Saturday, May 20, 2006

Incentive & Profitability R Important in Job Creation!

Incentive and Profit for the Individual and Profit for Businesses Are Important for the Creation of Jobs in the Various Nations on our Spaceship Earth! (My message # 9. I also have put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )

* May 20, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* The governments of our Spaceship Earth are always sabotaging their economies. The governments therefore have a responsibility to provide emergency, low-paid employment to their people (including their problem people.) The reason that the government emergency employment has to be low-paid is that there is only so much money and resources available at each point in time.

* When many people receive a lot of the available money to buy the goods and services that have been produced, that leaves less real money to buy the remaining goods and services. This emergency employment will help produce a higher living standard than welfare will. The more people we can get into the work force of our Spaceship Earth, the more goods and services we can produce to raise the world living standard.

* This job creation is best done in the competitive free market economy, but government has to back up free market employment with government emergency employment including employment for people with problems. The many, many emergency employment systems could act as insurance systems, giving the people a basic level of protection from the harm caused by the governments' sabotaging of the economy of our Spaceship Earth.

*May we be lifted up by increasing knowledge. Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

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