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2009 Seattle Parks Foundation Questions 2 Goodspaceguy

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On July 21, 2009,
Goodspaceguy, one of eight 2009 Primary Election candidates for the position of King County Executive, answers the 2009 Seattle and King County Candidate questionnaire of the Seattle Parks Foundation .

Question 1: What are your priorities, especially as they relate to parks and green spaces in Seattle?

Answer: I, Goodspaceguy, want to increase access to the parks by increasing free parking, and I want to increase access by keeping the parks always open, (for example, for lovers and for gay astronomers) and by providing showers for users of the parks.

Question 2: What do you see as the main issues facing Seattle’s parks and green spaces, and what is one innovative idea or change you think would help address these issues?

Answer: Lack of use. I, Goodspaceguy, want more free parking and showers. Sweaty people stink. I, Goodspaceguy, believe that showers would help solve this problem by enabling park users to exercise and then shower themselves promptly clean. Also I would like to establish campgrounds in some of the parks.

Question 3: How would you help preserve public funding for maintenance, improvements and additions to parks and green spaces in Seattle?

Answer: As an accountant and as an economist, I, Goodspaceguy, have been advocating that we un-sabotage our economy so that jobs become plentiful, so that we can create a stable economy of jobs for everyone whom we can coax into the labor exchange market. Also, I, Goodspaceguy, favor job sharing. Also, as an economist, I, Goodspaceguy advocate that we give support to the job-destroying minimum wage by requiring government to hire helpers at the minimum wage to help care for the parks.

Question 4: What is your vision for Seattle’s central waterfront?

Answer: I, Goodspaceguy, want to strengthen and beautify the viable viaduct. Through this process, I, Goodspaceguy, want to greatly increase easy access of the people to the waterfront from downtown. I want to build pedestrian walkways and viewing towers over the viaduct. I, Goodspaceguy, want to add greenery to the viaduct so that when people sail into Seattle from Elliot Bay and see the greenery of the viaduct, they will think, “Ah, this is the beautiful emerald city of Seattle. Seattle is a castle in King County.”
My Goodspaceguy Viaduct Beautification Plan will be much more affordable than the Terribly Depressive Tunnel Plan. We should save taxpayer dollars by stopping the Terrible Tunnel.

Question 5: Please describe any work you’ve done – professional, political or volunteer – related to parks.

Answer: I, Goodspaceguy, as a user of the parks, occasionally pick-up trash in the parks. I carry plastic bags in my van for this purpose.

When I was younger and didn't have kids the viaduct didn't bother me. However, recently we made a family trip down to the waterfront and I must admit, I was pretty uncomfortable walking under that aging monstrosity. Oddly enough that isn't the reason I feel we should tunnel... I know it's going to sound like a shallow reason, but just attempting to carry on a normal conversation while walking along the waterfront was difficult to put it mildly. The roaring unstopping din of traffic just ruined what I was hoping would be a peaceful sunset stroll with the family. Bury that highway and bury the noise! Put nice greenspaces and other city defining attractions along the space where the Viaduct once was! Thanks! =)
Just saw your ad on the voters pamphlet.
That's hilarious...
Goodspaceguy thinks the minumum wage is too high, and denies the science behind global warming.

I won't be voting for Goodspaceguy, again.


I am US Navy stationed over seas. I voted for you, simply because of your funny name. You seem like an intelligent man who would do great things for King County. I hope you are the elected official when I return to Seattle next year. Good luck Goodspaceguy.
GoodSpaceGuy is the antidote to the status quo.
"I, Goodspaceguy, as a user of the parks, occasionally pick-up trash in the parks. I carry plastic bags in my van for this purpose."

I couldn't have said it better brother. Sometimes, when I'm the only one there, I actually leave trash in the parks too, so I'll have something to pick up the next day when people are around and can see me doing it. I'm considering running for garbage commissioner, so it's a way of padding my resume, really.

Goodspaceguy, you're one of us!
GOODSPACEGUY yeah he wont lie
he wont ever say goodbye
but he will say hi
and eat pie
and never cry
but talks about the sky
and that's fly
but its altogether a trippy high
Imagine an artificial spherical spaceship, a technological product, that is a scaled-down version of Earth, with the main difference that everything is placed inside its spherical hull, instead of on its surface. It's a huge spaceship, a space colony, hundreds of kilometers in diameter and divided in various sections, all being independent tribes (nations) pursuing their own interests, just as is on Earth. Imagine further that everything that the inhabitants of this space ship do is largely the same as what we do on Earth. We don't have to go further into structural details of this spaceship, as it is just a lead to the line of thinking.

One of the first observations we can make is that whatever the inhabitants of this spaceship do, whatever technology they use, if the number of people there exceeds a critical value, the life support systems of this spaceship must collapse sooner or later. This critical value is reached long before all people there would stand shoulder-to-shoulder, because the life support systems have a finite capacity for a certain number of people per habitual volume. The limit is not set by availability of energy, which we can set to be sufficient for any number of people, but by the limited life support resources that the spaceship contains.

Read more about the consequences here:
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