Monday, November 07, 2016

Donald Trump and Goodspaceguy

Donald Trump and Goodspaceguy,
2016 November 7, Monday
Post Number 49
Being an optimist, I Goodspaceguy predict that tomorrow the voters in all 50 states will elect Donald Trump President of the United States. He will win all 50 states. I do not wish to believe that the voters of any state will instead vote for lies and crime. With Trump as President, the high way to a great people's prosperity will be open. With Trump as President, it will become easier to work and build a people's 'prosperity on Spaceship Earth. (I prefer that we think of our Earth as a fabulous natural spaceship.)

Added comment:
2017 January 2, Monday:
My Dear Fellow Travelers of Spaceship Earth,
I, Goodspaceguy, was correct in my wishful prediction that Donald Trump would be elected President of the United States,
But, unfortunately he was only elected by a majority of the voters in 30 of the 50 states.
In the remaining 20 states, a majority of the voters seemed to have endorsed lies, lies, and corruption. When I made my wishful prediction, I was hoping that the voters in the lost 20 states would not endorse lies, lies, and corruption with their votes.

 I now wish you - the glorious, remarkable people of our Spaceship Earth - a prosperous 2017,
But with increases in the job-destroying minimum wage,
Poverty will continue among people-with-problems!
With not enough jobs, Crime will increase!
Please re-create the destroyed jobs by abolishing the minimum wage of the Command Economy!
Please support instead the prosperity-producing, voluntary, competitive Free-Market Economy.
The Free Market Economy produces prosperity.
The Command Economy produces poverty.
As Spock would say, "Live long and prosper."

GoodSpaceGuy! Wow! you predicted that Donald would "Trump" all the liberal naysayers that said he did not have a chance. Even though he did not win all 50 states, that was never his stategy. He focused on winning the electoral college which is how you become President. As Spock, your HERO would say The Klingtons focused on the popular vote so apparently did not want to win the Presidency. Totally Illogical!
I give credit for your winning prediction to the GoodSpaceGuy fast food weight loss diet! Burger King value menu Burgers, Wendy's Frosty's and the 2 for .99 cent jack in the box tacos provide you with the energy, enthusiasm and vision to think and see things crystal clear and accurately predict the future! Will your space colonies be open to 24 hr orbital fast food restaurants where space vehicles will be able to dock and enjoy the most delicious economical fast food healthy weight loss diets? My only disappointment was that you were not considered for a Trump cabinet position such as Secretary of Commerce or Intra Orbital Adviser to NASA for oribital space colonization instead of colonizing Mars.
Let's make America and Spaceship earth great again Trump and Goodspaceguy! With Goodspaceguy at the controls it's full employment and prosperity. Goodspaceguy is the contemplative free market candidate! And hé's an available Bachelor ready to listen to hundreds of proposals.
GoodSpaceGuy....Did you get an invitation from President Elect Trump to attend the Inauguration on 1/20/2017? Since you went against the tide and predicted his victory despite all the main stream media manure saying that Trump was going to lose, I thought he might extend you an invitation. You will no doubt take your mobile space vehicle van to Washington D.C. and tailgate with Trump Supporters while giving economics lectures Q and A style. Spaceship Earth spins on the energy of Free Market GoodSpaceGuy NOMICS! Never forget as your 55,000 plus supporters chant "Abolish the Minimum Wage!" Even if you don't get an official invitation, you can always camp out in your mobile space van up to the security barrier and lecture the armed guards on Security in a global free market economy. You might even find a volunteer runner to help you maintain your weight loss fast food diet program. Or a drone could stop by Wendy's to pick up your .99 cent frosty!!!!My new years resolution in to be thrifty and nifty like GoodSpaceGuy and to run my budget like GoodSpaceGuy would run the government and reduce deficits and waste. Save, Invest and be frugal like Goodspaceguy and become prosperous and realize the American dream! Running for office is actually a job in itself. I think most people do not vote for you simply because they enjoy seeing you run better than being an elected official. Because then you would not be running for multiple terms because you would have fixed all our economic problems Take off, with Goodspaceguy!!!!!!
