Saturday, June 10, 2006

How Did Black Africans Create White Europeans?

How Did Black Africans Create White Europeans? (This is my message # 11. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
Saturday, June 10, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* Many people of our Spaceship Earth suffer from racism, but scientist tell us that we humans are all related. I read that there is only one human race.
* My understanding is that through geographical isolation from each other, we have developed different geographical, physical characteristics within our human race, but we are still one race in that men and women with the different geographical, physical characteristics can still have children together.
* Scientists tell us that human beings evolved in Africa and spread out gradually over the Earth.
* When I was a child, I was brought up by my parents in the Protestant Church. The adults around me told me that the first two people were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve at first lived without clothes. They were naked.
* In Africa, near the equator it is hot under the burning Sun, and it is possible for humans to survive there without clothes, but they need black skin pigmentation to protect themselves from skin cancer caused by the radiation from the direct rays of the Sun.
* Under the direct solar radiation at the equator, people without protective pigmentation (such as a person born white) would slowly be killed by the skin cancer caused by the solar radiation from the Sun. But if the lighter skin people did survive, their descendants and their descendants descendants without protective pigmentation would slowly be killed. Naked humans under the direct radiation of the Sun in equatorial Africa needed protective pigmentation. They needed to be black. Children born with less pigmentation would be gradually eliminated by the radiation from the Sun.
* Thus the first Adams and Eves of the gardens of Eden in equatorial Africa were black. They had to be black to survive. People born without enough protective protection would die out over the generations.
* The adults around me in my religious up-bringing told me of the Garden of Eden.
* Hot Equatorial Africa was a huge "Garden of Eden" or many gardens of Eden, but a dangerous area filled with hungry predators.
* As our dark-skinned ancestors gradually moved out of hot Africa and moved north and moved into cool Europe and into cold Northern Europe, they no longer needed the protective skin pigmentation of their equatorial, African ancestors because the solar radiation in the north of Europe was coming in at an angle and therefore passed through more atmosphere which acted as a radiation filter, and this filtered radiation was spread out over more land area. Therefore it did not heat up the land or the people as much as it did further to the south.
* Each generation is slightly different from its parent generation. As more and more children were born in the North with less and less protective skin protection, the less and less dark children survived and grew up to be lighter skinned humans.
* Not as much protective pigmentation was required for survival of each generation of children, and nature under the weaker sun light of the cold North slowly created the white version of humans, who over many, many generations forgot their black African origin.
* Also, I am guessing that as our black ancestors from Africa moved more and more north, their protective pigmentation became a handicap in the weak sun light of the cold North. I suspect we humans gain some forms of nurishment from solar radiation, and when the weak, spread-out sun shine in the North had trouble getting through the black protective pigmentation of our black ancestors, it led to health problems for those with the black, protective pigmentation. Those descendents born with less pigmentation tended to be healthier in the North. Gradually over many generations, the descendents who had less protective pigmentation survived in the weak northern Sun light of the cold Northand multiplied while those who were born with too much protection slowly died out. This happened over many, many generations.
* The transformation of black Africans into white Europeans occurred over so many generations that the White Europeans forgot and then never knew that they were the descendants of Black Africans: the black Adams and the Eves of the gardens of Eden in equatorial Africa.
* When I was a child, the adults around me told me that Adam was created in the image of God. So (if the adults were telling me the truth) this would mean that when we see a black man, we are getting an image of God or at least a vision of our black, African ancestors.
* Science has told me that the gardens of Eden are in the equatorial regions of our Spaceship Earth where the people should be black if they want to survive and prosper.
* Science has told me that the Adams and Eves of our Spaceship Earth were black Africans and their descendants in the North of Europe have become white in order to survive being away from the burning Sun.
* Conclusion: Blacks who move north away from the burning Sun will probably have descendants who over the generations will become whiter. Whites who move back towards the warmth of the burning Sun will probably have descendants who over the generations will become darker, like their forgotten ancestors.
* The forgetting of our roots helped create racism. The remembering of our roots might help to build peace in our human family .

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Least said, soonest mended.
Very good;) I LOVED your last point (sentence)
I agree the first race on earth were a civilization called the Washitaw Muurs and they were Black that's what they don't want u to know.
In answer to your post's title: They (Africans didn't)!!! But they were derived from us. I've collected much more information on this sensitive topic at my own blog. It needs to said there is much that is (and still is) hidden from us on this subject but alot more is slowly being revealed when you know where to, and who to go to, look
Howdy! This post could not be written any better!
Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this write-up to him.
Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thank you for sharing!

