Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rocks Can Come Alive!

Rocks Can Come Alive! (This is my message #10. Also I have put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
Sunday, June 4, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* Rocks can come alive! On our Spaceship Earth, under the warming power of the Sun, rocks have come alive. Rocks have been transformed over billions of years into sea plants and sea worms and fish and amphibians and land plants and insects and grass and trees and animals and birds-of-flight and intelligent humans, some readying themselves for the next up-lifting frontier: orbital space.
*Many people know that humans come from dust and return to dust. In orbital space, there is much dust and many rocks.
* Some people say that evolution was created by God as a tool of transformation and uplifting. Evolution seems to be gradually increasing intelligence.
* Some of the intelligent humans are working for the upward advancement of intelligent life to the next frontier: the high frontier of orbital space.
* Amphibians lived both in the sea and also moved onto the land. Amphibians were pioneers in the raising up of life from a water environment up to the less dense air environment of the coming land creatures.
* Now some intelligent humans are working to enable life to live not only on our Spaceship Earth, but also in orbital space. Life moved from the sea to the land and air. Now life has the ability to move into orbital space. The knowledge of orbital space colonization already exists in the filing cabinets, in the electronic data bases, in the books, and in the minds of some humans. The technology already exists and awaits its actual combination in the orbiting space colonies.
*The sea next to the land produced the amphibians that were able to go up and begin the colonization of the land. Now the intelligence and the technology of our Spaceship Earth are producing the humans that will be able to go up and colonize orbital space and colonize our Solar System.
*The rocks and the dust and the water of our solar system are waiting, waiting ... waiting for us to come up out of our gravity well and turn some of the rocks and dust floating in the open space of our solar system into more life.

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