Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Path to Peace on Spaceship Earth

A Path to Peace on Spaceship Earth
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson,
a September 2006 candidate for the United States Senate
(This is my message # 20. I also have over 20 messages on my other blog at )

* I ask you to help promote the concept that all our relatives own Spaceship Earth.
* We are all related. Scientists tell us that we are all related. Scientists have discovered that long ago some members of our human family wandered out of Africa, the home continent. Humans wandered into the Middle East, into Europe, into Asia, into Australia, into the Americas. Thus we are all related.
* With the population explosion, Spaceship Earth has become very crowded. (Education, employment, and the head tax are some of the solutions to the overcrowding problem on our Spaceship Earth.)
* In the future, as more and more humans learn the benefits of and the how-to-do-it of Orbital Space Colonization, the growing, free market, democratic, orbiting space colonies will become a relief valve for the climbing population on Spaceship Earth, like the United States has become a relief valve for the population explosion in Mexico and other less developed countries.
* It is now time to start thinking of Spaceship Earth as the homeland of everyone. Thus Spaceship Earth is the real homeland of the Kurds, of the Danes, of the Jews, of the Indians, of the Chinese, of the Europeans, of the Americans, of the islanders, of the Africans, of the Asians.
* Spaceship Earth is the homeland of everyone. We are family.
* In our nuclear age, our Spaceship Earth has become too, too small for war.
* We should become peace seekers and civilizers and educators.
* To knit our world-wide family together, we should be promoting world-wide, competitive, free trade in which we pay for our imports with our exports. (The rest of the world is giving us Americans about a two year time plan to pay for our imports, which I think is a good deal for us Americans.) So our exports have been going up, up, and up. More and more Americans are working in our export industries where we have a comparative advantage, and Washington State with its ports and export industries is a state whose people have really been benefiting from international trade.
* We Americans come from all the nations of the Earth. We are already a model of our future Spaceship Earth united.
* Please help make Spaceship Earth the true homeland of us Americans also. Think about adopting your favourite foreign area of Spaceship Earth. Buy some vacation land there, or just travel there for vacation or business, functioning as a private citizen ambassador. Perhaps, help establish law and order and democracy and incentive and protection of individuals and their property in your adopted foreign section of our Spaceship Earth.
* We should become Earthlings as the people of the early United States gradually became Americans, with a bigger world view than when they were just New Yorkers or Virginians or ...
* As we gradually become Earthlings, the old nationalities that divide our human family will become less important.
*Progress through knowledge, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, candidate US Senate

Let's Build the Spaceship Peace,
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