Friday, June 30, 2006

My Spaceship Earth Improvement Plan :

Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson (My message # 15. I also have put over 20 messages on my other blog at )
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Goodspaceguy's Spaceship Earth Improvement Plan :

* Some centuries have greatness in them. In about the last hundred years, we humans developed cars, radios, airplanes, movies, television, and computerization. We moved from the horse and buggy age into the beginnings of the Space Age. Now one of the great achievements that is waiting for us is orbital space colonization of our solar system. Let's build the Fantastic Future by spreading the life of Spaceship Earth out into our Solar System!

* With government help from NASA, let's start the seeds of several, privately owned, small but growing space colonies in orbit around our Earth, our Moon, and around our Planet Mars. I know how. With all the money we have already spent on our space programs, we should already have these growing, orbital space colonies. Unfortunately, much of our space money has been wasted. It is as if our leaders have not been educated in orbital space colonization.
* In addition, we should replace war on our Spaceship Earth with world-wide free trade. It doesn't make sense to bomb world-wide customers and suppliers. World peace and education for our human family should be a big goal.
* Let's use our unemployed people! Our government should back its minimum wage by employing those who apply ( including people with problems.) Because some workers want more leisure, government should lead by creating many flexible employment programs such as the three day and four day work week options.
* Let's establish a head tax to slow the population explosion on our Spaceship Earth. A head tax would be more pleasant than the old, cruel methods of population control such as starvation, disease, and war.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Create Local Democratic Governments !

Create Local Democratic Governments (My message # 14. I also have over 20 messages on my second blog at )
Friday, June 16, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* Slowly, more and more people will realize that our Earth is a spaceship traveling through space on its annual voyage around the Sun, while at the same time the Sun continues on its voyage around the Milky Way Galaxy (about 4 times in a billion years.) Also our Milky Way Galaxy is traveling through space.
* What happens in the various areas of our Spaceship Earth do affect us. For example, in the United States, we might notice some of the refugees who have fled the poverty of the population explosion in their home areas to come to the United States to gain the benefits of a higher living standard.
* The Sun shines down upon our entire Spaceship Earth, and the high living standard that has been built up in areas like Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Europe, and the English speaking nations, can be built up every where on our Spaceship Earth.
* The knowledge already exists on how to raise the living standard of the people of our entire Spaceship Earth.
* A good way to start is to promote local democracies and defend the individual rights of everyone on our Spaceship Earth and promote easier access to knowledge.

Let's Head Tax the Population Explosion Out of Existence

Let's Head Tax the Population Explosion Out of Existence (My message # 13. I also have put over twenty messages on my other blog at )
Friday, June 16, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

* We can stop the population explosion that is causing so many of the problems on our Spaceship Earth.

* In the early portion of the 1900's the population was somewhere around two billion people. Now in 2006, the population is over six billion people and climbing.

* In areas of our Spaceship Earth, the population explosion seems to have lead to starvation, disease, war, genocide, murder, cannibalism, crime, stress, and misery. We now have over six billion people on our Spaceship Earth, and the population is still increasing ! Our planetary resouces per person are decreasing.

* Instead of the horrible methods (such as starvation, disease, murder, and war) used in the past and present to try to control overpopulation, we should use a much more pleasant solution.
* A pleasanter solution to the population explosion is a head tax on each man, woman, and child on our Spaceship Earth. People want to avoid taxation. If they are going to be taxed (requiring money or labor) on each child instead of receiving welfare for each child, an incentive is suddenly created to have fewer children.

* If people say they won't pay their head taxes because they are unemployed and have nothing, it may be civilized for the governments to give them employment at the governments' beginning wage.

* In addition to slowing and reversing the population explosion, the head tax is a less distorting tax than other taxes. It is a beneficial tax, instead of a harmful tax. It is a better tax even in areas where the population is not increasing.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's Try 2 Decrease the Hate On Spaceship Earth

Let's Try to Decrease the Hate On Spaceship Earth (My message # 12. I also have put over twenty messages on my other blog at )
Tuesday, June 13, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* Study competitive free market economics.
* Study science.
* Try to reverse the population explosion that has caused starvation and disease and murder and war in areas of our Spaceship Earth that should be "Gardens of Eden."
* Promote democracy at the local level all around our Spaceship Earth.
* Promote the individual rights of each person on our Spaceship Earth.
* Promote incentive, profits, and employment choices for everyone.
* The greater the profits, the more the people employed by the competitive free market economy. Profits (the wages of the employers) are a strong motivation to employ people.
* The governments should immediately employ all interested, unemployed people, at least at the starting, minimum wage determined by the various governments for the employment of people with problems.
* Employed people can be a little happier compared to when they are starving.
* Defend the ownership rights and incentive of the people, including the poor.
* Make access to libraries and colleges and trade schools easy, starting with free parking and free showers.
* Promote the concept that we humans are all related by way of our black ancestors who wandered out of equatorial Africa.
* Some areas of our Spaceship Earth would again become Gardens of Eden if the people of those warm tropical areas could bring down the birth rate. (Some of the genocide on Spaceship Earth may partly be caused by overpopulation. We now have over 6 billion people and the world population is continuing to increase !)
* There is so much hate among the people of our Spaceship Earth, but through knowledge and science and population control and trying to spread understanding, perhaps we can gradually decrease the hatred.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

How Did Black Africans Create White Europeans?