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I've studied this topic as well. There many scientists that claim yes and no. Depends on your belief system really. If you believe in evolution and pangea then the answer is no, no one really knows. Scientist can just speculate. I don't believe that just black people were first, there's scientific data proving this. Most people look to Africa because everyone told them so. Look into Peruvian ancient culture, there markings that date back to the time of sumer and mesopatamia, but these areas are completely cut off from each other. For africans to evolve into white people going north would take thousands of years, body structure is completely different, biologist as well as others proved this. Once again I'm not saying who is wrong or right but it comes down to belief. I believe we all evolved at or around the same time, if there was a river near you there's a good chance to sustain life. China the middle east the Americas and Eurasia all had these. If you believe in the monkey theory the same rule applies. To say that Africa was the birth place is kind of like saying that earth is the only planet inthe universe that can sustain life. Quite simply we just don't know. Please keep researching, and never stop questioning. Remember no matter what were all human beings, therefore making us all brothers and sisters.
Pls keep on sharing this is very interesting (nga maanda)

I really believe this

So all new life had to be black. Birds,Zebras,monkeys,people.Does not look right to this guy from Arkansas.
Put very well. & I agree a lot
You people create a science (Carbon Dating) which is fool proof then deny your own findings when they dont suit your racist foolishness and devious agendas. How any person can surmise that life began anywhere other than Africa is abject lunacy.Then to lie and say they were not black skinned in Ethiopa? WTH There are many sciences to detect skin tone and Carbon Dating is an exact science it cannot be wrong. You people should stop trying to preserve your racist history and accept that Africans were the first human beings on earth.

Spacehsip earth LMAO......Good luck keepin that lie going with the invention of the internet.
Very good read ;however there are some missing equations. True that the darker skin exised first but the question is that it may have been more then just the traveling to another part of the world that brought forth another skin/color or group of people. Even though some how we came to be in the same form. Just like the above comment states that we are different -body structure, genetics ect. Much more will be revealed as time progress .
I believe every single thing u said in this article its jus such a shame that white people r too dumb to realize that they actually came frum us and that we are the true first realrace blacks (african americans) that were first apon this earth but they will never believe that

now all blacks do agree they ( we cos i'm one) are the first race to appear on Earth,if that was a curse or something bad ( first race on Earth) then for sure in this forum we all or most of the blacks commenting here will say the opposite, that White race came first then later the black race. Well from what i tend to believe deep down in my heart is God created man but in honest we don't know how he did that and we can't say if it was only one type/color of man he made otherwise i think Man from time over these years evolved to fit into his climate and region, lets say Greek and Italians are whites with dark hair while those to the North pole like in Russia, Norway, Sweden look lighter with light colored hair.Same in Africa, Central Africa, West Africa and those from Eastern Africa look different in color.
The book of Genesis states that the most high formed man from the ground. We know the garden was perfect and that healthy soil is black. We also know there were no imperfections were in the garden so procreation could take place without any consequences until sin entered which allowed for "abnormalities" resulting in gene mutation. African dna remains dominant when its mixed with other recessive dna.
There is only one race that is tha BLACK RACE
Great point
Eugenics was performed by the big head scientists after they made refuge on earth after their planet was destroyed the big head scientist parents were murdered by blacks so he performed eugenics and created white people

