Thursday, August 31, 2006

We, the Sheeple, Often Choose to be Shorn !

We, the Sheeple, Often Choose to be Shorn !
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, a September 2006 US Senate candidate
(My message # 21. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )

* I am of the sheeple, and I am tired of being shorn. One of my methods of saying baaaa to the big spenders and special interests who shear us and abuse us is to run for public office. I come from near the center of the flock, and my protests are usually ignored. It is hard for the other sheeple to hear me because I am a small spender, and I am usually ignored by most of the mass media.
* Usually the mass media (such as the major newspapers) promotes the big spending candidates (often the current office holder and any really big spending challenger, who are financed by the special interests.) The news papers promote and advance the big spenders by reporting on them again and again and again. But the newspapers usually are silent about the sheeple candidates, who spend so little money. The newspapers report as if these other candidates from the flock don't exist.
* The mass media helps to retard the living standard by promoting the big spending candidates and ignoring the small spending candidates because the big spenders create the big government that wastes so much of the tax payers money, and the living standard is lowered.
* By reading the newspapers, the voting sheeple come to recognize the names of the big spending candidates, who will be shearing them and taking them to market. We sheeple tend to vote for the big spenders -- even those many of these big spenders will be wasting our money.
* The newspapers and big media do not educate their sheeple audiences about the solutions advocated by the small spenders. Usually, I am unheard and my solutions are ignored and the same problems continue year after year after year.
* But by reading the big newspapers, you will rarely read about the small spending, political challengers. Therefore, you don't learn very much from the newspapers about what the small spending, sheeple candidates are advocating. If some are advocating some real solutions, you don't learn much about the solutions recommended by the small spenders. It is almost as if these small spending, sheeple candidates don't exist.
* Then we sheeple go to vote, and we usually vote for the big spending candidates about whom we have heard so much from the media. The mass media has choosen to promote the big spenders. These are the candidates who are bad for us, but we vote for them because they have been publicized by the mass media.
* With the votes from us sheeple, the big spenders usually win their elections, and become or continue to be big spending elected office holders who market us.
* These big spending office holders, who are bad for us, are indebted to the special interests that financed the big spending campaigns.
* Pay back time has arrived.
* So the victorious, big spenders take the taxes from the wallets and purses of us, the sheeple, and pass the big spending programs desired by the special interests that financed the elections.
* Thus by our votes for the big spenders, we sheeple have lowered our own living standard.
* When we waste our money on ourselves, we get much more pleasure and benefit than when the big spending office holders waste our money on the special projects of the special interests that finance the big spending election campaigns.
* Therefore when a big spending office holder or candidate raises millions and millions and millions of dollars for an election campaign, can this be good for us, the sheeple? Of course not!
* Does the raising of millions and millions and millions of dollars for an election campaign mean that we sheeple are going to continue to get shorn? Yes, it does.
* A possible protest by us sheeple would be to vote for the small spenders, but the media hasn't educated us about the small spenders, so we don't know them.
* We, the sheeple, will probably continue to be shorn.
*Sincerely, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson,
a small-spending, sheeple candidate for the United States Senate

Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Path to Peace on Spaceship Earth

A Path to Peace on Spaceship Earth
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson,
a September 2006 candidate for the United States Senate
(This is my message # 20. I also have over 20 messages on my other blog at )