How Did Black Africans Create White Europeans? (This is my message # 11. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
Saturday, June 10, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* Many people of our Spaceship Earth suffer from racism, but scientist tell us that we humans are all related. I read that there is only one human race.
* My understanding is that through geographical isolation from each other, we have developed different geographical, physical characteristics within our human race, but we are still one race in that men and women with the different geographical, physical characteristics can still have children together.
* Scientists tell us that human beings evolved in Africa and spread out gradually over the Earth.
* When I was a child, I was brought up by my parents in the Protestant Church. The adults around me told me that the first two people were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve at first lived without clothes. They were naked.
* In Africa, near the equator it is hot under the burning Sun, and it is possible for humans to survive there without clothes, but they need black skin pigmentation to protect themselves from skin cancer caused by the radiation from the direct rays of the Sun.
* Under the direct solar radiation at the equator, people without protective pigmentation (such as a person born white) would slowly be killed by the skin cancer caused by the solar radiation from the Sun. But if the lighter skin people did survive, their descendants and their descendants descendants without protective pigmentation would slowly be killed. Naked humans under the direct radiation of the Sun in equatorial Africa needed protective pigmentation. They needed to be black. Children born with less pigmentation would be gradually eliminated by the radiation from the Sun.
* Thus the first Adams and Eves of the gardens of Eden in equatorial Africa were black. They had to be black to survive. People born without enough protective protection would die out over the generations.
* The adults around me in my religious up-bringing told me of the Garden of Eden.
* Hot Equatorial Africa was a huge "Garden of Eden" or many gardens of Eden, but a dangerous area filled with hungry predators.
* As our dark-skinned ancestors gradually moved out of hot Africa and moved north and moved into cool Europe and into cold Northern Europe, they no longer needed the protective skin pigmentation of their equatorial, African ancestors because the solar radiation in the north of Europe was coming in at an angle and therefore passed through more atmosphere which acted as a radiation filter, and this filtered radiation was spread out over more land area. Therefore it did not heat up the land or the people as much as it did further to the south.
* Each generation is slightly different from its parent generation. As more and more children were born in the North with less and less protective skin protection, the less and less dark children survived and grew up to be lighter skinned humans.
* Not as much protective pigmentation was required for survival of each generation of children, and nature under the weaker sun light of the cold North slowly created the white version of humans, who over many, many generations forgot their black African origin.
* Also, I am guessing that as our black ancestors from Africa moved more and more north, their protective pigmentation became a handicap in the weak sun light of the cold North. I suspect we humans gain some forms of nurishment from solar radiation, and when the weak, spread-out sun shine in the North had trouble getting through the black protective pigmentation of our black ancestors, it led to health problems for those with the black, protective pigmentation. Those descendents born with less pigmentation tended to be healthier in the North. Gradually over many generations, the descendents who had less protective pigmentation survived in the weak northern Sun light of the cold Northand multiplied while those who were born with too much protection slowly died out. This happened over many, many generations.
* The transformation of black Africans into white Europeans occurred over so many generations that the White Europeans forgot and then never knew that they were the descendants of Black Africans: the black Adams and the Eves of the gardens of Eden in equatorial Africa.
* When I was a child, the adults around me told me that Adam was created in the image of God. So (if the adults were telling me the truth) this would mean that when we see a black man, we are getting an image of God or at least a vision of our black, African ancestors.
* Science has told me that the gardens of Eden are in the equatorial regions of our Spaceship Earth where the people should be black if they want to survive and prosper.
* Science has told me that the Adams and Eves of our Spaceship Earth were black Africans and their descendants in the North of Europe have become white in order to survive being away from the burning Sun.
* Conclusion: Blacks who move north away from the burning Sun will probably have descendants who over the generations will become whiter. Whites who move back towards the warmth of the burning Sun will probably have descendants who over the generations will become darker, like their forgotten ancestors.
* The forgetting of our roots helped create racism. The remembering of our roots might help to build peace in our human family .

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Rocks Can Come Alive!

Rocks Can Come Alive! (This is my message #10. Also I have put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
Sunday, June 4, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* Rocks can come alive! On our Spaceship Earth, under the warming power of the Sun, rocks have come alive. Rocks have been transformed over billions of years into sea plants and sea worms and fish and amphibians and land plants and insects and grass and trees and animals and birds-of-flight and intelligent humans, some readying themselves for the next up-lifting frontier: orbital space.
*Many people know that humans come from dust and return to dust. In orbital space, there is much dust and many rocks.
* Some people say that evolution was created by God as a tool of transformation and uplifting. Evolution seems to be gradually increasing intelligence.
* Some of the intelligent humans are working for the upward advancement of intelligent life to the next frontier: the high frontier of orbital space.
* Amphibians lived both in the sea and also moved onto the land. Amphibians were pioneers in the raising up of life from a water environment up to the less dense air environment of the coming land creatures.
* Now some intelligent humans are working to enable life to live not only on our Spaceship Earth, but also in orbital space. Life moved from the sea to the land and air. Now life has the ability to move into orbital space. The knowledge of orbital space colonization already exists in the filing cabinets, in the electronic data bases, in the books, and in the minds of some humans. The technology already exists and awaits its actual combination in the orbiting space colonies.
*The sea next to the land produced the amphibians that were able to go up and begin the colonization of the land. Now the intelligence and the technology of our Spaceship Earth are producing the humans that will be able to go up and colonize orbital space and colonize our Solar System.
*The rocks and the dust and the water of our solar system are waiting, waiting ... waiting for us to come up out of our gravity well and turn some of the rocks and dust floating in the open space of our solar system into more life.

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