Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goodspaceguy Answers Human Service Questions

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Candidate’s Name: Goodspaceguy
Jurisdiction: a King County Executive candidate, 8 of 8, Date: July 16, 2009

Question 1: Please tell us about your community involvement with human

Goodspaceguy’s Answer: For about 3 years before returning to Washington State, I, Goodspaceguy, worked as an accountant in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the large Hennepin County department that funded agencies in the mental health, mental retardation, and chemical dependencies areas.

Question 2: What do you see as the most pressing human service needs in your community and how do you plan to address those needs? Are these needs different in East King County versus other parts of the County? If so, how?

Goodspaceguy’s Answer: The most pressing human service need is the need for employment, and there is a great need for employment throughout King County. As an economist, I, Goodspaceguy, plan to use the principles of economics to make it easier for everyone whom we can coax into the labor market to find employment. I want to get as many people as possible into the job market, where these people can help produce the goods and the services that will help raise their standard-of-living in our labor exchange market.

Question 3: The current recession has again illustrated how vulnerable the funding mechanisms for human services are. Social service agencies are being required to do more with less, which is an all too familiar pattern and one that prevents us from making the strides we know we’re capable of. What do you see as the responsibilities of your jurisdiction when it comes to sustainable funding for human services? What, if anything, needs to be done differently to strengthen human services funding?

Goodspaceguy’s Answer: In King County, I, Goodspaceguy, as an economist, state that it is the responsibility of King County government to un-sabotage the job market in King County so that everyone who is willing to work can obtain employment. A full-employment local economy provides better funding and more stable funding than our current sabotaged economy. The number of people without jobs indicates the degree of sabotage of the local King County economy. Also many people refuse to support the minimum wage. They refuse to hire unemployed people at the minimum wage.
I, Goodspaceguy, want us to do the things (often unpopular) that are economically necessary to create full-employment and stable, balanced funding. Prices are significantly determined by wages.

Question 4: Given the budget constraints all jurisdictions are experiencing, where do you see human services in the hierarchy of needs? Why?

Goodspaceguy’s answer: To raise the quality-of-life in King County, I, Goodspaceguy, want a balanced economy. There are true human service needs that we need to take care of. We need to look at the whole picture of life-in-King-County to determine to which areas we need to move resources. When not sabotaged, the powerful, competitive free market excels at the achieving of full employment balance in our local economy. Our local governments are responsible for our local economy.

Question 5: Both health and human services are part of our mission. Are you in support of a stable source of long term funding for public health services? If so, what might your strategy look like? If not, please share your thoughts.

Goodspaceguy’s answer: As an economist, it is my (Goodspaceguy’s) goal to raise the quality-of-life in King County. The true funding comes in the form of human labor. (Money is only a symbol.) We have so, so much human labor (funding) which our broken King County region is not using. People are available to work. I want us to use all the labor that we can coax into the sabotaged job market.
Also, audits of agencies receiving county funds should include performance audits. Using the principles of the science of economics, I plan to work to transform King County from a county of unemployment into a jobs-friendly county wherein there will be employment for everyone whom we can coax into the job market. As employment rises, the stability of long-term funding should increase.
Also, since our economy has been sabotaged, we should encourage those people who want to help build up the living-standard to ask for less compensation so that they can get back to work producing the goods and the services that will raise the living-standard. There is much work that needs to be done, but in our sabotaged economy, the compensation asked for has become too, too high.
When profit decreases, people get laid-off and funding decreases. When people restore profit by asking for less, people get hired and funding resumes.

The question: "do you support a stable source of funding for public health services" was not answered.
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