GoodSpaceGuy: Joel Skousen says "The Russians are building new nuclear/biological and chemical weapons systems--All with the assistance of U.S. technology transfers.
They are deploying an average of 3 new Topol-M 6th generations ballistic missiles per month. The U.S. built our last MX over 10 years ago and are disarming unilaterally. Further the Russians are building huge underground nuclear bunkers and weapons production facilities in the Ural Mountains. GoodSpaceGuy, you have a civic duty to share your orbital space colonization technology with the military so we can stop this Globalist Russian New World Order agenda COLD! Share the technology GoodspaceGuy then you can get their support in protecting the Orbital Space Colonies from psychotic housemates that sometime emerge on spaceship earth. You should be the starship commander to stop Vladimir Putin from his quest of World Domination. You must put the "Spoke Hold" on his neck despite him being a Judo Expert! Goodspaceguy, is nominated to be Special Envoy to Russia (and being a spy for U.S Military interests surrounding the orbital space colonies.
Goodspaceguy: I would like to be appointed as the Treasurer of your Orbital Space Colonies. Are you going to privatize memberships or is this open to the public? and what do you need to do to qualify to become an orbital space citizen/employee?
Goodspaceguy: Will the libraries be open 24/7 in the colonies?
Goodspaceguy- please advise if you are running for a city position in the next election so I can send all my democracy vouchers to you.
Goodspaceguy: when are you coming out with your brand of orbital space kombucha? And will it be a popular beverage among free market republicans?
Goodspaceguy: why didn't these nationwide protesters show the same enthusiasm in voting for Hillary than they showed protesting Trump? Apparantly they enjoy protesting more than voting so they got what they deserved. They were free to show up on election day and decided to stay home. Had they all showed up, they would have surely won. People who don't vote yet protest get exactly what they deserve!
Goodspaceguy: are you going to get a hairpiece like President Trump?
I too would like to send you my democracy vouchers.
Goodspaceguy: McDonald's is getting robot kiosks to abolish thé minimum wage! Let us welcome robots to thé workforce!!!!
Goodspaceguy: You should give an executive order and appoint yourself head of the future orbital space colonies now!
Goodspaceguy please apply to become thé new Port of Seattle CEO to replace Ted Fick!
Wé have 4.7 million reasons to hire Goodspace Guy as new Port of Seattle CEO! Hé's frugal, honest, and a hawkeseye accountant! Replace Ted Rick with Goodspaceguy and give King country résidents triple value for their Port of Seattle
Goodspaceguy: Will you be running for Seattle Mayor? We need common sense prosperity more than ever!
Goodspaceguy...when will you be coming out with your personal designer space apparel?
Hear hear! I'm still hoping for a 2017 Goodspaceguy run, council seat 7 or 8. Best wishes, sir!
No more scandals! Homeless people and panhandlers unite for a higher quality of life! Elect Goodspaceguy for Mayor of Seattle and witness change before your eyes. Let the free market determine wages through supply and demand for labor skills! Goodspaceguy is the catalyst for free market capitalism and creation of jobs and prosperity! The liberals are taxing and spending us into Rothschild oblivion with the $20 trillion debt and destruction by design. Say no to socialism and liberalism which Carlos "the Jackal" said will destroy the United states instead of Terrorism. Stand up for your rights to bear arms and speak FREELY with Goodspaceguy as Mayor!
Goodspaceguy: The homeless and panhandlers want you to come reside at the Tent City Off Dearborne in your van so that you can run for Seattle, Mayor. They are also interested in learning about the economics of the Goodspaceguy fast food diet!
And how your plan to abolish the minimum wage would create more jobs, opportunities and prosperity for them.
Goodspaceguy: Are you in favor for licensing solar powered orbital space greenhouses for growing medical marijuana for the orbital space colonists? I have a patent for converting space ice into water and manure into fertilizer if you're willing to give me a lucrative contract. Of course, I'd make a hefty donation to your future campaigns on spaceship earth and the future space races that you will no doubt enter.
