! Trade with Goodspaceguy, Bradley and Scott to the Top!$$$$$$$$$$$__
Goodspaceguy is using Zoom videoconferencing in the back of his Spacevan. Zoom is the official video conferencing company of choice for the orbital space colonies. $$$____$$$$$___$$$$$$
Let Bernie trash the U.S. shale industry in tonight's debate so Goodspaceguy can squeeze every last drop out of this oil short! Vladimir Putin has a history of NOT backing down. The only way to prop up oil prices is by cutting the production by at least 1.5 million bpd by both Russia and Saudi/Opec. Oil demand is simply not there. Just get Goodspaceguy ready for the WHIPSAW TRADE. REVERSE PIVOT LIKE A MICHAEL JORDAN 360 PIVOT DUNK!! wOOOOOOSH!=$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Goodspaceguy has so much crypto currency from his oil shorts I've heard the rumor that he may be starting his own private equity fund to compete with the world's largest the Blackstone Group....He's actually claiming "title" to certain orbital space paths which would be most adaptable to his orbital space colony blueprint. That's why he's looking at a hostile takeover buyout of Virgin Galactic. To transport his space colonists to their chosen destination.
Putin and Xi do not like his plans for orbital space colonies as they want to be the first to weaponize space so they can control spaceship earth. Putin will try to bring the U.S. and the Saudi's to their knees so they can kiss his boots. Putin is not likely to blink first. It may be the U.S. shale industry because It's an election year and the economy being the main issue. In fact this oil crash is surely engineered to have Trump voted out and Senile Biden put in. Who would actually be running the show with Senile Biden being the prop? Just like President Reagan's 2nd term when he had dementia and Alzheimer's when Poindexter and Cheney ran the show from behind the curtain.
Buy Boeing stock at $199.99 and in vest in the Space Force with Goodspaceguy! As it falls buy more like Goodspaceguy!!!!!$$$$$$____$$$$$
This is the perfect time to roll out Goodspaceguys orbital space colonies for quarantine and vaccine research locations. What a futurists he is!!! Virgin Galactic dropping 11% more to $16 dollars per share and UFO? It's down 6.71 percent to $19.32. Goodspaceguy has a time horizon for the next 119 years as he said he's going to live to 200. Therefore if his portfolio is being damaged it will have plenty of time to recover later. The Goodspaceguy investing mantra is "Don't Panic" sell. Just hang in there play inverse leveraged funds like oil etf's and keep buying more of your core holdings. I doubt if Goodspaceguy has sold Boeing. He just buys more and same with Microsoft even at $153, he is well in the black and will ride out the storm. Also Goodspaceguy is surely using freeze dried and packaged food for his van travel to stay 1 step ahead of the coronavirus. An he takes clorox wipes from the library carefully disinfecting his hands after each visit. Be frugal and thrifty for the Coronavirus and consider a voluntary van quarantine like Goodspaceguy.
When voters catch on that Biden is senile, A brokered convention may bring Hillary Klington back to the top spot. Something to consider......Goodspaceguy may crash the DNC this summer and make a bid to be Hillary's running mate to help president Trump.
Goodspaceguy surely credits his new found fortune with the free trading techniques he learned at Online Trading Academy main office in Bellevue, WA. It is during turbulent market times such as these, that the day trade techniques work best! Goodspaceguy may be a man of peace but in the financial world he knows how to leave his opponent "holding an empty bag" so to speak while Goodspaceguy has emptied that bag and in Bernie Madeoff fashon....MADEOFF with all the cash!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ He does it like a robot! Not even giving it a 2nd thought. Do it like Bloomberg and do it like Goodspaceguy. Trade to the top during turbulent times. With each massive drop Goodspaceguy scoops up undervalued long term winners like Warren Buffet! Be fearful when others are greedy and be GREEDY now while the masses are fearful!
Carl Icahn increased his position in Occidental petroleum to 10 percent. Will this turn around anytime soon? A contrarian move to say the least. Goodspaceguy should be using his profits to capitalize on his "brand" Goodspaceguy toilet tissue, Goodspaceguy wipes and disinfectant. He's missing a golden opportunity! $$___$$$$$ But then again he's made so much from shorting oil he probably does not care. Just happy to be living in his van.
Goodspaceguy is capitalizing on oil tanker stocks with the glut of oil that's being shipped. Average large tanker lease rate up to $105,000 per day!
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