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The Sun Determines Global Warming/Cooling

The Sun Determines Global Warming/Cooling.
June 27, 2009. Revised July 1, 2009
Message 32 on blog Our Spaceship Earth
by Goodspaceguy

As an amateur astronomer, I, Goodspaceguy, believe that global warming and global cooling are caused by small variations in the nuclear energy output of the Sun.

I do not believe that carbon dioxide (CO2) is causing global warming on Spaceship Earth. (I, Goodspaceguy, request that you think of our planet Earth as a spaceship traveling in the Milky Way Galaxy, and please think of yourselves as crew members of our Spaceship Earth.)

Carbon dioxide makes up less than 1% of our atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is needed by the vegetation of Spaceship Earth to make our food and our lumber. Also, as we give carbon dioxide to the plants of Spaceship Earth, the plants split the carbon dioxide and give us back oxygen to breathe. Carbon dioxide is needed to keep our plants producing more and more food and wood for our growing human population. (There is an on-going explosion in the number of human passengers on Spaceship Earth ... six billion passengers and climbing.)

It is our Sun that is the primary nuclear energy pump for our solar system. From the Great Gas and Dust Cloud that formed our solar system, let us say that about 99% of it was pulled by mutual gravity into and formed our Sun. Only about 1 % of the original cloud of gas and dust that formed our solar system remained in orbit around our Sun. This remaining 1 % of the Great Gas Cloud formed the eight or more planets, the more than 100 moons, the many asteroids, comets, meteors, and the residual of dust and gas.

Since our Sun is the massive center of our solar system, its nuclear energy output is rather constant. But still the nuclear energy that our Sun pumps out varies slightly over time. causing our ice ages between our ages of global warming. When our Sun pumps out more nuclear energy, we have global warming. When our Sun pumps out less nuclear energy, we have global cooling and the ice ages.

Because a camp fire is small, it is easy to feel the changing energy output of a camp fire. First the energy output increases as the camp fire is started. Then the energy output decreases as the fuel is burned. Then the energy output increases as more logs are added to the camp fire. Then the energy output decreases as the camp fire uses up its fuel and burns out.

Unlike a camp fire, our Sun is massive, and so the nuclear energy output from the Sun is more even. But the Sun has cycles. For example, it seems to have an eleven year Sunspot cycle, during which our Sun's nuclear energy output changes slightly. Our Sun may even have other longer cycles or causes of change in its nuclear energy output.

About a thousand years ago, Vikings from Iceland discovered that southwest Greenland was green enough and warm enough to farm. The several Viking colonies in Greenland lasted for several hundred years.
Then global cooling and ecological damage wiped out the Viking colonies in Greenland. The global cooling even made it possible for the Dutch in Europe to skate on the frozen canals of Holland. I, Goodspaceguy, believe this little ice age was caused by a slight decrease in the nuclear energy output from our Sun. (It is normal for the energy output from natural heat sources to vary. It varies only slightly for the Sun because the Sun is so massive.)

Life requires energy, which our Sun delivers to us. Global warming has a good side. On Spaceship Earth, global warming produces more fresh water. As our Sun sends more energy to Spaceship Earth, more water evaporates from the salty oceans. (Our Spaceship Earth is a water world. About 70 % of our planet is covered with water. The land makes up only about 30 % of the surface of our Spaceship Earth.) The evaporated water, powered by our atomic Sun, rises up into the cooler altitudes of our atmosphere to form more clouds. As this distilled and cooled water vapor forms more clouds, these clouds eventually freshens the land with increased fresh-water rainfall. More rain, more fresh water is a good thing.

But as the heat from a slightly hotter atomic Sun causes more evaporation of water from the salty seas and thereby causes more fresh-water clouds, the tops of this increasing cloud cover is a bright white color that reflects some of the nuclear energy from our Sun back into space, and so some of the life-giving, nuclear energy from our Sun is lost to the people of our Spaceship Earth.

But your children and your children's childrens who will build the coming orbiting space colonies will be able to catch some of the direct energy from our Sun that misses the Earth. This direct energy from our atomic Sun will power the coming orbital space colonies for your descendants.