Goodspaceguy: You should fire your campaign manager and hire an independent robot to run your "no spending" campaign. It would be vastly more economical and the robot could be loaded with software designed for victory instead of 17 straight defeats and counting. Spaceship earth continues to be overtaken by "BOTS."
You should join this trend or continue to lose elections Goodspaceguy. Sure would be nice to see you win at least once during the next 121+ years!
Goodspaceguy: I'm a martian and a licensed "space broker" and I want to sell you an orbital path for your space colonies! Get in now while it's cheap! Then you can have shared space colonies which will operate on a similar principle as shared housing on spaceship earth!
Goodspaceguy: A headline story on said today that Amazon may be using "stealth robots" to kill everyone else online. You need to copy Amazon and use a Fleet of robots to discredit all your political opponents. I know you said before that you don't participate in mud slinging politics or attack your political rivals. But you must change Goodspaceguy! Amazon is successful because Bezos takes no prisoners! You must reshape your campaign, stop being such and mild mannered nice guy and become like Bezos! Nice guys, especially in politics always finish last Goodspaceguy!
Screw Kissinger! Goodspaceguy and Dennis Rodman as special envoys to meet Kim Jong Un to dismantle nuclear program in North Korea!
Goodspaceguy: Is it true that you are filing this week to become the next King County Executive in November 2017? You should change parties and become a Democrat.
Do just the opposite of Ronald Reagan. He started out as a Democrat then switched to Republican. You started out as Libertarian/Republican and now should switch to being a democrat! That way the liberals would put you in office and then you could create utter KAOS by implementing your Libertarian/Republican agenda! Abolish the minimum wage to create millions more jobs and prosperity and eliminate most panhandlers in downtown Seattle! Run a fiscally tight budget and invest the dollars wisely to get the most in return. Stop this deficit, borrowing and senseless printing of money. Elect Goodspaceguy for King County Executive!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the Heck!!! Goodspaceguy for King County EXEC!
Goodspaceguy: As King County Exec would you give up the plush office and conduct business out of your mobile imaginary space vehicle? I suspect you would to save taxpayers from having to fork over the extra dollars to lease the office. I think you need to come out with a forceful statement on why Trump is innocent on RussiaGate. As a Trump loyalist you should not keep the voters hanging. If you were in the Trump cabinet, would you be loyal or honest?
As Spock was to Star Trek, we need Goodspaceguy for King County Exec!!!!!Mobile, efficient government that eliminates wasteful pork barrel spending. Goodspaceguy will create green energy by recycling big spending, debt creating perennial incumbent politicians who suck the system dry at the expense of the working class.
Goodspaceguy for the preservation and prosperity of the middle class!!!!
A true free market capitalist/economist vs. the wealth destroying liberal socialist e-commmies who are moving Washington and the rest of the United States into the Tyranny of Global Government.
Goodspaceguy: President Trump is purging his cabinet and administration of all "Disloyal" individuals. If given a choice between an appointed position with President Trump's cabinet or being elected as King County Executive, which would you choose? You have been an outspoken Trump loyalist for years so a cabinet position would be much more attainable than getting elected in Washington State. Let us know by Aug 2nd 2017 Goodspaceguy.
Save our Port of Seattle, Save King County and the Puget Sound Region from deficit, wasteful spending! Elect Goodspaceguy for efficient, sensible government with maximum returns. If you are wealthy Goodspaceguy will get all panhandlers and homeless off the streets by abolishing the minimum wage making those people available for employment in your business.
Goodspaceguy: Your fight against the socialist/commie liberals is a losing battle.
