Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Elect Goodspaceguy to King County Council, WA

Elect Goodspaceguy to the King County Council, Washington State
July 12, 2011: Message 42 from me, Goodspaceguy on blog: Our Spaceship Earth

I, Goodspaceguy, am again a profit and jobs and prosperity candidate for the King County Council, from King County District 8, Washington State.
We sheeple (victims?) should build a profit and jobs and wealth partnership in King County. Many jobs are created by profit and wealth.

Some centuries have greatness in them. In the 20th Century, crew members of Spaceship Earth developed cars, airplanes, movies, television, and computerization. We moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the start of the Space Age. Now great goals for this new 21st Century are (1) to build a full employment world, starting with King County, and (2) begin Orbital Space Colonization and research, perhaps starting with Boeing space habitats. (Unhappily, to increase the number of jobs requires lowering wages.) (Reporting this and other facts will probably cause me, Goodspaceguy, to lose many votes.)

I, Goodspaceguy, have studied economics and studied how to increase jobs and the living standard and how to improve the quality-of-life: To increase jobs, we should increase profits. Unfortunately, when the average wage and other shocks become too high, RECESSIONS occur. Many jobs disappear. Wages, profits, and prices need to be kep in balance to keep jobs plentiful. Also by unsabotaging the economy and by growing jobs for everyone who is willing to work, let's reduce crime which would help raise the living standard in King County. Unsabotage the economy so jobs for everyone can appear. Idleness promotes crime and stagnation, but work produces the income, and the goods and the services that raise our living standard. Let's grow a profit and wealth society in King County that will grow jobs. The pursuits of wealth and profits are incentives that produce jobs. Prices must cover wages; therefore when average wages go up, average prices must also go up to maintain profit and manitain jobs. But higher prices slow sales. RECESSIONS try to cut the average wages so that the job-producing incentive of the profit margins can be increased to bring back jobs in spite of economic shocks. Guided by profit, the competitive free market strives for an on-going balance in wages, profits, and prices, and the production of goods and services that the consumers will buy. Through balance, guided by profit, the competitive free market raises the living standard.

To help unsabotage the economy, let's abolish the job-destroying minimum wage. Wages should be set by the profitable, competitive interaction of the supply of different types of labor with the demand for those types of labor. Minimum wage unemployment is a huge waste!

Starting with the homeless, let us make life better through helper jobs for people who want to work. We should make government the back-up, safety-net employer for "helpers" at a low wage, which would be a huge improvement over earning nothing.

The worldwide population explosion is the cause of much worldwide poverty and destruction. Refugees flee to King County. Let's replace some taxes with a head tax to slow the flood of refugees into King County. A head tax would be a much more pleasant solution than the old, cruel methods of population control, such as starvation, disease, murder, and war. Our Earth now has to support more than three people for every one person she supported a hundred years ago, and the world population continues to grow and grow, sending even more refugees into King County. World head taxes, starting in King County, are a partial solution to Earth's poverty caused by over-population.

To glorify the future wealthy and job-rich King County that we should grow, we should try to make it easier to grow the movie-making industry in King County.

To reduce traffic congestion, let us abolish government restrictions on the height of buildings so that more people can live closer to where they want to be. Let's become more ecologically friendly by making it easier and less costly to build wealthy, high-rise condominiums and apartments, which have smaller ecological footprints. Let us build better sky-homes than the people of Vancouver Canada have built. Let us make it easier to increase the housing supply, which should slow the upward movement of rents.

To increase the quality of life and reduce the stress level, let us ask government to increase free and easy parking. People pay a lot of gas tax and deserve more free parking for their taxes. Gas tax paid parking should be considered part of the road system.

Let us make it easier for people to obtain knowledge by increasing the open hours of libraries and by increasing the accessibility to libraries and to colleges by providing more free parking. Let us promote part-time work and part-time study and free parking.

Thrifty and prosperous, I, Goodspaceguy, received my Master's Degree from the University of Minnesota. I, Goodspaceguy, previously studied for three years at Stockholm University in Sweden, having already earned my Bachelor's Degree in Germany.