If our atomic Sun is increasing its nuclear energy output and thereby causing increasing global warming on our Spaceship Earth, then one could think that this has a positive result. For example, the Scandinavians could again farm Greenland. In fact, more of Canada could be farmed. Also more of Siberia could be farmed. Since we have so much land in the northern hemisphere of Spaceship Earth, global warming might increase the amount of land on Spaceship Earth that can be farmed. We could have more farming for the new people from the population explosion on Spaceship Earth ... over six billion people and climbing.

Because, like a massive camp fire, our atomic Sun changes its nuclear energy output over time, future global warming and future global cooling are to be expected.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crewmembers of Our Spaceship Earth, Goodspaceguy Was Slammed Again

Crewmembers of Spaceship Earth, Goodspaceguy Was Slammed Again.
Thursday, June 25, 2009
Message 31 of blog Our Spaceship Earth

Fellow crewmembers of Spaceship Earth, we will experience much difficulty in our striving to raise the quality-of-life on our Spaceship Earth. I request that each of you see what you can do to help in your town or rural area of our civilization to raise the quality-of-life. Also, I recommend studying economics. Raising the quality-of-life in our civilization will be a never-ending task. By building a better civilization on our Spaceship Earth, we have more ability, and we will have a better civilization to spread out into our solar system when we are able to get the ground-huggers to help us.

We need the ground-huggers. We can't build the beginning, orbital space colonies without them. The ground-huggers are the muscle of our civilization. The ground-huggers are the foundation of our economy. By making the ground-huggers more prosperous, their ability to help with the spreading of our civilization into space, starting with the building of the orbiting, baby space colonies, will be an easier and a more enjoyable task for them and for us who want us to expand our civilization upward into our solar system. We should try to make the ground, lands, and seas of Spaceship Earth more beautiful for both the ground-huggers and for us, the space colony builders.
Under competitive free market capitalism and democracy, we should think of the ground-huggers as mass royalty, and we space colony advocates as their advisors.

In Washington state, I, Goodspaceguy, have been trying to raise the quality-of-life through the political process with the long range goal of starting the beginning orbital, space colonies. But my attempts have been slammed back. Nine times, I ran for political office. Nine times, the voters said no to my program of improvements. My program has not been put into effect.

The problems and misery continues. People who should be working remain unemployed. The people who are willing to work should be working, producing the goods and services that are necessary to raise the living standard. We should make it easy for the passengers of Our Spaceship Earth to get into the labor force, to become crew members of Our Spaceship Earth.

Billions and billions of dollars of productivity are lost each year on Spaceship Earth from the failure to use the labor of people who are willing to work.

This is the tenth time that I, Goodspaceguy, am a candidate for public office, but I am slammed back; I am censored; I am not allowed to speak. I showed up, but the Police Chiefs of King County did not allow me to speak, but did allow five of the other seven candidates for the position of King County Executive to speak. I and candidate Alan Lobdell and candidate Stan Lippmann were not invited. I was not welcomed when I showed up.
I am prosperous because I am a small spender. Perhaps the Police Chiefs were only allowing the big spenders to speak. It is the big spenders who enlarge government and lower the living standard by increasing waste, by increasing taxes, and by decreasing the incentive to work.

Then at another candidates' forum, I was again not allowed to speak. In the morning of Thursday, 6-25-2009, uninvited, I showed up at a King County Executive Candidates Forum put on by the Executive Alliance and other not-for-profit groups. Only six of the eight candidates had been invited. I was not invited, but I showed up anyway. Physicist and attorney Stan Lippmann was also not invited.

At first the organizers of the Executive Alliance made room for me. Then (perhaps someone spoke to them?) the organizers of the Executive Alliance came again to me and informed me that I would not be allowed to speak. I don't know why. Their explanation was a phony explanation. I really don't know why the organizers of the Executive Alliance thought things would be better by preventing me from being part of the candidates' forum.

But all was not lost. At least at the end of the candidates' forum, one of the organizer informed the audience that I, Goodspaceguy, one of the candidates, was also present, but had not been able to speak.
This made the audience aware that I had come to this candidates' forum. And one person told me that she would have liked to hear me speak and wondered why I, Goodspaceguy, had not been able to speak.