Give in to the socialist Commie/Globalism and accept your position as a New World Order Slave!!!!! Your dream of a capitalist free market utopia is doomed! The minimum wage will never be repealed because it destroys jobs and keeps plenty of panhandlers/homeless on the streets to facilitate this globalist takeover. We depend on BIG wasteful government Goodspaceguy. Big wasteful Government is our Savior!! We will go rushing into the arms of Globalist government who will save us from these Intelligence agency run Isis terrorists!!! I applaud your vision Goodspaceguy. But you should join us now and in return we will let you run our Globalist orbital space colonies. We've had them planned for centuries, even before YOU!!! Since you can't beat us, Join us Goodspaceguy! We welcome you with open arms as we hold a knife to your back!! HaAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!
Goodspaceguy: you are actually thé one who has been communicating with Russian officials in your orbital space van!!!Did thé Russians agréé to finance your orbital space colonies?
Goodspaceman: Will your newly grownbeard provide youwith with wisdomto Know itstime to drop out of thé running and Start up the orbital space colonies? JoinusGoodspace man as we seize all Bank accounts to Pay off tue national debtand in Stall global Government. Betraythe sheeple goodspaceman! Youowethem zilch! Become ourTrojaner horsecandidate and lese themto tue pen for slaughter! Darth Bäder lives through goodspaceman!
Goodspaceguy: I've cut my cable T.V. because I find you running for office provides me with all the free entertainment that I need!!! Goodspaceguy, you can speak the truth and know the best course of action on all the issues as you have demonstrated. Your greatest failure as a candidate is that you've failed to identify your core base of supporters and also the voters that you have potential to attract to your camp. King County has few conservative free market capitalists who share and embrace your libertarian free market republican utopia. You are running for office in the wrong region. Your message would be enthusiastically supported in the farming and rural towns of Eastern Washington....the fields that leave flying saucer circles in the matted down grains! You may be able to take the insult of 18 straight losses and counting Goodspaceguy. But we as conservative voters cannot. Therefore, we are withdrawing our support for you. What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Your current campaign for King County Executive is likely to end the same way. You basically have 3 choices: Keep doing what you've done in the past and keep losing, become a liberal democrat Trojan horse candidate and win, then when you get into office enact your conservative agenda, or move to eastern Washington and WIN BIG with the Trump conservative farmer vote! Join us Goodspaceguy or be the laughing stock material of every stand up comic in King County.
Goodspaceguy: I'm a Panhandler and I support your idea of abolishing the minimum wage and letting the free market determine wages. All my panhandling friends would go get jobs if the minimum wage was repealed. I however, will continue Panhandling because you have eliminated most of my competition by this wise, prudent economic policy. I appreciated your concern, Goodspaceguy for my economic WELFARE!
Goodspaceguy: Before you can colonize space you have to have protection and security for the colonies. In the race to weaponize space, who is the leader? Russian, China or the U.S.? Whoever weaponizes space first will control spaceship earth goodspaceguy and the eventual space colonies. Something you have not talked about at all! I want the colonies to be a Republic form of government. Keep the socialist commies creating Kaos on spaceship earth with there minimum wage, massive deficit spending and global government. Let there be free market capitalism in the space colonies. Take off with Goodspaceguy. I hope you clearly state this view in your upcoming race for King County Executive. Otherwise you are doomed to 2% to 3% of the vote AGAIN.
Goodspaceguy will habe to movehis house withinthe City limits or his orbital space van
Goodspaceguy: Rumors have been circulating that it's you who has been in contact with the Russians regarding patent rights for laser based space weaponry to establish control over spaceship earth and provide protection and development for the orbital space colonies. In fact, some argue that you are using the abolish the minimum wage issue to distract the voters from catching on to what you are really up to comment Goodspaceguy? Or should we just assume you have your cloaking mechanism turned on and like Al Gore who stands to make billions off this global warming hoax initiative, you stand to make BILLIONS off the patent rights to your space laser weaponry technology. Like Obama's corrupt congress friends, you are invoking the 5th amendment! Will the real Goodspaceguy please stand up!