There was only one race of humans 'dark skinned'. Climate change 10,000 years of evolution is the answer to your questions. One race not even race because race is another made up name only used to divide and conquer us as a whole species. Let me put it like this if you have enough money to change someone's way of thinking and religion by force. Then you can change the way the people in the world thinks and move ! Ask your self why would someone want to change your way of living to satisfy their own greed. Micheal Jackson was right they don't care about us. If you don't have at least 900 million in you bank account,, if you don't then your just a number.
Perhaps it would be easier for white people to accept it if black people like you would at least make it seem like you are educated
Let the truth be known!!!!
I'm black and frankly at this moment I don't care who originated first or second....we are all human beings so let's make this work while we still have a planet to live on.
I'm a black man. I believe that the blacks were created first BUT does it really matter? I see a lot of folks getting upset behind a post. I don't care who was created first or second...we are all human beings so let's stop the hatred and make this work while we still have an earth to live on.
Very very true indeed
I really do believe that blacks were here first,they are from the earth and evolved from whatever, Whites on the other hand came from the heavens we came here to teach and educate the ancient black's and to boost a civilation
And our white ancestors from the heavens just had to mate with the blacks.I think it was an experiment!
I'm really starting to believe Ancient Aliens theories have a lot more merit! Thought provoking! Possibilitys!
93% of all Black People are killed by Black People, we have to stop killing each other, I'm a Black woman and I thought this was an interesting article, I'm not sure if I believe it, no one really knows where everyone came from
Interesting article however white complexion resulted from a recessive gene. Blacks can give birth to a white skinned person (I.e., albino). It is speculated that ancient Africans expelled albinos from their villages because of the visual difference in skin color. Albinos moved north to avoid the equatorial sun and gave rise to other races with white skin. People who have a recessive gene for skin color can never re-acquire brown or black skin,
This last ones on point
Reply back to me, so all this information, i do get it but need you to sum it all up for me i short, so..... people who werent rlly dark skinned? were being born in africa too? thats why they had to move up north, cause you did say the were dying from radiation, im guessing you talking bout the light people? and how did the skin become lighter and lighter when they got to North? if their parents black?
It kinda makes sense
I guess were all Africans. It is what it is.
Im an african
Nonsense. This technology driven explaination hurdles tight to a reasonable and scientific theory on how paleskin people came about. If we are going to believe a theory, just an opinion, however based in logic, but much younger than ancient theories. The ancient theory is that paleskin or Albinism was a curse. All diseases have their root in spiritual imbalances and cure only be cured thus. But the paleskin lives without spirit, although much spirit was taught to them, instead they used it as blackmagic, forming the Illuminati. Practicing demon worship and angry at the Creator. This is the price of going against the Almighty God and warning to all others. Love, Sango.

Black Nationalists Fundraisers

Support Black Farmers!

I don't understand why it is so hard or bad to derive from black people. Your explanations were well made and valid. I think they make more sense than some information that is both offensive and incorrect. Really enjoyed reading.
Take this to replies believe it or not!!!������
Thank you for your rationale. The idea that all people came from the darkest of skin and 'bleached out' over a relatively short period of time is ridiculous. It could just as easily be stated people were created light skinned and in moving to various regions caused the darker pigmentation as the skin adjusted to the stronger/longer sunlight. Look at people today. You do 't see people's skin getting lighter. Even dark skinned people tan. It isn't logical to get lighter but still common pigment is caused by sun exposure.
All 'knowledge' is a mere culmination of what another person or people has 'determined' or hypothesized. There is not any definitive proof of ANY of what we humans have been taught about our origin or the origin of Earth nor universe that can be proven absolutely. It is s mere culmination of guessing for which some stuck as fact and has been handed down and believed by many as truth. The mere make up of the Earth is a fine example. Scientists teach that the Earth has various layers and is centered by on lava, yet man has never drilled more than 7 miles below the surface. Google how deep the Earth is and you will see the depth to which has been has been drilled is a mere fraction of the Earth. So scientists hypothesized based on sounds waves soil samples etc(blah blah) what our Earths interior is made up of. But they really have no idea. Read the info. It constantly speaks of hypothesis. Why? Because they don't know. The same thing rings true in the medical field of doctors and scientists as well. That is why the medical field changes its stance on medical practices every 10 to 15 years. People will say medical advancement and yes, in some areas there is knowledge gained. But, once again at the end of the day, the medical community is still 'practicing medicine' and really knows relatively very little about our brain functions and genetic make up.
Not 100% true. There was some genetic manipulation, which brought on other races in addition to interbreeding after the genetic manipulation. Sort of like how we have genetic modified organisms, i.e. our food. If people changed colors due to where they live geographically, then black people in America would be white. Also, the white people who live in Africa would look black.
Kitty Kat when is your next Klan meeting? LMAO......Wow.....
It wouldn't work the other way around. Whiteskin would just get a tan from sunlight. if you look up people with tans they don't have black skin. Blackskin contains melanin which is also something that people with white skin lack. Black people can also lack melanin that's why he said white people could have came from black people it's because people who lacked melanin wouldn't last as long then people with melanin in africa.
When people who lacked melanin and lived in colder climates they lived longer than they would in africa.