Then in the evening of the same day (Thursday, 6-25-2009) all eight candidates showed up at the Twin Falls Middle School for the candidates' forum in Fall City, Washington. Gary and Jennifer Francher, the organizers, informed me (Goodspaceguy) and physicist Stan Lippmann that we would not be allowed on the candidates panel. Therefore, the attention of the audience and press was mainly directed to the six candidates whom Gary and Jennifer Francher allowed on the panel.

Often the smaller spending candidates are not acknowledge in the media and are not invited to the candidate forums. For example: candidates Goodspaceguy, Alan Lobdell and Stan Lippmann were not only not invited to Green Choice Debate of the Washington Environmental Council to be held at Town Hall on 6-30-2009, they are also not acknowledged as candidates. In the Green Choice Debate announcement it says falsely that there only 5 candidates for the position of King County Executive, when the truth is that there are 8 candidates. Misinformation like this makes it hard to hold back the growing of big government. (Please, vote for the small spending candidates.)

If you have time to read the information below, it is about my program to raise the quality-of-life in King County, Washington. This information is an expansion from my campaign flyer of 6-23-2009

Elect Goodspaceguy King County Executive. Upward with Goodspaceguy.

Goodspaceguy requests that you think of yourselves as crew members of Spaceship Earth.
Goodspaceguy wants you to help solve world problems by example: How high can you help
raise knowledge and the quality of life in King County? How close can we come to making King
County the best county in the nation?

Some centuries have greatness in them. In about the last hundred years, we Earthlings
developed cars, radios, airplanes, movies, television and computerization. We moved from
the Horse and Buggy Age into the start of the Space Age. Some areas of Science Fiction have and are becoming reality. Now a great goal for this new century is to build the Fantastic Future in King County!

Goodspaceguy has studied economics and many of the methods for raising the living standard and improving the quality-of-life. Let’s continue the greatness of the Twentieth Century into our new Twenty-first Century.

Let’s reduce crime and raise the living standard in King County by obtaining employment for everyone who is willing to work. Idleness promotes crime, but work produces both the income and the goods and services that make-up our living standard.

The unemployment rate indicates how badly our leaders have sabotaged our job market.
Let us use our unemployed people! Unemployment is a huge waste!

Our government should back its minimum wage by employing as helpers those people (including people with problems) who apply for work at the minimum wage.

Because some workers want more leisure, government should lead by creating many flexible, part-time employment programs, such as the three day and four day work week options.

My studies of economics has caused me to conclude that the competitive free market produces the highest living standard for the people.

But government frequently sabotages the competitive free market. This sabotage of the marketplace lowers the living standard of the people. If we could get more people to study economics, more people would see how the living standard is being lowered or kept from rising.

The minimum wage should be changed to be that wage at which government is willing to hire all comers. Currently, the various governments in King County refuse to support the minimum wage with jobs to all comers. Instead the governments overpay the special and powerful people and so there is no money left over for the people-with-problems who would be willing to work for the minimum wage.

We have been suffering from a world population explosion (the population explosion is the cause of many of the world problems, such as genocide) with many people from the population explosion fleeing to King County.

Should we establish head taxes in King County to slow the flood of people into King County from the world’s population explosion?

Head taxes would be much more pleasant than the old, cruel methods of population control, such as: starvation, disease, murder, and war. Spaceship Earth now has to support more than three people for every one person she supported a hundred years ago. The population on Spaceship Earth continues to grow and grow, and the illegal immigration into King County from other parts of Spaceship Earth continues to grow and grow. (Some time in the future, it will become legal for people to travel freely on Spaceship Earth as Americans can currently travel freely in the United States.)

Education and technological development and head taxes are some good solutions to the population explosion. The one-child per family policy and the switch to capitalism seems to be raising the living standard at an impressive rate in China.

Starting with the homeless, let us make life better through employment for all who are willing to work. We should increase employment in the private sector, and we should make government the back-up employer for “helpers” who want minimum wage employment.