Fight Communism and Socialism and promote free market capitalism! Fly High in the Sky! Elect Goodspaceguy for King County Exec! where conservatism is the new counter culture! Take off with Goodspaceguy who is finally catching on to what the global bankers are up to. Do you believe in one world socialist commie form of govt. Goodspaceguy?
Don't be fooled by BIG SPENDING INCUMBENTS. Prevent your children and grandchildren from becoming Globalist Tax Slaves! Elect Goodspaceguy for King County Executive for Frugal, Efficiently managed, and accountable government. Goodspaceguy watches every penny to the point where it's an obsession. That is how you get the most out of honest, modest sized free market government. As Spock would say "get rid of the Deficit creating, Democratic, wasteful, dishonest non accountable socialist, Romulan "Cloking Commies" who masquerade as defenders of the republic when in fact, they are the enemy of the people and the working class and are in full favor of destroying free market capitalism. Marx and Lenin would be proud of them.
We need more online casino's particularly with a "Goodspaceguy" theme in the state Washington. Then we can all hit jackpots and become prosperous like Goodspaceguy!
Lets have a Goodspaceguy slot machine that runs 24 hrs and day with huge building jackpot payouts for every election day. Lets have a joint slot machine with Goodspaceguy and Spock going into orbit when the jackpot is hit! Let Goldenslot Online Casino introduce it to the world! Take off with jackpot slots with Goodspaceguy!!!
Goodspaceman, when will you kick the Geico banner out of King County Airspace, Don your Goodspaceman Cape and start flying and towing your campaign sign? What are you waiting for? The primary is only 20 days from now. You better get that Lazy campaign manager of yours up and into orbital hyperspace speed if you are going to have any chance of surviving the primary. I want to see that Geico banner replaced with "Take OFF with GOODSPACEMAN for King County Exec! (If you are too busy to do this yourself you should hire a flying robot.)
Goodspaceguy: What are you doing specifically to WOOOOO Women voters in King County? Are you showing off your orbital space van with a new wax job? Must be the beard!
Goodspaceguy: Apple Park will be opening soon to the public. Is it true that you collaborated with Apple CEO Tim Cook and were influential in the design of Apple's modern headquarters in Cupertino being designed like a spaceship? Those 12,000 Apple employees are surely supposed to be the first orbital space colonists!!! That's been your plan all along Goodspaceguy, hasn't it? During the next stock market crash, the Apple headquarters will launch into orbit and establish the space colonies and all along you've been pretending that you know nothing about this!
The cat's out of the bag! Take off with Apple and Goodspaceguy for King County Executive and Orbital Space Colonization during the next stock market crash!!As the stock market implodes, Goodspaceguy and Apple will be taking off! You are better than Hugo Drax in Moonraker! Give the people what they want!!!!
Guud Luck to Goodspaceman in tomorrow's election
Goodspaceguy! Greatjob coming in 3rd for KCE.
Downwith big spenders $$$ and up withyour supporters for thé free market, job growth, statesrights and dumping minimum wages. Goodspaceguy as Général Douglas Mac Saïd " I shall return!"
Goodspaceguy: Now that you have a Temporary respite from politics can you teach me to become more prosperous? Teach me how to pick and average into stocks! Teach me how to buy real estate or even better future orbital space colonies and turn them into shared houses! Teach me how to sell profitably on craigslist and offer up! Teach me how to do car repairs, housing repairs at the lowest cost. Instead of hate rallies, teach me how to organize peaceful brotherhood rallies that unite all people and cultures. Goodspaceman, the prosperity candidate may have come in 3rd for KCE but he is far from finished!
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Goodspaceguy: What do you think of the Clinton Nuclear deal with Putin and the millions the Klington foundation pocketed from Russia? Robert Mueller was Director of the FBI during this active investigation of the Klingtongs and Putin back in 2009 to 2013. He ended up doing nothing despite all the evidence. Now he is head investigator against Trump with alleged ties to Russia and alleged campaign tampering. So far 9 months in and he hasn't found a thing or done anything except waste the taxpayers money. Who is Mueller really working for? Not the American people but Globalist Bankers who want Trump destroyed and out of office?