I, Goodspaceguy, was born in Minnesota. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user, but as a believer in individual freedom and free will and upward evolution, I believe that each individual should decide whether or not to engage in habits which are thought to be harmful to oneself. Taxpayers, through their governments, should not incur the wasteful cost of interfering in the private lives of the citizens. It is important to protect each individual's ownership and jurisdiction over his or her own body and life.

I, Goodspaceguy, crewmember of our Spaceship Earth, am able to read several foreign languages, and I want the science of economics to be taught in our high schools.

I, Goodspaceguy, am an amateur astronomer, an economist, an accountant, a handyman, an investor, an owner, and an admirer of stars in the sky and in the movies. I, Goodspaceguy, want to advance technology to new heights, such as the technology of recycling in our future orbital space colonies, built by companies such as Boeing.

Voters usually elect the big spenders. I, thrifty Goodspaceguy, may be a counterbalance.

Big spenders promote big government, which is a heavy burden for workers to carry.

Please keep campaign contributions under $25 per contributor. Thank you.

Goodspaceguy: Profits, Jobs, and Prosperity, 10219 Ninth Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98168

Transform King County into a profit and wealth society so people have a choice of jobs.

Recessions and hard times try to reduce wages, to grow profits, to re-grow jobs.

People reject economics and other knowledge: years of job loss and misery have resulted.

To learn more, please google my name: Goodspaceguy, where you will find me and several fascinating individuals who claim to be me: Goodspaceguy.

Excellent post. I wish to thank you for this informative read, I genuinely appreciate sharing this terrific post. Keep up your work.
GoodSpaceGuy....Your ideas on how to create jobs, prosperity and population control in King County are worth noting. They strike me as being "out of this world" or from another universe! The first thing we have to do to get you elected is to legalize the illegal alien vote from outer space and exempt those "beings" from the head tax in King County. You've only been getting 1%-2% of the vote thus far because your primary base is not allowed to vote! This is the only way to get you elected so that your creative ideas and policies can be enacted.

Would you be in favor of using a Gold Standard to replace the U.S. dollar in King County? We could have a "GoodSpaceGuy" special edition mint gold coin that shows you taking off in your beloved VAN. I've heard that you are secretly modifying your VAN with NASA equivalent technology to operate efficiently not only on land, but SEA and AIR! In case you weren't aware Homeland Security has spotted you on radar. But they've been ordered to leave you alone because you are a perpetual candidate for policital office!!!
Somebody in the ESTABLISMENT likes you!!! TAKE OFF WITH GOODSPACEGUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Are you familiar with Dr. Bronner? Your blog reads like wacky fun, the way Dr. Bronners castille soap labels do! Anyhoo I read your statement in the voters' pamphlet and wanted to say thank you for making me laugh, because we all know laughter is good for sheeple.
do you have a name? besides "goodspaceguy"
GoodSpaceGuy, I'm glad that you're opposed to the underground tunnel replacing the Alaska Way Viaduct. Not only is this a huge waste of taxpayer money, increasing the KCG deficit and only benefiting certain pork barrell contractors, but your personal team of green martian geological experts have yet to proclaim it as safe! Afterall, the proposed tunnel drills right smack over an earthquake fault line! I know that you have learned much using NASA patented technology including solar geothermal uplifting energy with your personal VAN. This energy will kinetically connect all vehicles using green martian energy to sustain and propel them in a completely safe, fast and efficient manner, hundreds of feet above the current viaduct!!! The sign to this new on ramp will have an arrow and read "TAKE OFF WITH GOODSPACEGUY!!!!!!!"
GoodSpaceGuy: I was exstremely disappointed to see that you were not on the guest speaker list at this years 2011 Seattle HempFest. Though not a personal user yourself, you do support the individual's right to use medical marijuana and the countless new jobs and tax revenue it would bring to King County. Could we expect and anticipate for you to make a guest apperance and share your expertise at HempFest 2012? The title of your speech could be, "The Feasibilty and Profitability of Orbtial Satellite Hemp Greenhouses in Outer Space."
GoodSpaceGuy: I interviewed a King County voter today and asked him if he would consider supporting you in this current and future elections. He said that he would as long as your numbers stay in the 1%-2% area. If they start to creep higher to 10% or above, then he would pull his support! I asked him why? His theory was that he thinks that you actually ENJOY losing these elections more by losing than if you won! If you won, then you wouldn't keep running for office. You would serve your term, fix all King Counties problems, then retire! He said that he thinks you do the most good for society by running. Not by being elected. So keep up the work GoodSpaceGuy! According to this voter, you do the most good by running, not by winning!!!!
Is it true Goodspaceguy that you are King County's most eligible bachelor? If so, I'd like to see you on the t.v. show The Bachelor! You could rocket to Venus on your final date before tying the knot!
Goodspaceguy: Social Security recently featured a t.v. ad starring Patty Duke and Mr. Sulu from Star Trek. They basically explain how to apply for benefits and how the social security website can help you. My question is would you be willing to do an ad with Spock advocating the phasing out and privatization of Social Security into the Goodspaceguy orbital growth fund, with the goal of creating/preserving wealth for retirement and getting the government out of the investment retirement business?
Goodspaceguy....Give me one reason to believe that you are a different breed of politician. That you aren't corrupt, representing secret special interests and that you're truly out to serve the interests of "the sheeple" by not fleecing them with new taxes, user fees and tolls designed to fool the sheeple into thinking that they are not being taxed! Do you agree with future President Ron Paul that we need to follow the advice of Thomas Jefferson and get rid of the Federal Reserve and the 6 major banks who are destroying our currency and economy as we speak! Where do you orbit Goodspaceguy? Or are you simply a clever imposter who is actually a stealth insider who is "in on the fix?" Time is running out Goodspaceguy. I'm ready to "punch the chad" next to your name, but I need an answer no later the the 16th of August as my ballot will not count unless you can answer honestly and truthfully. The fate of King County rests on your timely response!
Will the real Goodspaceguy please launch his rocket so we will know who you really are and truly represent!
Goodspaceguy, I think it would be really cool and spacey if you would create a dvd video for your sheeple detailing your 11 previous losing campaigns (soon to be 12)and exactly what keeps you going?

