Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dear Fellow Sheeple, move Upward with me, Goodspaceguy

Message 41 on blog: Our Spaceship Earth

Dear fellow Sheeple, move Upward with me, Goodspaceguy.
My name is Goodspaceguy, and I am one of 15 candidates for the office of US Senator from Washington State. This important Primary Election ends Tuesday, August 17, 2010. Please vote and help unsabotage our economy.
Who am I? I’m just some guy who has studied economics and who advocates unsabotaging our economy so that everyone who wants to work can have a choice of jobs.
And I’m just some guy who has studied astronomy who advocates getting our orbital space colonies started. You have already paid the money, but we don’t have the starter cololnies.
And I am also a life-long student who is also advocating that we do more research in Rejuvenation Science so that you and I might stay young longer.
I, Goodspaceguy, object to the billions and billions of dollars of waste that I know about, and I object to the sabotage of our economy that has caused the loss of so many jobs.
Under the big spenders who you usually elect, this waste and this sabotage of our economy continues, year-after-year, and throws some of you out of work, thereby lowering production and lowers our living standard.
I have become prosperous because I am a small spender.
The big spenders, whom you usually elect, tend to build powerful campaign organizations. Then they steam roll the small spenders, like myself, and then you elect the big spenders, and then you suffer under the tax burden that the big spenders put on your shoulders.
You who are the workers have to carry the load of big government with its many acts of destruction and its many wasteful rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul programs and its various wars. You workers are carrying a heavy, heavy burden that you may have voted for. This limits the share of your production that is left over for you to consume.
Although we sheeple are the foundation of power, we sheeple are regularly shorn.
Let us unsabotage our economy. Vote for the small spenders ... especially the small spenders who understand economics. Big spenders and the big government they build and maintain are forced to shear you! It is in the nature of big spending that you be shorn.
In solving world problems and unsabotaging our economy, please think of your Earth as a spaceship: our Spaceship Earth, and please think of yourselves and me as crew members, working to improve life on our Spaceship Earth.
Some nations have dictators who often run their economies badly.
But we, the sheeple, have a democratic republic, which we are currently running badly because most people have not been educated in the science of economics. But at least we have People Power. Our people need to study how to operate our economy better. Our economy is like a machine, like a truck.
A truck runs better when its owner studies how it works and studies how to maintain it.
To run our Spaceship Earth better, I request that you spend some time studying the science of economics and studying how to promote greater long-run profits and incentives.
When people attack profits, they decrease jobs. Losses create layoffs, but profits create jobs. Therefore, you who want jobs, you especially should defend profits and you should speak against progressive taxation because it decreases incentive.
As a student of economics, the best regressive form of taxation that I know about is the regressive head tax. Regressive taxation promotes smaller government and greater production and lowers the burden on the workers. Surprisingly, the head tax helps to raise the living standard of the workers as the workers get to keep a larger percentage of their production.
Of all forms of taxation that I, Goodspaceguy, know about, the head tax is the least distortive tax that you can place on yourselves as you operate our government and our competitive economy.
To get our competitive free market functioning better, let us build a job/wealth partnership.
When profits disappear, the business owners find themselves working for free. When losses grow, the business owners are actually paying to work, instead of being paid to work. Losses increase layoffs.
For a healthy economy, workers and owners would do well to form a team relationship that will produce long-term profits and long-term jobs.
Let us increase the benefits for wealthy people to move to Washington State and to bring their headquarters and jobs here, and let us make it profitable for wealthy people to stay in Washington State.
Let us continue to oppose the sneaking in of an income tax.
Let us abolish any inheritance tax so that there will be more incentive to become wealthy and create more jobs.
To become the leading jobs and wealth producing state will not be easy because it requires changing erroneous beliefs, but jobs and wealth do go together. When people attack wealth, they help create unemployment.
If we study economics and profits, and if we build the reputation that Washington State is the leading job/wealth producing state in the United States, we can become leaders in making our Spaceship Earth a more prosperous spaceship.
Let us start to unsabotage our economy, and let us start by abolishing the evil minimum wage that makes it difficult for people-with-problems to get jobs.
The unemployment rate indicates how badly the power-structure has sabotaged our economy and decreased our jobs. You should not re-elect those big spenders who have put such a huge burden on you … including your loss of jobs.
We should already have more than 200 private space habitats in orbit, connected together in different configurations and in different orbits. You have already paid the money required for space colonization, but you have not gotten the space colonies because many of your chosen leaders have not studied space colonization, and so they have misspent your money, not understanding the Fantastic Future that we can build.
Gradually, the other nations of our Spaceship Earth will be doing more and more in space. India and China have already sent research spacecraft to orbit the Moon.
The colonization of space by life from Earth has a similar significance as the colonization of the land by life from the sea millions and million of years ago. Space colonization will be a big thing in the history of our Spaceship Earth and in the history of human civilization.
If you look at our Spaceship Earth with your naked eye from the orbit of Planet Neptune, Earth is so small that you will not be able to see our tiny Spaceship Earth. All the civilization and history of human kind has occurred on a tiny dot in space that is so small that it is invisible when looking at our entire solar system at once.
The Sun orbiting space colonies are coming. Then when the killer comets and asteroids (like those, which we recently photographed hitting Planet Jupiter) cross the orbit of our Spaceship Earth, the space colonists will be in place to start the mining of those killer comets and asteroids. Busy mining away … the space colonist can convert the materials of the comets and asteroids into resources for further expanding their Sun orbiting space colonies. Using the huge power of the Sun, the orbiting space colonist will gradually be able to build the most sophisticated human societies our human race has ever known.
We are operating way below our production possibility curve. We can do so much, much better.
Forty years ago with our Moon landings, we should have started the beginning, private enterprise space colonies.
Move upward with Goodspaceguy. Vote for Goodspaceguy. Recommend Goodspaceguy.