Goodspaceguy is in favor of the free market and more online casinos! He wants his own slot machine tell your Congress person that Goodspaceguy wants tax cuts now for all taxpayers so that we too can become prosperous like goodspaceguy and take overnight trips in our space vans!
Goodspaceguy: What do you think of using female and male robots for population control on spaceship earth? I've heard that you are advocating such an idea and since you are single, you may be introducing your long time in the closet "secret" female robot partner "sexyspacebot" during your next political campaign to get your numbers higher than the 6% that you polled for the King County Executive primary. In fact, you are considering the idea of creating an army of robots to physically tour King County in a "get out the vote" campaign to get you elected to public office for the 1st time! In fact your new campaign slogan will be "Vote for 'Bots! Elect Goodspaceguy!"
Goodspaceguy: I would like to invite you to "Cannacon" conference that takes place Feb 15th, 16th and 17th at the Washington State Convention Center. I would like to partner with on "Rolling Out" The Goodspaceguy brand of CBD tinctures and "edibles" that will absolutely take you and the consumer into "ORBIT!!!!" My plan is to use the profits to fund the Goodspaceguy "Orbital Space Colonies" I thought that your plan to employ the homeless selling medical marijuana edibles to get the homeless employed and allow them to wean themselves off heroin, opiate and meth addiction would be for the betterment of society. However the liberals in King County do not want to employ or cure the homeless from drug and alcohol addiction. They want safe injection sites where they can use all the dope that they want and keep them unemployed and addicted. Why? Because King County Council and Seattle City Council want to keep rolling out the police state for the global banker New World Order 1 world government!!!Total Global enslavement Goodspaceguy and the stripping and our freedom and liberty. As Governor Jesse Ventura would say, prison labor is cheap for the corporations and the more debt slaves and locked up prisoners they have the better for GEO Group and CCA! Too bad Goodspaceguy. The minimum wage destroys jobs and increases homelessness/addicts, crimes and arrests. The system feeds their socialist communist agenda. As Terrorist "Carlos the Jackal" said: The United States will not fall by terrorism. The United States will by liberalism and socialism.
You have no idea what you are talking about! Hillary would have taken good care of us as long as the average person bent over and grabbed their ankles. The Clinton foundation never took money from hostile regimes who suppress women's rights! It's a foundation built for the poor and to reduce deficits. Since Trump can't run Miss Universe anymore...Bill Clinton should do that.
Hey Goodspaceguy!!!! Where have your latest travels in your imaginary Spaceship Vehicle taken you? Your 55,000 fans who voted for you 2 years ago in the Race for Port of Seattle Commissioner Position 2 want to know what your latest projects, goals and endeavors are? Is it true that you are considering investing in a robot/butler housemate to do cleaning chores and prepare delicious, healthy, nutritious food for your current housemates? In fact, when you have future openings in your mansion, are you going to attract quality housemates through offering training in orbital space colonization?

If so, I'm volunteering to be the Treasurer of "The Goodspaceguy Orbital Space Colonization Venture Capital Fund." As you have said many times, we need INVESTMENT in orbital space colonization, especially since your MODEL is light years more practical than Musk's plan to colonize Mars and Bezos's plan to colonize the Moon
with Amazon cargo and package delivery!!!!Don't sell us out Goodspaceguy and give your ideas to the military! They want full access to your orbital colonies to weaponise space but don't give in!! Goodspaceguy is the peaceful candidate where the Universe needs diversity, harmony and equal economic opportunity! Don't sell out your ingenious idea to the Globalists, Goodspaceguy. Preserve your patented space colonization for the FREE MARKET Citizens of the World!!! Take OFF with GOODSPACEGUY!!!!!!
Goodspaceguy where do I send my $1000000 contribution to the orbital space colonization venture capital fund?