Also there is a rumor that you, not Leonard Nimoy were offered the starring role as "Spock" in the classic Star Trek series, but you turned it down. When asked why? All you could say was "I AM Goodspaceguy." "I am Goodspaceguy." Nimoy got the part when he repeated the line "I am Spock." "I am Spock."
Goodspaceguy, I appreciate this "leave your comment" section as it gives a voice to disgruntled sheeple such as myself. Since you have an active interest and participation in astronomy, I was also wondering you could add a section for "comets" and "sighted supernovas" to your blogue? I've witnessed quite a few lately. This could mean that Spaceship Earth and the Universe are finally starting to align in your favor and we may be closer to witnessing a miraculous, spectacular quantitive rise in your vote tally this Tuesday 8-16-2011!!!! You need to remind your supporters that the news broadcast on King 5 was incomplete the other night when the department of elections asked voters to please not write in Bigfoot or Mickey Mouse in the write in space. You should call the Elections Department that you want equal time with Bigfoot and Mickey Mouse. And to ask the voters to please not write in Goodspaceguy, but to "punch the vote" for you. Only in the most dire circumstances should they write in your name if they cannot make up their minds to punch your ticket to the King County Council #8. Take Off with Goodspaceguy!!!!!!
Good Luck in today's election Goodspaceguy! I think you should go for the Guiness record as the candidate who ran the most and lost the most! You will be remembered as the Candidate who never gives up!