Black people are the only race that can produce another race or skin color besides themselves if you look up black people producing white offspring you'll see stories and proof but you won't see white parents producing black offspring. But no one could be 100% sure but if you really think about it makes sense.
The guy who created the white named yaku a black scientists
I know the first beings on earth looking from an intellectual perspective could only have been dark skinned beings. Most don't understand nature and planetary covenant which nurtures the being him/herself. When you look at how trees grow they spiral up to the heavens like an Afro follicle. I know through selective breeding, Moorish scientists were able to create a being using a very dark skinned Indigenous male) and woman(white Neanderthal). Attempts were made with the black female and white man Neanderthal but different forms and mutations occurred, but once the perfect pair were bred instead of a slump over, beastly, pale creature of the mountains and caves emerged a light brown skinned, up right(spine elongated) through genetic manipulation generations of people who gradually got lighter and lighter because the scientists wanted to try and wash out the black gene to create what we call today the Caucasian. Just something to think and research about
This guy is full of shit, and racially bias, and the idiot discredits his own theory right of the start. If the first people of his theory had to develop darker skin through numerous generations to get black. Then obviously the first generation wasn't black skinned to start off with 😞 .The truth is that they weren't black or white as we know the races today they were probably more of a middle eastern looking individual.
Evryone is talking black white not mentioning asians, also if blacks existed first why is there population smaller.
If black was first race then why is the black race one of the smallest. No one mentions the asians the largest.
A racist system perpetrated by the Caucasian man will not attempt to destroy their so-called superiority by divulging the truth about our ancestry. As long as we black people are aware of who we are we don't have to have white people agree on what we believe. They distorted the bible to subjugate tbe black man with the white slavery of Jesus Christ....even though they forgot to tell us that the said Jesus was a black man. "Eyes like fire and hair like wool"...where did the blue eyes Jesus come from? There are studies that show some people from China who have the same genetic make up as people in some parts of Africa. ...for tbe unbelieving what does that say? Knowledge I'd power and therfore the lack of it makes us powerless, that is why the black race has been decimated for so long, yo conceal a lie.
If black people have white offspring kinda makes sense that the black parents have white blood. And yes I have seen white parents with a black child. This topic is one of the wonders of life. We are all people of earth bottom line!!
Completely idiotic!!
Your are wrong. Science tell us that there was 2 different humans species that evolved separately. Home sapiens(Africa) and Neanderthals(Europe) .this is said by scientists too.
Good Work!
Dude,really? Asiatic Indians would laugh their asses of if they hear that blacks from Africa is the first race. The first language is Sanskrit. You think if the first human race did not developed speech or a language. They would be the first human race that has evolved from apes. You think only apes evolved? They were many types of demi-gods on planet earth according to Hinduism. They all have equally contribute to the human race interbeeding with other kinds. Some were demons and angels. In the Bible they speak about eloheem. Some had supernatural powers like Yaksha's from Sri Lanka and India. In India the life started. The blacks from Asia moved to Africa and the blacks are called Asiatic in the official genetical terminology. Their most of their original languages created from Asiatic language essence.
No it does not if that were true than blacks would not be abke to produce a white child. Blacks being able to produce a white child shows the white gene is dominant since it cancels out the black gene enabling the child to be white.
Michael jackson was child molester who bleached his skin because he wanted to be so badly white.
Albinos are not white people but people who lack melanin. Albinos did not create other white races either that is one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. Albinism is a disease produced by black people and this is a true fact.
You are truly retarded as a lifeless turd. God does not exist, he is a fictional character who was created by man borrowing concepts from other religions. Illuminate is fake as hell.
Yakub is a dumb fictional character created by dumb niggers.
China has the largest population because they breed like roachs. The bjggest country in the world how ever is Russia.
You're retarded as shit.
1 all this dumbass did was repeat the same fucking crap and 2 whites did not come from blacks and 3 LMAO why do y'all think god made you in his likeness that is just bullshit.If anything black came from whites as black people have white hand palms and feet palms which proves y'all racist people have white in you.I have no black DNA in me at all I have been tested I have half white half Mohawk Indian.
I love what you wrote !! I've always been fascinated by life where we came from etc.. you pretty much touched on a lot I was curious about thank u so much
San people was the first people in Africa history white skin people didn't exist Egyptians which was black people the first Thu the third dynasty of Egypt when we thought all race of people how to survive I have a lot to talk about but I tell u this that government want teach you when Noah was on the ark they put two types of animals on the ship which elephant and giraffe and Zebra and lion u get the point where did the ark stop where u find these types of animals Africa where the ark stop for the American go and see them in the zoo so that a little bit of why Africa history is so important where the white man came from
How many whites you know can produce a black baby?? Dnt worry i'll wait..