To glorify King County, we, through our government, should try to make it easier to grow the movie-making industry in King County by having our government co-operate with moviemakers.

To reduce traffic congestion, let us abolish government restrictions on the height of buildings and become more ecologically friendly by making it easier and less costly to build high-rise condominiums and apartments (sky-homes). Let us build better sky-homes than the people of Vancouver, Canada have built.

By abolishing height-restrictions and allowing many sky-homes to be built in King County, let us allow people to choose whether they want to live in ground-hugging homes or in tall, tall sky-homes.

To increase the quality of life and reduce the stress level, let us ask government to increase free and easy parking. If you pay a lot of gas tax, you should ask for more free parking. Parking should be considered part of the road system.

Let us make it easier for people to obtain knowledge by increasing the open hours of libraries and increasing the accessibility to libraries and accessibility to colleges. Let us also promote part-time work and part-time study.

To lower the cost of medical care, let us allow more people to work and compete in medical care.

Owner, handyman, and economist Goodspaceguy, educated in Germany, Sweden, and America, earned two minors in economics and his bachelor and master degrees.

Goodspaceguy is a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user, but as a believer in individual freedom and free will and upward evolution, he believes that each individual should decide whether or not to engage in habits which are thought to be harmful to oneself. Tax payers, through their governments, should not incur the wasteful cost of interfering. It is important to protect each individual’s ownership over his or her own body. Goodspaceguy is pro choice.

Goodspaceguy is able to read several foreign languages and recommends that the principles of economics be taught in our elementary and high schools.

Goodspaceguy is a science fiction fan, an astronomer, an economist, an investor, an owner, and an admirer of stars in the sky and in the movies. Goodspaceguy wants to advance technology to new heights. Goodspaceguy wants to advance the technology of recycling. Goodspaceguy want to increase rejuvenation research. Goodspaceguy wants to increase longevity research. Goodspaceguy wants us to learn how to colonize orbital space around Spaceship Earth before we send people to Mars.

To learn more, please google: Goodspaceguy. (Note: some other people have been putting items on the Internet, claiming to be Goodspaceguy.)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Censorship of Goodspaceguy

Censorship of Goodspaceguy
Thursday, June 11, 2009
Message 30 of blog Our Spaceship Earth

This Thursday morning, June 11, 2009, I, Goodspaceguy, took part in a pleasant King County Executive Candidates' Forum put on by Futurewise from 7:30 ot 9:30 in the morning at the Seattle Central Public Library. I was one of six King County Executive candidates who showed up for this Futurewise event. I was pleased that I was seated on the candidates panel by the gracious organizers.

After we finished this well-run candidates forum put on by Futurewise, I, Goodspaceguy, drove south to Burien (I spend a lot of time in Burien) to the Criminal Justice Training Center (which is owned by the public.)

Five of the candidates for King County Executive were already there. I informed Burien Police Chief K. Kimerer (the person in charge) that I was one of the candidates for King County Executive, but Burien Police Chief Kimerer refused to allow me on the panel of candidates for this free forum (open to the public) of candidates that was taking place on property owned by the public and put on by the King County Police Chiefs Association, (the chiefs being public employees.)

The Burien Police Chief could have graciously seated me on the stage with the 5 candidates already there, but it seemed that he felt it important that I, Goodspaceguy, not be allowed to speak. I paid my $1,860.38 filing fee to become a candidate because I have a lot of ideas for improvements in King County, and the Burien Police Chief prevented me from communicating my ideas to the public and the press at this candidates forum.

The invitation that I read in the Wednesday, June 10, 2009 edition of the Highline Times stated, "The candidates running for King County Executive are invited to the forum, which is open to the public and press."

The next day, I read in the Seattle Times: "- Goodspaceguy, Stan Lippmann and Alan Lobdell- were not invited." I, Goodspaceguy, never received a personal invitation. Neither did Stan nor Alan. I only received an invitation by having read about the event in the Seattle Times and Highline Times, and then I was rejected by the Burien Police Chief when I arrived at the candidates forum.

Three times I approached Burien Police Chief Kimerer and asked him to allow me to join my fellow candidates on stage. Three times Kimerer refused me. Kimerer seemed upset that I was asking to take my place with my fellow candidates.

