Saturday, September 16, 2006

Creating Peace in Iraq, the Cradle of Civilization

Creating Peace in Iraq, the Cradle of Civilization
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson,
a September 2006 US Senate candidate
September 16, 2006
(This is my message # 23. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )

* In our nuclear age, our overpopulated Spaceship Earth has become too, too small for war. We need to start transferring some of our military resources into peace making. We can use our embassies to help with the spreading of knowledge of how to increase peace. (For example, employment for everyone would help.)

* The causes of war exists in the minds of humans and in the struggle for scarce resources.

* We currently have put too much of our resources into our war machine. For our own benefit, we need to help promote a law-and-order Spaceship Earth of protection of life and property and incentive and safety.

* World-wide free trade would help. On our Spaceship Earth, it doesn't make sense to bomb our customers, and it doesn't make sense to bomb our suppliers.

* Employment for everyone in Iraq and on our Spaceship Earth is a good way to reduce crime and terrorism. People who work have a decreased incentive to destroy. The better people become at working, the less time they have to engage in crime.

* Scientists tell us that all humans are related, that we humans populated Africa and wandered into the Middle East, into Europe, into Asia, into Australia and the islands, and into the Americas. Thus we Americans (who come from all the nations of Spaceship Earth) and the people of Iraq are distant relatives.

* But what return are we Americans getting on our current investment of dollars and soldiers in Iraq? Our return on investment appears to be insufficient.

* Our military has proven that its officers-in-charge haven't studied or haven't mastered the building of civilization. The powers-that-be have not gotten employment to all the available workers in Iraq. The waste is huge ... so much labor not being used ... so much idle labor from which to recruit terrorists. Iraq is in a terrible human-made economic depression.

* Nation and civilization building never ends. Is the building-up of Iraq not a long-term job for the people living in Iraq, building up their new democracy and their economy? Should we not, therefore, begin our pull-out? We do have many other uses for the money and lives which we are currently investing in Iraq.

* Instead of wasting our money and soldiers in Iraq, would it not be better to do state building in the state of Washington? Improvement is often best obtained by competition and by leading by example. By building up Washington State, we lead Iraq by providing a good example for the people of that ancient civilization to follow.

* We Americans with our high, technoloical civilization are connected with the Iraqis in that they are living in the land of one of the beginning civilizations.

* Iraq now occupies the land of proud earlier civilizations: for example, in Mesopotamia (middle between the rivers of the Tigris and the Euphrates ) about 5 or 6 thousand years ago, the Sumerians began building early cities and developed early writing. The ancient Sumerians of Iraq helped build early civilization. (Other members of our human family must have begun civilization even earlier, but I just don't know much about them. Let us assume that early civilization building started before our records of that civilization building.)

* In area, Iraq is about 7 % larger than California. California has about 37 million people, while Iraq has an estimated 27 million people, with a high unemployment rate.

* Because of the high unemployment rate, the Iraqis have a huge labor pool from which terrorists and suicide bombers can be recruited.

* Or from out of the current Iraqian, terrible economic depression, students of economics and other useful subjects can be recruited or other builders-of-society can be recruited.

* Because the overpopulated, desert nation of Iraq is in an economic depression, this is a wonderful time for some of the unemployed to become students to learn the many skills required to build a modern nation. The students can study and gain the economic knowledge that already exists in books and which inform their readers about how economic depressions can be ended and replaced with employment for everyone who wants employment.

* In buiding peace and productivity in Iraq, the Iraqis might do well to use Switzerland as a model. Long ago the German mountain people, the French mountain people, and the Italian moutain people chose to become the productive Swiss nation in the Alps. Their system of unity of different people is favorably impressive.

* The economists of Iraq can tell the people of Iraq how to employ their unused, available labor (the unemployed Iraqis) in the building up of Iraq. Unfortunately, human beings often refuse to study the principles of economics, and human beings have difficulty understanding what the economists are saying. (It is as if economists speak in the same illegible style that physicians use to write perscriptions.)