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Are you for real? What a kook!
I find your logic flawed. We should return to a similar taxation policy that we had from the 1950's through the 1970's. A time period of tremendous growth. As a country that has thrived when good government acts in the interest of the people not profits and suffered when we legislate for profits over people we need to return to a system that will put us back on the path to neutral budgets, as well as job growth.
Why would you use the name "Goodspaceguy?" Wouldn't your real name be better? Also another question, "have you ever in the past had a drug experience?" I consider this question very important to my knowledge.
So, Goodspaceguy, after having read your statement in the voters' pamphlet, I'm left with one nagging question: why do you align yourself with the Democrats? This is the party of bigger and bigger government, of tax-and-spend wastefulness, of unabashed class hatred and covetousness. Based on your words, at least, you don't seem to have anything in common with this party. Haven't you considered becoming a Libertarian?
guy, i doubt that most of the people who read or appreciate your stuff are sheeple. now then, i offer my consulting for your IT and design needs as they are apparent. first things first, you need a domain of your own. how can you claim the attention of the forward-thinking generation if you're not properly represented in the interwebs?
Hey goodspaceguy! Im voting for you!
I'm unclear on how you propose to "unsabotage" our economy, would you elaborate? (I've some ideas, but I want to hear yours). How do you propose to pay for "space colonies" (we've paid a lot of money, to be sure, but I don't know that we've paid for "colonies", so how do you propose to recover that paid money?). What is your stance on foreign policy? Towards Israel? Iran? Syria? Russia? Argentina? What about our food supplies? Do you have a plan to eliminate GMO foods? HFCS? There are many things on which to focus, many problems with our society. You seem somewhat one-dimensional. Can you fill out some of your beliefs and stands before the election?
Dear Goodspaceguy: In case you were wondering I've figured out that you are a highly advanced intelligent life form who has assumed the disguise of homo sapien. You are far more advanced as your political, economic and social views would allow spaceship earth to move upward and the totality of mankind to prosper. You are light years ahead of your time. But unfortunately only 1% of the voters are listening to you. To get the attention of the other 99% you must do something to grab their attention. Do something outlandish! You must take your campaign national, beyond earth and past the edge of the universe. Time is running out on this campaign. I know someone who can pull this off for you. But you must be able to trust them Goodspaceguy. Trust is a must or your campaign, like the previous 10 Goodspaceguy will end in a BUST!
Want to help earth? Don't waste Washington Tax payers money by having your bullshit printed in the primer.
we need you Goodspaceguy.
I'd vote for you over Dino Rossi any day.
Your prose style is reminiscent of Gene "Time Cube" Ray and you use the word "sheeple" unironically. So I wouldn't vote for you if you gave me my own damned space station, and if somehow you did get into power I'd probably feel the need to emigrate. But, you know, shine on you crazy diamond nonetheless. People like you make our world more vivid and interesting, no matter how bankrupt of useful political ideas you actually are.
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We are the 99% Good____Guy! And Mayor McGinn wants to relocate us away from Westlake. Good____Guy please use whatever clout you have with the the Federal Reserve to have them print out billions to ship us out to become the first orbital space colonies!!! That is your dream Good____Guy! It's our dream too! What are you going to do Good_____Guy? Talking time is over Good_____Guy. It's time to ACT NOW on your orbital colony model. You should have no problem getting it approved Good____Guy because the government wastes billions on studying the mating habits of the monarch butterfly. So get the funding for your orbital space colonies approved NOW!!! Otherwise I will not vote for you ever again. You are just like the rest. False promises with no action. Just TALK!!!
Good____Guy, since you are 0-12 in your run for local Washington State Offices, would you consider accepting an offer for as Vice President for the Libertarian Ticket with Ron Paul as the top candidate?

You should immediately lobby for a Good____Guy bobblehead to be distrubuted through Grocery Outlet to launch your bid for Libertarian Vice President!!!!! And if your a government worker...TAKE THE DAY OFF WITH GOOD____GUY!!! Toucheeee!!!
Good____Guy, you are in favor of abolishing the minimum wage. Are you also in favor like the New World Order of abolishing the U.S. Dollar which is being done right now before our eyes? In case you are not aware Good___Guy the New World Order wants to abolish the U.S. Dollar and replace it with the NEURO which would combine the currencies of Canada, The U.S. and Mexico into 1 currency. We have seen how the EURO has failed in Europe Good____Guy. The NEURO is designed to eventually fail too Good____Guy. That will set the stage for a 1 World Currency. Good____Guy are you in favor of a 1 World currency and total enslavement or are you for liberty, freedom, truth and justice? Or are you the orbital version of the New World Order? You have not addressed these issues in your writings Good____Guy. Where do you stand?
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