I told Kimerer that he was censoring me and asked him if he was opposed to my program?
Kimerer said that he didn't know what my program was.

Since Kimerer did not allow me to speak as a candidate, none of the police chiefs in attendance heard me speak about what a wonderful program I claim I have. The police chiefs, the public, and the press did not hear my ideas for improvement at this public event. I was censored.

We should try to make King County into one of the best counties in the nation. We should try to turn King County into one of the counties with the highest quality-of-life in the nation.

The police, supported by the taxpayers, should provide equal protection to all citizens, and the police should provide equal treatment to all candidates -- especially at a candidates forum open to the public and the press in a building owned by the public and supported by the taxpayers. It was wrong of the King County Police Chiefs' Association to favor 5 candidates over economist Goodspaceguy, and over engineer and public servant Alan Lobdell, and over physicist and attorney Stan Lippman.

Many reporters were present at this candidate forum, but I don't know if any reported to their audience that a legal candidate came to this public forum but was denied the right to speak ... was denied equal treatment. Under your rights of citizenship in our democracy, if you file as a candidate, you may not get equal treatment with the other candidates by the press and power structure unless you are a big, big spender. Small spenders like me are often excluded, and the voters only hear from the big, big government candidates. This helps build big government and helps reduce the living standard of the people.

I would have appreciated it if one of the five seated candidates up on the stage had spoken up in favor of inclusiveness, asking that I be seated with them on the candidates' panel, but, of course, none of the seated candidates did so.

Progresss through work-for-everyone and progress through increasing knowledge, Goodspaceguy, 8 of 8 in the King County Executive Candidate Collective

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How 2 Improve Random Drawing 4 Candidate Listings

Message 29 on blog Our spaceship Earth
How to Improve the Random Drawing for Candidate Listings in Voters' Pamphlet and on the Ballot
Revised June 11, 2009

The Partially “Random” Drawing for Candidate Order in the Voters Pamphlet and on the Ballot:
On Friday, June 5, 2009, at about 4:50 in the afternoon, I, Goodspaceguy, one of eight candidates for the position of King County Executive, drove into the parking lot in Renton of the King County Department of Elections. I was pleased that there were many free parking spaces available at this King County Election location. This ample parking is an improvement over the parking available at prior election department locations.

I wanted to observe the drawing that was to determine the candidate-order-of-appearance in the voters’ pamphlet and on the ballot. I assume that the candidates listed first in the voters’ guide and on the ballot have a slight advantage over those who follow in the voters’ guide and on the ballot.

At about 5:30 p.m. the drawing occurred in the lobby. I noticed that I was the only candidate present. There were also three King County employees present and Mike, a citizen activist. I found these people pleasant. I was pleased.

On the computer print-outs of the candidates for the many offices, there were listed eight candidates for King County Executive and eight candidates for Mayor of Seattle. Eight was the highest number of candidates for any office. My Goodspaceguy name was listed last on the computer print-out of the King County Executive candidates. I was Eight-of-eight. Not good.

Then the drawing took place. (I was pleased that this turned out to be a simple, low-tech drawing which meant it would cost the tax payers less money than a high-tech lottery method.)
Eight slips of paper, each slip of paper containing one of the numbers from one through eight, were placed in a cardboard box. The cardboard box was held up, and Mike, the citizen, fished in the box and one by one withdrew the eight numbers that would change the order of candidates from the order on the computer printouts to the order that these candidates would appear in the voters’ pamphlet and on the ballot.

After the “random” drawing, the second candidate on the computer list, remained the second candidate for the voters’ pamphlet and the ballot. The fourth candidate remained the fourth candidate. The eighth candidate (Goodspaceguy) remained the eighth candidate. What had gone wrong?

In hindsight, I think that at future elections, the slips of numbered papers should be folded up with many folds so that the slips of numbers can be more easily mixed. Then the folded slips of numbers should be mixed and mixed and mixed in the box to produce a truly random drawing.
I, Goodspaceguy, remain Eight-of-eight in the King County Executive race.

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