I'm starting to hear rumblings from some of your lukewarm supporters that you refuse to make the financial commitment necessary to win! In other words, they want you to be as sinister and corrupt as your opponets in secret raising the money through Space Pacs and the underground below the radar fundraising. Otherwise you have settled for mediocrity of always and only pulling 1%-2% of the vote!
What do you say Goodspaceguy? Hail Ceasar! Hail Goodspaceguy for not being corrupt!
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Goodspaceguy...traditional logic says what goes up must come down! But you Goodspaceguy are a fascinating orginal thinker who goes against the herd mentality. YOU believe that what does down (your 12 previous election losses) MUST EVENTUALLY COME UP! The question is Goodspaceguy will this happen while you inhabit Spaceship Earth or when you depart Spaceship Earth will you promise to keep running even when you exist in another Dimension? Your supporters anxiously await your response Goodspaceguy! Take OFFFFFF with Goodspaceguy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodspaceguy...what makes you think that you are qualified to be a "Sheeple Herder?" So far you have failed 12 times in your quest. I'm offering you one small tidbit of advice for future campaigns. You come across as being too EGOTISTICAL when you say "I, Goodspaceguy." Instead say "EYE Goodspaceguy." That way the Sheeple feel more secure! The seeing EYE, Goodspaceguy sees everything! Spaceship Earth and the Universe are journeying toward one final escatology! And if you're a government worker, Take the day off with Goodspaceguy!!!
Goodspaceguy...would you be in favor of selling sponsorship naming rights to the new Seattle Tunnel to be sold to the 6 major banks? In return for the naming rights the 6 major banks would be responsible for the billions of dollars of cost overuns the tunnel is going to have! That the city of Seattle will not have to tax the sheeple through additional tolls, increase parking fees and higher car tab fees above the newly passed ones already! And Mayor Mike McGinn will be relected in a landslide for passing the buck from the back of Seattle citizens to the Trillionair Banks! With McGinn our Pocketbooks WIN!!!
Goodspaceguy, I'm condsidering voting for you for PRESIDENT in November 2012. Can you provide "proof" in the form of your birth certificate that you are indeed born and from Minnesota and did not emerge from a Milky Way Star as rumored? Without providing the proof I'll assume that you are a resident alien from a mystery planet, hence Constitutionally unable to serve as President.
I'm an amatuer astronomer and have discovered a new planet that has yet to be acknowledged by NASA.
Are you willing to become the appointed President of this planet and develop a colonization plan?
Well here we are again Goodspaceguy. Another election defeat with no chance to turn your results around in sight. Your campaign manager should be fired!!! I've supported you in the previous 12 election attempts. But I've lost faith in your efforts. I feel you are 99% space garble and no action!
In order to win my support back here's what I need you to do: Immediatley register with the private space company Virgin Galactic which is a joint venture between Richard Branson, Paul Allen and Burt Rutan. You can register RIGHT NOW on their website as they are booking space travel clients for early 2012. You need to participate in 1 or more of these flights to preserve any ounce of authenticity or integrity. Otherwise people will see you for the phoney that you are! It's only a deposit of $20,000 to reserve your spot and another $180,000 due a week before launch. Already 430 spacenauts have registered! So if you are truly Goodspaceguy, do something to prove it! Lead by example, not by hot air! These vessels go up 110 kilometers and are equiped to handle 2 pilots and 6 passengers. Of course you should be THE main pilot! Otherwise the voters will think that you are a wimp! Get your PR team together now to take shots of you working out for flight preparation and also get shots in your silver glittering space suit. Get the pictures without the helmet on as the sheeple need to see that you are a real alien that they can relate to!
We'll be watching for your U Tube press release announcing your Pilot participation! No excuses Goodspaceguy! If you don't follow through you've lost my support!
Good_____Guy! The alien party Manchurian Candidate for 2012. Watch out for Good______Guy!!!!!!
Good____Guy: Have you taken your message of full employment and eliminating the middle class (oops) I mean minimum wage to the Bilderberg Group yet? You would certainly get some support and appreciation there! Since the sheeple have refused to acknowledge or give you any credibility, you should lobby for an honorary invite to the next Bilderberg Group meeting in the summer of 2012! You can upstage the entire assembly by arriving in your secretly equiped spaceship VAN! Imagine, Good____Guy making a Grand SpaceVan entrance at Bilderberg! REALLY take off with Good____Guy!!!!!!!!!
Good_____Guy....We are the 99% and you are so desperately in need of votes. Each time you run, you tally 1% of the vote. Which makes me conclude that only the richest 1% billionaires and almost billionaires vote for you.

How come you haven't made an appearance and speech via blowhorn at Westlake Center to US, THE 99%?
Good___Guy, would your orbital space colonies grow martian green plantfood to sustain the members of the colonies? Since you refuse to endorse Dominos Pizza as spokesperson for the first Dominos Moon Restaurant, I'm assuming you are endorsing Martian Green food products grown in orbital greenhouses from the light of the SuN! How ingenious Good____Guy! When does your idea IPO? It might be larger than the FACEBOOK IPO this month! Take off with Good____Guy!!!!!
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