Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's Try 2 Decrease the Hate On Spaceship Earth

Let's Try to Decrease the Hate On Spaceship Earth (My message # 12. I also have put over twenty messages on my other blog at http://colonizeorbitalspace.blogspot.com )
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* Study competitive free market economics.
* Study science.
* Try to reverse the population explosion that has caused starvation and disease and murder and war in areas of our Spaceship Earth that should be "Gardens of Eden."
* Promote democracy at the local level all around our Spaceship Earth.
* Promote the individual rights of each person on our Spaceship Earth.
* Promote incentive, profits, and employment choices for everyone.
* The greater the profits, the more the people employed by the competitive free market economy. Profits (the wages of the employers) are a strong motivation to employ people.
* The governments should immediately employ all interested, unemployed people, at least at the starting, minimum wage determined by the various governments for the employment of people with problems.
* Employed people can be a little happier compared to when they are starving.
* Defend the ownership rights and incentive of the people, including the poor.
* Make access to libraries and colleges and trade schools easy, starting with free parking and free showers.
* Promote the concept that we humans are all related by way of our black ancestors who wandered out of equatorial Africa.
* Some areas of our Spaceship Earth would again become Gardens of Eden if the people of those warm tropical areas could bring down the birth rate. (Some of the genocide on Spaceship Earth may partly be caused by overpopulation. We now have over 6 billion people and the world population is continuing to increase !)
* There is so much hate among the people of our Spaceship Earth, but through knowledge and science and population control and trying to spread understanding, perhaps we can gradually decrease the hatred.

Black people are the only race that can produce white offspring. It's because black people have melanin and white people lack melanin.
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