Thursday, May 18, 2006

English & Economics as the Languages of our Spaceship Earth

*English & economics as the Languages of our Spaceship Earth
*May 18, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
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* To help raise the living standard rapidly on our Spaceship Earth, let us suggest to the people of all nations that everyone who reads, writes, and speaks English and economics should be allowed entry into those nations which desire an increasing living standard. I predict any nation that adopts this policy of welcoming English and economics proficient people into their nation, will see an upward bound effect in their living standard.
* The knowledge of economics (the foundation of our living standard) exists in our economic text books and in the minds of some humans. In order to raise the living standard, we need to get knowledge of the principles of economics into the minds of voters. We should be teaching economics in elementary school.
* People who already have knowledge of economics should be welcomed into those nations which want to raise their living standard.
* Knowledge of English should help knit our Spaceship Earth together with more and more educated passengers and crew.
*The purpose of language is to be able to communicate with others. We need a common language for communicating with everyone on Spaceship Earth. A common language will help to raise the living standard.
* The many, many languages developed when humans spread out over the surface of Earth and then became isolated from each other. Now because of mass communication around Spaceship Earth and from our Earth orbiting communication satellites, the isolation is disappearing and more and more people are learning English, which should help to bring our human family back together again.
* May we be lifted up by increasing knowledge, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

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