Thursday, June 11, 2009

Censorship of Goodspaceguy

Censorship of Goodspaceguy
Thursday, June 11, 2009
Message 30 of blog Our Spaceship Earth

This Thursday morning, June 11, 2009, I, Goodspaceguy, took part in a pleasant King County Executive Candidates' Forum put on by Futurewise from 7:30 ot 9:30 in the morning at the Seattle Central Public Library. I was one of six King County Executive candidates who showed up for this Futurewise event. I was pleased that I was seated on the candidates panel by the gracious organizers.

After we finished this well-run candidates forum put on by Futurewise, I, Goodspaceguy, drove south to Burien (I spend a lot of time in Burien) to the Criminal Justice Training Center (which is owned by the public.)

Five of the candidates for King County Executive were already there. I informed Burien Police Chief K. Kimerer (the person in charge) that I was one of the candidates for King County Executive, but Burien Police Chief Kimerer refused to allow me on the panel of candidates for this free forum (open to the public) of candidates that was taking place on property owned by the public and put on by the King County Police Chiefs Association, (the chiefs being public employees.)

The Burien Police Chief could have graciously seated me on the stage with the 5 candidates already there, but it seemed that he felt it important that I, Goodspaceguy, not be allowed to speak. I paid my $1,860.38 filing fee to become a candidate because I have a lot of ideas for improvements in King County, and the Burien Police Chief prevented me from communicating my ideas to the public and the press at this candidates forum.

The invitation that I read in the Wednesday, June 10, 2009 edition of the Highline Times stated, "The candidates running for King County Executive are invited to the forum, which is open to the public and press."

The next day, I read in the Seattle Times: "- Goodspaceguy, Stan Lippmann and Alan Lobdell- were not invited." I, Goodspaceguy, never received a personal invitation. Neither did Stan nor Alan. I only received an invitation by having read about the event in the Seattle Times and Highline Times, and then I was rejected by the Burien Police Chief when I arrived at the candidates forum.

Three times I approached Burien Police Chief Kimerer and asked him to allow me to join my fellow candidates on stage. Three times Kimerer refused me. Kimerer seemed upset that I was asking to take my place with my fellow candidates.

I told Kimerer that he was censoring me and asked him if he was opposed to my program?
Kimerer said that he didn't know what my program was.

Since Kimerer did not allow me to speak as a candidate, none of the police chiefs in attendance heard me speak about what a wonderful program I claim I have. The police chiefs, the public, and the press did not hear my ideas for improvement at this public event. I was censored.

We should try to make King County into one of the best counties in the nation. We should try to turn King County into one of the counties with the highest quality-of-life in the nation.

The police, supported by the taxpayers, should provide equal protection to all citizens, and the police should provide equal treatment to all candidates -- especially at a candidates forum open to the public and the press in a building owned by the public and supported by the taxpayers. It was wrong of the King County Police Chiefs' Association to favor 5 candidates over economist Goodspaceguy, and over engineer and public servant Alan Lobdell, and over physicist and attorney Stan Lippman.

Many reporters were present at this candidate forum, but I don't know if any reported to their audience that a legal candidate came to this public forum but was denied the right to speak ... was denied equal treatment. Under your rights of citizenship in our democracy, if you file as a candidate, you may not get equal treatment with the other candidates by the press and power structure unless you are a big, big spender. Small spenders like me are often excluded, and the voters only hear from the big, big government candidates. This helps build big government and helps reduce the living standard of the people.

I would have appreciated it if one of the five seated candidates up on the stage had spoken up in favor of inclusiveness, asking that I be seated with them on the candidates' panel, but, of course, none of the seated candidates did so.

Progresss through work-for-everyone and progress through increasing knowledge, Goodspaceguy, 8 of 8 in the King County Executive Candidate Collective

I think the fact that you want to colonize space may overshadow that you have goals that you want to achieve here in King County. But you should have been included. You, along with the others, should have the same rights to speak in public forums. I do agree with you on that. It's typical politics and similiar to the presidential debates not allowing 3rd party candidates in.
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