john brand - Blacks are the only race who can create any shade of the spectrum. cause blacks are pure humans the rest are neanderthals. neanderthals are any one who isnt of african descent. IF YOU ARE NOT OF AFRICAN DESCENT YOU ARE NEANDERTHAL AND HAVE MONKEY DOG MUTATED DNA. YOU LACK MELANIN WHICH IS NEEDED to be morei ntune with the universe. its facts look it up. white people are nothing more than the lowest manifestation of the human race the blacker you are the closer to nature you are the lighter the further thats why white people did all the fucked up shit they did n still be doing. they genes are fucked up blacks are the opposite they're the highest manifestion and TRUEST humans!....FACTS!!!!!
great!! I appreciate this
For all you rasict white people don't be mad that black people are better than yall that why yall getting plastic surgery and things because yall want to look likes us.Yhe truth hurts that why yall talking all that mess.
@Anonymous. China doean't have the largest population anymore. India has now surpassed China as the #1 country with biggest population.
So, where did that half-white and half-mohawk originate from? Too many will deny, and not believe where they came from. Due to lack of education past down, and technology, and racist filled with greed. Who just want to dominate and be praise, will block, hide, and try to wipe out this educational information. The reason the black population is small because, of the truth that cones behind it. Which is, indeed where all colors(race) is originated from. Race only pertain to human, animal, and different species is divided. Not Humans,because we are all humans. Just some had more access to education through history, because they wanted it hidden from darker colors, because that is, was, and will always be where all Human Race developed from. Merry Christmas to all my human brothers and sisters.
I think 98% of the people who commented on this subject are racist...i think that 98% of these comments are racist BS! Read the book of Enoch..he was an Ethiopian whose son's son lamech was Noah's father..(from the book of Enoch) And after some days my son Methuselah took a wife for his son Lamech, and she became

p. 151

pregnant by him and bore a son. 2. And his body was white as snow and red as the blooming of a rose, and the hair of his head †and his long locks were white as wool, and his eyes beautiful†. And when he opened his eyes, he lighted up the whole house like the sun, and the whole house was very bright. 3. And thereupon he arose in the hands of the midwife, opened his mouth, and †conversed with† the Lord of righteousness. 4. And his father Lamech was afraid of him and fled, and came to his father Methuselah. 5. And he said unto him: 'I have begotten a strange son, diverse from and unlike man, and resembling the sons of the God of heaven; and his nature is different and he is not like us, and his eyes are as the rays of the sun, and his countenance is glorious. 6. And it seems to me that he is not sprung from me but from the angels...FOOD FOR THOUGHT..STOP THE RACISM!
I have NEVER had ANY plastic surgery to look like a black person and I would NEVER want to. I never thought of black people being better than white people. I LIKE being white. I never go in the sun to get a tan. The sun causes premature wrinkles and skin Cancer. I love being pale. I don't feel I need to get butt implants to look like I have a fat ass. And I've never wanted to get lip implants to look like a duck. Oh and I've never had extensions or weaves. I have naturally wavy, loose curly hair. I am proud to be white and I don't think that makes me a racist. Because if black people can be proud to be black, then why can't white people be proud to be white? Double standard!!!
@Anonymous The blacks are the highest manifestation? That is the biggest line of HORSESHIT I've EVER heard! I like how you make up your OWN facts. Because you don't have one iota of proof to the gibberish and drivel you're spewing. Where can you show me these "facts"? These words are just your sick and distorted OPINION. There's a BIG difference between facts and one's opinion. Don't get the two confused!
I know it is difficult for White people to accept the fact that (Black People) are your parents! And without (Black People) you would not exist! Black can produce all color of people, but white can not produce Black! It's just that simple. White people are terrified of this fact because it proves that they (along with everyone else) have been lied to by their own regarding the truth about "His-Story!!