* Because of the huge abundance of un-used Iraqian labor, the labor of the American soldiers is not needed. Hiring Iraqian police and detectives would be so much cheaper! If the Iraqian people don't want to listen to the Iraqian economists and professors of democracies, I don't see why anymore American soldiers should be wounded or killed.

* With technology, we can now spread civilization all over our Spaceship Earth and even out into our Solar System by way of the coming, orbital space colonies that should have started in the 1970's after President Kennedy and President Johnson succeeded in getting us to the Moon in 1969.

* Technology is pulling our human family closer together. For example, the technology of the cell phone, the internet, mass media, movies, television, orbiting communication satellites, international trade, and vacations are all pulling our human family back together.

* Gradually, year by year, in our growing, technological age, Spaceship Earth will become the homeland of all Earthlings. Spaceship Earth will become the homeland of the Kurds, of the Chinese, of the Icelanders, of the Africans, of the Danes, of the Jews, of the Swedes, of the Americans, of the Indians, of the Norwegians, of all the ethnic groups of the Earth. We are all related. There will be much culture shock.

* It seems to me that in Iraq, American soldiers can't do the remaining job that needs to be done. The remaining job needs to be done by the Iraqis. More Iraqi police and Iraqi detectives and Iraqi economists are needed. The Iraqis understand the language and the culture of Iraq much, much better than do our American soldiers. We should start bringing our American soldiers home. Our soldiers did their job of removing Sadman Insane, the torturer (I hate torture;) and our soldiers helped with the establishment of a beginning democracy. It is now time for the Iraqis to start listening to their economists and their teachers of democracy, and it is time for the Iraqis to take over more of the building of their country.

* With each religious killing, the fires of hate are kept ablaze. ...

* Economic lessons, economic instruction promoting full employment should help build peace and prosperity.

* Through our embassies, we should spread the concept of "Separation of church and state"
We should spread the concept of democracy instead of theocracy. Although the people of democracy might vote in a theocracy.
We should, nevertheless, continue to spread the concept of free will of the individual and separation of church and state.
We should also spread the concept that it is a good idea to study science.

* Through our advancing technology, we should spread the concept that we are the human family traveling in the Milky Way Galaxy on our Spaceship Earth.

* to be continued

We should be using hydrogen from water. What the hell is with this fucking planet anyways?
the congregation: Hydrogen is not a magic pill. To split the hydrogen and oxygen in water takes a lot of energy: at the very most, assuming you find a 100% efficient way of doing it, you'll get as much energy from burning the hydrogen as you used up to split it. So hydrogen-from-water is not a power *source*, just a form of power *storage*. If you get the power used to split the hydrogen at, say, a power station, then this is far more efficient than the internal combustion engine (hence the popularity of hydrogen vehicles), but it is still less efficient than directly using the power from the station to do whatever job you had in mind, instead of converting to hydrogen and back.

Michael: War is not so simple as you depict. I suspect you know this already: depicting the full complexity of war in a bullet point is an impossible task! :)

Hundreds, sometimes thousands of years of historical atrocities on both sides make it hard for the people to trust eachother. Generally, the ruling classes on both sides were elected from that distrust, on the basis of promises to increase separation from the other side (qv the Palestine's Hamas, Israel's Kadima).

The problem is, there's no political pressure between two warring factions to force them to work together, and making them suppliers/buyers will not work: you couldn't, just by imposing an open market, force the Tamil Tigers and Sri Lanka to trade happily with eachother rather than with any other neighbouring countries. More likely, you'd just make it easier for them to buy guns and knives, and steal what they wanted from eachother in raids. The same is true of the bandit fiefdoms in Pakistan, and regimes with significant histories of human rights abuses: open up trade with them, and they will find it easier to buy equipment to maintain their rule of terror.

I have no answers on how to get people to stop thinking of the world as "us, the humans" and "them, the monsters". Free trade may be a step in the right direction for all I know. But I don't think it'll be a panacea.
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