Thursday, May 04, 2006

English, Our SpaceShip Earth's Common Language

English, Our SpaceShip Earth's Common Language
Thursday, May 4, 2006. By Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* This morning, I was listening to Senator Kent Conrad speaking from the floor of the United States Senate. Senator Kent Conrad is a Democrat from North Dakota. Senator Kent Conrad was saying that English is the common language of the United States and that people who immigrate into the United States should know English. I have long agreed with Senator Kent Conrad on this subject.
* In addition, I have long believed that if the people of Our SpaceShip Earth were to learn English, this knowledge of English would help the people of Our SpaceShip Earth to raise their living standard. English is the logical language to become the common language of Our Spaceship Earth.
* I am primarily of Scandinavian descent, and I am able to read Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and German and parts of other languages, but English is the language of prosperity for Our Spaceship Earth.
* May we be lifted up by increasing knowledge, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

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