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The Sun Determines Global Warming/Cooling

The Sun Determines Global Warming/Cooling.
June 27, 2009. Revised July 1, 2009
Message 32 on blog Our Spaceship Earth
by Goodspaceguy

As an amateur astronomer, I, Goodspaceguy, believe that global warming and global cooling are caused by small variations in the nuclear energy output of the Sun.

I do not believe that carbon dioxide (CO2) is causing global warming on Spaceship Earth. (I, Goodspaceguy, request that you think of our planet Earth as a spaceship traveling in the Milky Way Galaxy, and please think of yourselves as crew members of our Spaceship Earth.)

Carbon dioxide makes up less than 1% of our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is needed by the vegetation of Spaceship Earth to make our food and our lumber. Also, as we give carbon dioxide to the plants of Spaceship Earth, the plants split the carbon dioxide and give us back oxygen to breathe. Carbon dioxide is needed to keep our plants producing more and more food and wood for our growing human population. (There is an on-going explosion in the number of human passengers on Spaceship Earth ... six billion passengers and climbing.)

It is our Sun that is the primary nuclear energy pump for our solar system. From the Great Gas and Dust Cloud that formed our solar system, let us say that about 99% of it was pulled by mutual gravity into and formed our Sun. Only about 1 % of the original cloud of gas and dust that formed our solar system remained in orbit around our Sun. This remaining 1 % of the Great Gas Cloud formed the eight or more planets, the more than 100 moons, the many asteroids, comets, meteors, and the residual of dust and gas.

Since our Sun is the massive center of our solar system, its nuclear energy output is rather constant. But still the nuclear energy that our Sun pumps out varies slightly over time. causing our ice ages between our ages of global warming. When our Sun pumps out more nuclear energy, we have global warming. When our Sun pumps out less nuclear energy, we have global cooling and the ice ages.

Because a camp fire is small, it is easy to feel the changing energy output of a camp fire. First the energy output increases as the camp fire is started. Then the energy output decreases as the fuel is burned. Then the energy output increases as more logs are added to the camp fire. Then the energy output decreases as the camp fire uses up its fuel and burns out.

Unlike a camp fire, our Sun is massive, and so the nuclear energy output from the Sun is more even. But the Sun has cycles. For example, it seems to have an eleven year Sunspot cycle, during which our Sun's nuclear energy output changes slightly. Our Sun may even have other longer cycles or causes of change in its nuclear energy output.

About a thousand years ago, Vikings from Iceland discovered that southwest Greenland was green enough and warm enough to farm. The several Viking colonies in Greenland lasted for several hundred years.
Then global cooling and ecological damage wiped out the Viking colonies in Greenland. The global cooling even made it possible for the Dutch in Europe to skate on the frozen canals of Holland. I, Goodspaceguy, believe this little ice age was caused by a slight decrease in the nuclear energy output from our Sun. (It is normal for the energy output from natural heat sources to vary. It varies only slightly for the Sun because the Sun is so massive.)

Life requires energy, which our Sun delivers to us. Global warming has a good side. On Spaceship Earth, global warming produces more fresh water. As our Sun sends more energy to Spaceship Earth, more water evaporates from the salty oceans. (Our Spaceship Earth is a water world. About 70 % of our planet is covered with water. The land makes up only about 30 % of the surface of our Spaceship Earth.) The evaporated water, powered by our atomic Sun, rises up into the cooler altitudes of our atmosphere to form more clouds. As this distilled and cooled water vapor forms more clouds, these clouds eventually freshens the land with increased fresh-water rainfall. More rain, more fresh water is a good thing.

But as the heat from a slightly hotter atomic Sun causes more evaporation of water from the salty seas and thereby causes more fresh-water clouds, the tops of this increasing cloud cover is a bright white color that reflects some of the nuclear energy from our Sun back into space, and so some of the life-giving, nuclear energy from our Sun is lost to the people of our Spaceship Earth.

But your children and your children's childrens who will build the coming orbiting space colonies will be able to catch some of the direct energy from our Sun that misses the Earth. This direct energy from our atomic Sun will power the coming orbital space colonies for your descendants.

If our atomic Sun is increasing its nuclear energy output and thereby causing increasing global warming on our Spaceship Earth, then one could think that this has a positive result. For example, the Scandinavians could again farm Greenland. In fact, more of Canada could be farmed. Also more of Siberia could be farmed. Since we have so much land in the northern hemisphere of Spaceship Earth, global warming might increase the amount of land on Spaceship Earth that can be farmed. We could have more farming for the new people from the population explosion on Spaceship Earth ... over six billion people and climbing.

Because, like a massive camp fire, our atomic Sun changes its nuclear energy output over time, future global warming and future global cooling are to be expected.

Hmmm. Ever hear of the Hamaker hypothesis? It is the idea that CO2 increase leads to quick onslaught of ice age conditions. It sees the cycles due to biomass death due to depleting soils of essential trace elements, the extra heat leading to more moisture in the air and that increasing albedo. The noctilucent clouds are an interesting phenomenon in that regard. The theory goes on to explain glaciers grind rock leading to replenishment of essential trace elements, binding of CO2 and reestablishing the precarious little perturgation known as the interglacial. You can look at it just from a general systems approach. Takes a long time to build a house of cards but a short time for it collapse. If you are keeping track, you can see it happening. Noctilucents at their highest extent ever recorded. Record cold across the N. latitudes. Hope we don't just push it into the snowball Earth state.
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