Friday, May 05, 2006

Humorist Michael Moore Needs Better Economic Answers

* Michael Moore -- the brilliant, documentary-making humorist -- needs better economic answers to the problems he presents in his entertaining movies. I just watched his movie "Roger & Me" for the second time. This humor was worth watching. The lack of economic knowledge among the people Michael Moore questioned was amazing and is reflective of the economic ignorance of the people of Our SpaceShip Earth. The 1989 documentary "Roger & Me" showed the poverty and misery that hit Flint Michigan when the production of vehicles became less profitable there and the workers were therefore let-go. In Flint Michigan, at that time, the goose that laid the golden eggs had finally been killed. The less-profitable vehicle production in Flint Michigan gradually stopped, and the workers were laid off.
* If we are to raise the living standard and quality of life on our SpaceShip Earth, it is important for the people to study the principles of economics and make sure that their employers make sufficient profits in their locale to want to continue the business in their locale, such as in the Flint Michigan of the latter 1980's.
* Profits are the wages of the employers. Not many employers want to work for free. To increase employment, increase profits! Employers want to hire when there are good profits to be made in a region. To increase employment around our Spaceship Earth, we should defend profits around our Spaceship Earth. This fact was not stressed in Michael Moore's educational documentary. The people who responded to Michael Moore's questions did not stress making Flint Michigan a more profitable locale to bring back employment to Flint Michigan.
* When we study and gain an understanding of the principles of economics, we then begin to understand what must be done to move our economy towards balance in which work becomes available for everyone who wants to work. Currently, the economies around our Spaceship Earth have been sabotaged by ignorance, and thus there is not work for everyone who wants work.
* May we be lifted up by increasing knowledge, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

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