Monday, November 07, 2016

Donald Trump and Goodspaceguy

Donald Trump and Goodspaceguy,
2016 November 7, Monday
Post Number 49
Being an optimist, I Goodspaceguy predict that tomorrow the voters in all 50 states will elect Donald Trump President of the United States. He will win all 50 states. I do not wish to believe that the voters of any state will instead vote for lies and crime. With Trump as President, the high way to a great people's prosperity will be open. With Trump as President, it will become easier to work and build a people's 'prosperity on Spaceship Earth. (I prefer that we think of our Earth as a fabulous natural spaceship.)

Added comment:
2017 January 2, Monday:
My Dear Fellow Travelers of Spaceship Earth,
I, Goodspaceguy, was correct in my wishful prediction that Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States,
But, unfortunately he was only elected by a majority of the voters in 30 of the 50 states.
In the remaining 20 states, a majority of the voters seemed to have endorsed lies, lies, and corruption. When I made my wishful prediction, I was hoping that the voters in the lost 20 states would not endorse lies, lies, and corruption with their votes.

 I now wish you - the glorious, remarkable people of our Spaceship Earth - a prosperous 2017,
But with increases in the job-destroying minimum wage,
Poverty will continue among people-with-problems!
With not enough jobs, Crime will increase!
Please re-create the destroyed jobs by abolishing the minimum wage of the Command Economy!
Please support instead the prosperity-producing, voluntary, competitive Free-Market Economy.
The Free Market Economy produces prosperity.
The Command Economy produces poverty.
As Spock would say, "Live long and prosper."

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GoodSpaceGuy! Wow! you predicted that Donald would "Trump" all the liberal naysayers that said he did not have a chance. Even though he did not win all 50 states, that was never his stategy. He focused on winning the electoral college which is how you become President. As Spock, your HERO would say The Klingtons focused on the popular vote so apparently did not want to win the Presidency. Totally Illogical!
I give credit for your winning prediction to the GoodSpaceGuy fast food weight loss diet! Burger King value menu Burgers, Wendy's Frosty's and the 2 for .99 cent jack in the box tacos provide you with the energy, enthusiasm and vision to think and see things crystal clear and accurately predict the future! Will your space colonies be open to 24 hr orbital fast food restaurants where space vehicles will be able to dock and enjoy the most delicious economical fast food healthy weight loss diets? My only disappointment was that you were not considered for a Trump cabinet position such as Secretary of Commerce or Intra Orbital Adviser to NASA for oribital space colonization instead of colonizing Mars.
Let's make America and Spaceship earth great again Trump and Goodspaceguy! With Goodspaceguy at the controls it's full employment and prosperity. Goodspaceguy is the contemplative free market candidate! And hé's an available Bachelor ready to listen to hundreds of proposals.
GoodSpaceGuy....Did you get an invitation from President Elect Trump to attend the Inauguration on 1/20/2017? Since you went against the tide and predicted his victory despite all the main stream media manure saying that Trump was going to lose, I thought he might extend you an invitation. You will no doubt take your mobile space vehicle van to Washington D.C. and tailgate with Trump Supporters while giving economics lectures Q and A style. Spaceship Earth spins on the energy of Free Market GoodSpaceGuy NOMICS! Never forget as your 55,000 plus supporters chant "Abolish the Minimum Wage!" Even if you don't get an official invitation, you can always camp out in your mobile space van up to the security barrier and lecture the armed guards on Security in a global free market economy. You might even find a volunteer runner to help you maintain your weight loss fast food diet program. Or a drone could stop by Wendy's to pick up your .99 cent frosty!!!!My new years resolution in to be thrifty and nifty like GoodSpaceGuy and to run my budget like GoodSpaceGuy would run the government and reduce deficits and waste. Save, Invest and be frugal like Goodspaceguy and become prosperous and realize the American dream! Running for office is actually a job in itself. I think most people do not vote for you simply because they enjoy seeing you run better than being an elected official. Because then you would not be running for multiple terms because you would have fixed all our economic problems Take off, with Goodspaceguy!!!!!!
GoodSpaceGuy: Joel Skousen says "The Russians are building new nuclear/biological and chemical weapons systems--All with the assistance of U.S. technology transfers.
They are deploying an average of 3 new Topol-M 6th generations ballistic missiles per month. The U.S. built our last MX over 10 years ago and are disarming unilaterally. Further the Russians are building huge underground nuclear bunkers and weapons production facilities in the Ural Mountains. GoodSpaceGuy, you have a civic duty to share your orbital space colonization technology with the military so we can stop this Globalist Russian New World Order agenda COLD! Share the technology GoodspaceGuy then you can get their support in protecting the Orbital Space Colonies from psychotic housemates that sometime emerge on spaceship earth. You should be the starship commander to stop Vladimir Putin from his quest of World Domination. You must put the "Spoke Hold" on his neck despite him being a Judo Expert! Goodspaceguy, is nominated to be Special Envoy to Russia (and being a spy for U.S Military interests surrounding the orbital space colonies.
Goodspaceguy: I would like to be appointed as the Treasurer of your Orbital Space Colonies. Are you going to privatize memberships or is this open to the public? and what do you need to do to qualify to become an orbital space citizen/employee?
Goodspaceguy: Will the libraries be open 24/7 in the colonies?
Goodspaceguy- please advise if you are running for a city position in the next election so I can send all my democracy vouchers to you.
Goodspaceguy: when are you coming out with your brand of orbital space kombucha? And will it be a popular beverage among free market republicans?
Goodspaceguy: why didn't these nationwide protesters show the same enthusiasm in voting for Hillary than they showed protesting Trump? Apparantly they enjoy protesting more than voting so they got what they deserved. They were free to show up on election day and decided to stay home. Had they all showed up, they would have surely won. People who don't vote yet protest get exactly what they deserve!
Goodspaceguy: are you going to get a hairpiece like President Trump?
I too would like to send you my democracy vouchers.
Goodspaceguy: McDonald's is getting robot kiosks to abolish thé minimum wage! Let us welcome robots to thé workforce!!!!
Goodspaceguy: You should give an executive order and appoint yourself head of the future orbital space colonies now!
Goodspaceguy please apply to become thé new Port of Seattle CEO to replace Ted Fick!
Wé have 4.7 million reasons to hire Goodspace Guy as new Port of Seattle CEO! Hé's frugal, honest, and a hawkeseye accountant! Replace Ted Rick with Goodspaceguy and give King country résidents triple value for their Port of Seattle
Goodspaceguy: Will you be running for Seattle Mayor? We need common sense prosperity more than ever!
Goodspaceguy...when will you be coming out with your personal designer space apparel?
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