Goodspaceguy: The U.S. Department of Defense is going to create a new uniformed branch of the service called "Space Corps." Can you read between the lines on this Goodspaceguy? Sounds like they want to weaponize space!!!!Already the Chinese have created a space robot designed to destroy enemy satellites. Is your orbital space colony dream going to be squashed by world military globalists who want to weaponize space? Have you accessed and analyzed this threat Goodspaceguy? Or better yet, have you developed your own weapon systems that can destroy this threat?
Or did you sell those ideas to the Russians? Many questions need to be answered Goodspaceguy. Your silence is worrying your orbital space colony supporters. If you are too busy researching stocks to add to your own wealth, you can issue a statement through your campaign manager. Ronald Reagan was a master at delegating and you admire and respect Ronald Reagan as a true American Patriot and Hero!
Abolish the minimum wage and abolish space weapons Goodspaceguy so both spaceship earth and the cosmos can be friendly and safe. Take off with Goodspaceguy!!!!!!
Goodspaceguy...Did you know that Amtrak gets subsidized by the federal government and state governments and is LOSING, that's right LOSING money each year despite $1.8 billion of federal subsidies in 2017? Amtrak is not only a fiscal train wreck in the making, they actually ran off the track onto I-5 traffic killing at least 6 passengers and maybe more. If they had listened to Goodspaceguy this waste of billions and loss of human life would not have occurred. Let Amtrak compete! Let the free market, not the looted taxpayer decide the fate of Amtrak. Small Government, practical investing of tax dollars and the free market should determine the fate of Amtrak. Not some politician who stands to gain by bloated rail service that is downright DANGEROUS! Just ask Dupont, WA
Goodspaceguy...OMG the national debt is now $20.6 Trillion which equals $63,117.00 per citizen and $17,436.00 per taxpayer. In fact famed investor Jim Rogers says on his recent blog dated today 12/21/2017: United States: No Country Has Ever Gotten So Deep In Debt...This Economic System Cannot Last. The economic system which has evolved in the world especially in the U.S.
cannot be sustained because it is built on staggering amounts of debt. The United States is now the largest debtor nation not just in the world but in the history of the world. No country has ever gotten so deep in debt and the debt goes higher and higher every day.

Nobody's doing anything about it except some worrying like me or worry knowing that the debt cannot go on and not only is it based on lots of debt but to sustain the debt or to maintain it they now print a lot of money. The central bank of america gets out it printing presses, prints a lot of money and uses that money to finance the debt going forward so this cannot last forever. I'm afraid it's not gonna last too much longer because we're getting to the end of the road."

If this is true Goodspaceguy, and I trust Jim Rogers, could the government possibly just confiscate all citizens assets, including real estate property, bank accounts, investment accounts, gold, silver, precious metals, bitcoins anything of value to pay off this debt, get rid of the dollar which would lose it's status as the world's reserve currency, replace the dollar with the Chinese Yuan as the new world reserve currency and turn is all into slaves? (We are slaves now, we are just not fully aware how much) Well in 1933 to 1934 the Government seized all citizens gold holdings and you were not allowed to own gold again until 1975. In the 2012/2013 Cyprus financial crisis, the government seized assets and closed Laiki Bank as part of the Euro Central Bank bailout. Thousands of ordinary citizens lost there money,(but at least they gave the Russian mobsters a warning so they could withdraw their laundered funds before the seizure. Joseph Stalin once said "I trust no one. Not even myself." In 2002 The government in Argentina froze bank accounts to prevent a run on the banks and a collapse of the economy. But that could never happen here, could it Goodspaceguy? In November of 2014 Then President Obama at the G-20 Global Economic Leader Summit in Brisbane Australia agreed that citizens of the world no longer own there own bank accounts. Those assets belong to your bank and can be seized by the government to pay debts and obligations. There you have it Goodspaceguy!!!! Your assets are no longer your own, nor are anybodies for that matter. But one bright spot. They would not know how to operate your imaginary space vehicle!!!!! It's too bad your former opponent Congressman Jim McDermott retired! He could have saved us from all this catastrophe because of his
frugality and proponent of small, efficient spending and small government. How do you solve the deficit Goodspaceguy? We are drowning in debt Goodspaceguy! I guess the solution is to keep printing money forever? That is what the U.S. Central Bank and the Bank of Japan are doing Goodspaceguy! One final question...what happens if you don't pay your electric bill? What happens if you don't make your car payment or your house payment? In the REAL world you get REPOSSESSED AND FORECLOSED ON!!!!! But our politicians and central bank are living in a fantasy world, aren't they Goodspaceguy? This Printing Party can just go on forever!!!!!!!WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAHHHHHHHH YEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAH!
