Monday, May 15, 2006

All Humans On Our Spaceship Earth Are Related !

All Humans On Our Spaceship Earth Are Related !
* May 15, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
(This is my message # 7. Also, I have placed more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
* Our scientists have discovered that all humans are related. Scientists have found that Africa (the continent of the hot, hot sun) is the home continent of humanity. This fact tells us that our ancestors were black.
* Whites and yellows and reds and even blacks are descended from our black ancestors. This knowledge should help to decrease racism. Blacks were the original humans. Without black skin pigmentation, our ancestors could not have survived under the burning African equatorial Sun. People without protective skin pigmentation born under the burning sun gradually died out due to skin cancer. In our African home continent, our African ancestors needed the black pigmentation to prevent skin cancer.
*We who have lost our black pigmentation would do well to avoid the burning Sun of the equatorial area of our Spaceship Earth. We would be wise to live in the cold North where the Sun will not burn us so badly. In the warm areas of Our Spaceship Earth, the burning Sun slowly kills the people who do not have protective skin pigmentation.
* To raise the living standard of all our relatives all over our Spaceship Earth, we should regard each human as royality in charge of her own life. To make the royality of each human more real, we should attempt to teach competitive free market economics and the principles of incentive and the principles of local democracy.
* May we be lifted up by increasing knowledge, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

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