The creator has left three species of humankind on earth.The black pigmentation, white pigmentation, and brown pigmentation.We all breathe in the same air made up of co2,nitrogen and oxygen (3).He created male, female and off spring through procreation.(3).We have two physical eyes and the third is the psychic energy between the eyebrow.(3).Every body has got a DNA to determine...(3).From your throat up to the brain is the computer box, from the throat to the navel is the air conditioning plant and from the navel below is the sewerage plant (3).We have the sun that gives us light, the moon controls the tide and Earth is where humans live(3).We have three big oceans, the Indian,Pacific and Atlantic(3).Christ died on Friday and rose on the third day.(3).He was nailed on a cross, the top three points depicts the hindu trinity, shiva's trishul- two sides flattened to form 90 degree.christ was nailed with three nails. The earth is 360deg. when divided by 12 months for the year leaves 30deg.which is further divided into 3 of 10 deg. for the lunar effects.(3). The mother carries the foetus for 9 mths. divided three is (3).The first and second world war completed and the third to happen.We passed the stone age and ice age this is the machine age.We learnt of the past, we in the present, and the future to come.I christianity we talk about Father son and holy spirit.A flame has got orange on the outer, blue in the centre and smoky at the bottom.(3).The bermuda triangle is so powerful. The reason being this is the area of the creator and that is why it is a triangle shaped (3) points.around the perimeter of the triangle is the hexagon shaped clouds that float. This hexagon shape resembles the shiva shakti yantram with the top triangle pointing down representing male aspect and the bottom triangle facing up representing the female aspect. Likewise the hexagon six sided is used for all religion. So this area is the site of the creator of all human kind and definitely the (white)(indian)and (black)are (3) types of human on earth and the rest is a off shoot of the three.Pythorgres theorem is a perfect trangle.
So you will have us believe that we evolved white skin, blue eyes and blond hair in a matter of a thousand or so years? What kind of selective evolutionary pressure would produce such a result? Did albino Africans suddenly corner the sexual marketplace in Northern Europe? Please.

My people literally have no features in common with the negroids.

The out of Africa theory may very well prove to be right but right now it has more holes than Swiss Cheese.

So how did Scandinavians evolve white skin, blue eyes and blond hair over the course of a thousand years? Did albino Africans all of the sudden corner the sexual marketplace?

The out of Africa theory has more holes than Swiss Cheese. A theory that was popularized during the 90s as a way to prove there is no race.

You know who really cares who was first and where we all came from. No one knows this why there is light skin, dark skin. And does it matter if Adam and Eve were black, brown, white, yellow, red? I don't care if my ancestors had some black in them all though it must have been a different type, my hair is straight, fine, my build is nothing like blacks, even eyes and the sun did all this!! I don't believe that, Like I said before I'm going to lose any sleep over who was who. Doesn't matter we are all of the same race we know that because we can mix and have offspring so we do have the same type blood. Why you guys are dealing with is what you have found. Myself i think the man has been far more advanced than we are lived here before but they destroyed themselves much like we are poised to do. Because we are stupid we worry about this race did this are this one did that one thing about it you don't know and you shouldn't waste your time on something you can't figure, you can guess, stipulate, all you want but why WHO CARES WHO CAME FROM WHAT, AND WHAT REGION ...YOU WILL NEVER KNOW, THE SCIENTIST WHAT THEY SAID 50 YEARS AGO HAS BEEN BLOWN APART ABOUT MAN HE IS A HELL OF ALOT OLDER THAN THEY SAID AND WE DIDN'T EVOLVE FROM NO APE sorry I DON'T BUY THAT EITHER
Do you have any video of that? I'd like to find out some additional information.
The hue man is the orgingal man an all of you evolved it was proven in 2000 genome why do you albinos use the word africa what was the continent call before interferrnce l
Its such as you learn my thoughts! You appear to know a lot
about this, like you wrote the guide in it or
something. I feel that you just can do with some % to force the message home a little bit, however other than that,
that is great blog. A fantastic read. I'll definitely be back.
If this man knew anything about the bible he would know Adam and eve could not be black the reason being ittalks later on in the bible how blacks was made and it was the curse of ham look it up

Excellent article. I will be experiencing a few of
these issues as well..
I am really enjoying the theme/design of your website. Do you ever
run into any internet browser compatibility issues?
A number of my blog visitors have complained about my site not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Chrome.
Do you have any ideas to help fix this problem?
Touche. Outstanding arguments. Keepp ᥙp the great spirit.
Hey there, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues.
When I look at your website in Safari, it looks fine
but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, amazing blog!
Hey! This post could not be written any better!
Reading this post reminds me of my previous room mate!
He always kept talking about this. I will forward this page to him.
Pretty sure he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!
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