Hey Goodspaceguy!!!! Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Did you notice the front page headlines of the Seattle Times on Christmas Eve, December 24, 2017? It says "Seattle Government Goes On Spending Spree." A deluge of taxes, six-figure pay and city officials eager to do more led to a nearly 40 percent jump in spending over five years.

Hey really does not appear they are eager to do more. It appears that Seattle City Government is taking the Central Bank democratic Bernie Saunders model of raising our taxes and spending us into OBLIVION and bankruptcy!!! Yeah, just like an out of control teenager who has maxed out their credit cards and now they want to raise taxes and keep spending more. Now I know why you choose not to live in the city of Seattle Goodspaceguy. They are a bunch of out of control teen age addicted socialist, commie spenders who are bankrupting our city and King County. Ex Mayor Murry hired more executives than his predecessor, with salaries topping $170,000, and brought on advisers for public safety and homelessness. By Murray's final year in office, his staff had grown by about a third and his budget by 70 percent. Goodspaceguy, have you seen any improvement in the homeless problem? The homeless are growing in numbers with each passing day, week and month and there are more alcoholics, mentally ill, more drug addicts and pandhandlers than I've ever seen! I get panhandled on the average day at least 3 times just in my own neighborhood and on weekends at least 5 times! As Albert Einstein said, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing (massive spending) over and over again, getting a certain result, (massive homelessness) then keep doing the same thing over and over again
expecting to get a DIFFERENT result, yet you get the same result!!!!!The message we are getting from Seattle City Government is that like the Central Bank model, you can keep spending and spending and spending and raising taxes on the worker to eternity. Because the worker can assume the burden of all this spending and the catastrophic consequences!!!!
The Fat Cat beluga whale City Government can spend us into oblivion. Then the taxpayer can bail them out just like the taxpayer bailed out the investment bankers in the 2008 global financial meltdown! Get me out of here Goodspaceguy! I want to escape to the orbital space colonies!!! Get me out of this SPENDING DISASTER NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goodspaceguy....We need more casinos in Washington State to stimulate the economy and create more jobs! Also, is Goodspaceguy in favor of "Work Camps" for the homeless? One last thing Goodspaceguy...are you accepting venture capital for your orbital space colonies?
Goodspaceguy...Did you know that it is illegal to advertise on craigslist as a "handyman" if you do not have a Washington State business license and make more than $1000 on any job? The state of Washington will fine you $600 if you advertise your handyman skills for any job in which you gross $1000 or higher. However it is LEGAL to work as a handyman and make under $1000 on any job. YOU JUST CAN'T PUBLICLY ADVERTISE IT!!!!!! Otherwise you get fined $600.00 Goodspaceguy, should we get rid of ridiculous money wasting politicians and state government blubber whales who write these useless anti-economic liberal moronic democrat communist, fascist, anti free market, needless over regulation nickenpoop, pea brain laws? Let the free market determine wages and we must follow Trump's lead in destroying the over regulation of Beluga whale, obese government. By the way Goodspaceguy...should Federal, State and local government try the "goodspaceguy fast food diet to reduce the waste and size of obese government? And as an honest friend and defender of the free market, could you make these diet secrets available to them?
Goodspaceguy: You are tooooooooo HONEST to be running for elected office. A great way to finance your next campaign would to be to start a "pump and dump" stock trading scheme subscription service!!!!
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