* I ask you to help promote the concept that all our relatives own Spaceship Earth.
* We are all related. Scientists tell us that we are all related. Scientists have discovered that long ago some members of our human family wandered out of Africa, the home continent. Humans wandered into the Middle East, into Europe, into Asia, into Australia, into the Americas. Thus we are all related.
* With the population explosion, Spaceship Earth has become very crowded. (Education, employment, and the head tax are some of the solutions to the overcrowding problem on our Spaceship Earth.)
* In the future, as more and more humans learn the benefits of and the how-to-do-it of Orbital Space Colonization, the growing, free market, democratic, orbiting space colonies will become a relief valve for the climbing population on Spaceship Earth, like the United States has become a relief valve for the population explosion in Mexico and other less developed countries.
* It is now time to start thinking of Spaceship Earth as the homeland of everyone. Thus Spaceship Earth is the real homeland of the Kurds, of the Danes, of the Jews, of the Indians, of the Chinese, of the Europeans, of the Americans, of the islanders, of the Africans, of the Asians.
* Spaceship Earth is the homeland of everyone. We are family.
* In our nuclear age, our Spaceship Earth has become too, too small for war.
* We should become peace seekers and civilizers and educators.
* To knit our world-wide family together, we should be promoting world-wide, competitive, free trade in which we pay for our imports with our exports. (The rest of the world is giving us Americans about a two year time plan to pay for our imports, which I think is a good deal for us Americans.) So our exports have been going up, up, and up. More and more Americans are working in our export industries where we have a comparative advantage, and Washington State with its ports and export industries is a state whose people have really been benefiting from international trade.
* We Americans come from all the nations of the Earth. We are already a model of our future Spaceship Earth united.
* Please help make Spaceship Earth the true homeland of us Americans also. Think about adopting your favourite foreign area of Spaceship Earth. Buy some vacation land there, or just travel there for vacation or business, functioning as a private citizen ambassador. Perhaps, help establish law and order and democracy and incentive and protection of individuals and their property in your adopted foreign section of our Spaceship Earth.
* We should become Earthlings as the people of the early United States gradually became Americans, with a bigger world view than when they were just New Yorkers or Virginians or ...
* As we gradually become Earthlings, the old nationalities that divide our human family will become less important.
*Progress through knowledge, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, candidate US Senate

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson is a US Senate Candidate

August 17, 2006, (This is my message #19 on my blog "Our Spaceship Earth." As of this date, I have also typed 21 messages to my other blog "Colonize Orbital Space." )

As a long-time advocate of space colonization, I became a candidate from Washington State for the United States Senate, having filed Monday, July 24, 2006. More specifically, I am an advocate of Orbital Space Colonization.
Below I havel put an August 2006 version of my campaign flyer:

Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
Democratic Candidate for the
United States Senate
10219 Ninth Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98168-1512
August 10, 2006
2 Blogs: (Concerns improving Spaceship Earth)
and (Concerns getting Earthlings into the coming Orbital Space Colonies before the arrival of the next killer asteroid.)

* Some centuries have greatness in them. In about the last hundred years, we Earthlings developed cars, radios, airplanes, movies, television, and computerization. We moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the start of the Space Age. Some areas of Science Fiction have and are becoming reality. Now a great goal for this new century is Orbital Space Colonization. Let’s build the Fantastic Future! Let’s spread the life of Spaceship Earth out into our Solar System! I know many of the methods. Let’s continue the greatness of the Twentieth Century into our new Twenty-first Century,.
* With help from NASA, let’s start the seeds of several small and growing orbital space colonies in orbit around Earth, around the Moon, and then around Mars. With all the money we have already spent on our space programs, we should already have these growing, orbital space colonies. Unfortunately, much of our space money has been wasted. It is as if our leaders have not been educated in orbital space colonization. The waste and destruction of tax payers’ space property shows a lack of understanding of space colonization.
* Our Spaceship Earth is becoming too, too small for war! Therefore, we should replace war on our Spaceship Earth with world-wide free trade. It doesn’t make sense to bomb world-wide customers and suppliers. Instead of sending soldiers, let's knit our Spaceship Earth together by buying imports and paying for them with our exports.
* Let’s reduce crime and raise the living standard on Spaceship Earth by obtaining employment for everyone who is willing to work. Idleness creates crime and mental illness, but work produces the goods and services that raise our living standard.
Let’s use our unemployed people! Unemployment is a huge waste! Our government should back its minimum wage by employing those who (including people with problems) apply for the minimum wage programs.
* Because some workers want more leisure, government should lead by creating many flexible employment programs, such as the three day and four day work week options.
* We have been suffering from a world population explosion (the cause of many of our problems.) Let’s establish head taxes to stop the population explosion on our Spaceship Earth. Head taxes would be much more pleasant than the old, cruel methods of population control, such as starvation, disease, murder, and war. Spaceship Earth now has to support more than three people for every one person she supported a hundred years ago, and the population on Spaceship Earth continues to grow and grow, and the world-wide illegal immigration increases. Head taxes and education are some good solutions.

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